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Walkthrough Part 1

[Intro: Strategies]

  • Throughout the game, several enemies will drop ?Weapons or ?Bows. To change the item to a real sword or bow, you have to use a Rune Bottle item on it. Usually it will be a Longsword or Shortbow, but it will sometimes be a much better weapon. To determine which one's the good weapon without wasting Rune Bottles, wait until you've accumulated a few of them. All the Longswords will be in one slot (you can have up to 15 of them). If you see two sets of ?Weapons or ?Bows, use the Rune Bottle on the slot with less items. So after fighting the same enemy for a while, you might have two sets of ?Weapons: one with 5 of them, and one with 1. Use the Rune Bottle on the single weapon; it'll be the better one.
  • Whenever you get multiples of the same weapon, sell the extras. No one can ever equip more than one of the same weapon.
  • Always conserve Gummies. You can never have more than 15 of any type of Gummy, and even in the later dungeons they're precious. Learn to rely more on Mint's healing and the TP restoration after winning battles than on Gummies. Never use Apple Gummys outside of battle.

[000 - Name Selecting]

Items - N/A
Enemies - N/A
Bosses - N/A
Moves - N/A

    After choosing a new game from the title screen, you then have to give your character a first name. The default first name is "Cless", though you're able to select a random name. Input the name you want, and then, when you're done, select OK. You can change the name later from the STAT screen.

[001 - Intro]

Items - N/A
Enemies - N/A
Bosses - N/A
Moves - N/A

  • You'll gain control of your character after the intro.

[002 - Totus Village]

Items - Apple Gummy x2, Apple, Pendant (Rare Item), Small Sack (Rare Item)
Enemies - N/A
Boss - N/A
Moves - N/A

  • You can wander around the village.
  • The weapon and item shops won't sell you anything. Too bad.
  • There's a church here, lots of people to talk to, and an inn to relax at.
  • Stop by the inn and talk to the proprietess; move the Bush Baby to the window above you and she'll give you 10 Gold (yay). You can move it by holding the A button and pushing or pulling it.
  • Also stop at the item shop; you'll get an Apple to give to Amy. You can keep it if you want; I won't tell anyone. 8p
  • Leave the village to the south to enter the world map (you can go north from here, but you can't really get anywhere). Enter the forest to the south.

[003 - Spirit Woods]

Items - Life Bottle
Enemies - Bee, Bugbear, Owl
Bosses - Boar, BoarBaby x3
Moves - N/A

  • Immediately after getting to the forest, Chester spots a boar. The hunt is on! You'll encounter monsters randomly, but you shouldn't have any problems. They'll frequently drop Apple Gummys so you can keep your HP up. If you want, though, you can go back and rest for free in Totus.
  • Take the first right and head up to get a Life Bottle.
  • Go back down, left, and down again, then head right. You'll spot the boar; it runs off again.
  • Moving further along, you'll see a destroyed tree. After a short scene, a boss battle begins!
  • As soon as the battle starts, the boar will rush at you. Be quick to the attack. The Boar utilizes a hit and run tactic. When he's far away from you, blast him with Psion Bolt. You should actually go after the BoarBabys first, because they'll run away if you wait too long, and you can get some nice food items if you beat them. To switch your target, press the Y button repeatedly, or hold it down and press right. When you're done, you'll get 10 Exp. and 60 gold.
  • The village's warning signal goes off. Hurry back to the village!

[004 - Totus Village, Destroyed]

Items - Knight's Sabre
Enemies - N/A
Boss - N/A
Moves - N/A

  • Explore around. Enter Chester's house and talk to him.
  • Before you leave the destroyed Totus, you can go back to your house, and, on the top floor, take the Knight's Sabre. However, I'd recommend staying with your Longsword for now, because if you take the Knight's Sabre now, you'll lose it soon. Just leave it.
  • Leave the ruins of the village, and head north. You'll come to a mountain pass.

[005 - Crossroads To Euclid]

Items - Life Bottle, Orange Gummy
Enemies - Bee, Bugbear, Owl, Wolf
Boss - N/A
Moves - N/A

  • When you enter the Euclid Crossroads you'll see a man, turned into stone.
  • A nomad is here, selling items. Purchase whatever you need here, though you shouldn't need anything.
  • You can leave the valley, and continue to Euclid, if you head west of where the nomad and the stone man are located. However, if you hold the A button, you can push the stone man to the side, and head to the north.
  • Treasures and experience are to be found to the north. You might want to come back a bit later, though, and just head left out of the pass for now.

[006 - Euclid Town And Castle]

Items - N/A
Enemies - N/A
Boss - N/A
Moves - N/A

  • As you approach Euclid, you'll notice that the bridge to the northeast of the town and castle is down.
  • The guards won't let you enter the castle. Too bad.
  • In a house in the northwest of town, you'll meet with your uncle, Olson. Before staying the night, I'd tell you to buy a Rod and a Leather Glove (if you can afford them) from the Item Shop first, and you can sell Chester's bow. Once you're done, talk to Olson to stay the night. A longish scene will occur, and you'll awaken in a jail cell.

[007 - Jail Cell]

Items - Longsword, Creamy Cheese, Apple Gummy x2, Wooden Shield, Rapier, 1000 gold, Savory, Earring (Rare Item)
Enemies - Bugbear, Slime
Boss - Devil, Slug x2
Moves - N/A

  • Search the hole in your jail cell three times, then walk around a bit. You'll hear a voice. Go back to the hole and examine it one last time to break a door open.
  • There's a corpse in the next room. Investigate it to find a Longsword. Equip this sword, and you'll be able to pick the locks in the jail cells.
  • There's a Creamy Cheese in the upper right corner of the jail.
  • Open the cell with the girl in it. Talk to her and she'll introduce herself as Mint.
  • You can't go all the way to the left in the jail. Instead, go to the lower right and open the sewer grate by examining it. Enter.
  • You'll have Mint's support from now on.
  • Pick up the Apple Gummy below you, then go up and pick up the Orange Gummy. Go back down and continue left to see your first save point.
  • Keep going until you reach a crossroads; first go left for a Wooden Shield, then continue right.
  • Pick up the Apple Gummy and continue.
  • Head right, up the small steps, then right under the stone structure. At the lower right is a Savory. Don't use it yet. Continue straight up to get a Rapier. You can equip it if you want, but remember that its thrusts are stronger than slashes, so use Up+A to attack. Go down and head left as soon as you can. Save at the save point, then head to the upper left. Continue and pick up 1000 Gold, then return to the save point and head right for a boss battle. It's a good idea to be at least level 5 before attempting it, so you can learn Dual Kick.
  • The Slugs can attack quickly, so get rid of them first. The Devil has the ability to fly up in the air to avoid attacks. Attack the Devil when it's near the ground, and take on the Slugs in the meantime. Dual Kick is great for this battle, which shouldn't be too hard if you are at level 5.
  • After the battle, you'll exit the sewer. You'll come to a forest. Walk down a little and another scene will occur; you'll wake up in Morrison's house.

[008 - Morrison's House]

Items - Heavy Stone, Knight's Sabre
Enemies - N/A
Boss - N/A
Moves - N/A

  • Nothing much to see just yet. Head out to the south. After a scene, Chester will join you (and the ToP theme song will play). Go down and talk to the merchant. Buy a Long Bow, Round Shield, and a pair of Jet Boots. Equip them on somebody and you can run using the B button!
  • Before you leave Morrison's House, go back in and look carefully on the left side of the screen, hidden in the trees, for a Heavy Stone. It'll be useful eventually.
  • Now, leave Morrison's House.
  • If you followed my instructions and left the sword in Cless's house alone, you can go back and take the Knight's Sabre now! It'll be of help in the next few levels. You can also go back to the Euclid Pass and grab the treasures if you haven't yet. You can also buy a Leather Hat in the Euclid weapons, which you probably couldn't afford before.
  • When you've done that, enter the cave to the east of Morisson's House.

[009 Mausoleum]

Items - Mixed Gummy, Apple Gummy, Protect Ring, Spy Lens, Hourglass, Chain Mail x2, Rune Bottle, Creamy Cheese x2, Orange Gummy, Remedy Bottle, Creamy Cheese, Sage, Mixed Gummy, Lace Ruby (Rare Item)
Enemies - Slug, Bugbear, Zombie, Ghoul, Skeleton
Boss - Golem
Moves - Psion Kick (Cless)

  • You'll see a ghost in the northern section of the cave; beat it for a Mixed Gummy.
  • You'll meet Tristan soon after entering the cave. He gives you the special technique, Psion Kick, but since you probably haven't learned Dual Kick yet, you can't use it yet.
  • Go north, and you'll be in a temple-like area.
  • In each of the small rooms of the long hallway, you can open up the coffins. Beating the Zombie in each of the coffins will net you an item. From the left, the items are Protect Ring, Spy Lens, Hourglass, Chain Mail, and Rune Bottle.
  • The middle door of the long hallway is locked. You'll come back here in a bit, but first, go down the stairway all the way in the right corner.
  • Continue down several floors until you reach a crossroad. First go down. The room above you has a Creamy Cheese, and below you is an Apple Gummy. Go back to the previous room; go right and up into the door.
  • You'll have another choice of directions. First go up for a Sabre, then back down and right. First take the north door. Go to the end and pick up another Chain Mail, then search the fourth statue from the left. You'll click on a switch, and this switch will place 2 boxes in the room south of this: Sage and Mixed Gummy. Go into the south door to continue on. Go right to the save point, pick up the Cheese beneath you, and save your game. Go up and examine the statue for a boss fight.
  • The Golem will attack you from behind! Defeating the Golem is quite simple, though. Just keep attacking it, using a Dual Kick or two, and he's history.
  • Once the Golem dies, you can push the statue. Push it onto the switch in the lower left of the same room to open the stuck door to the left. Before entering, though, take a detour to the right and enter the large door for a Orange Gummy, Remedy Bottle, and Creamy Cheese.
  • Enter the door on the left, and collect the Lace Ruby. This'll be your key to opening some more of this dungeon's doors.
  • Return to the long hallway with all the doors and the coffins behind them. (To get there, exit upper left, then lower left, then upper left, then continue.) The big door, which is locked, will now open with the Lace Ruby.
  • Step in the teleporter in the next room. You'll now be in a lava cavern with floating platforms.

[010 Mausoleum Lava Caverns/Deeper In]

Items - Reverse Doll, Cheese, Rabbit's Foot, Lavender
Enemies - Falcon, Ghoul, Zombie, Skeleton
Boss - Golem x2
Moves - N/A

  • First ride the platform to your lower left to get to a Reverse Doll. Ride back and take the platform to your upper right to reach a switch. Hit it to extend the platform where you arrived to allow access to another platform. Before going there, though, ride the platform at the top right to reach a Rabbit's Foot and Cheese. Equip the Rabbit's Foot on somebody, then ride all the way back to where you arrived. This time take the newly accessible lower right platform.
  • While riding this platform, the Lace Ruby will slip out of Cless's pocket. You'll land on a big floor, with a locked door, and a special field that will give you brief levitation. The Lace Ruby is to the south. Get it, but it'll slip again, and fall down into the bottom floor of the Lava Caverns.
  • Step on the levitation platform, then hustle to the basement (the stairs are over by the teleporter where you first entered the Lava Caverns). Float over the damaging floors and get the Lace Ruby. If you explore around the basement, you'll find a Lavender in a chest in the lower right. You might get damaged on the way back if you're not fast enough, but just have Mint heal when you reach a battle.
  • Now open the locked door over by the levitation platform, and enter. You'll come to a room with a Save Point.
  • Save, and head further north. 2 Golems will attack from both sides.
  • They haven't gotten any more difficult, so if you rush at the one attacking from the left, defeat it with your techs, then take care of the one on the right, they should be no problem.
  • Once you beat them, de-equip Chester from everything he has, then walk north through the door. Another scene will take place and you'll wake up in the middle of nowhere.

[011 Deserted Plain]

Items - Tornix's Book, Broken Bow (Rare Items)
Enemies - N/A
Bosses - N/A
Moves - N/A

  • Leave where you are, and you'll be next to a village in a world that looks strangely familiar.

[012 Beladum Village]

Items - Orange Gummy, Remedy Bottle, Medium Sack (Rare Item)
Enemies - N/A
Bosses - N/A
Moves - Mecha Blade

  • Another scene will take place when you go near the center of town. You'll wake up the next morning.
  • When you awake, talk to the Elder's wife. You'll then get the Medium Sack!
  • Stock up on armor and weapons. Buy whatever you can afford of a Ring Mail, Iron Circlet, or Amber Cloak. Don't bother buying a weapon just yet.
  • If you go into the weapon shop, then hold right against the right wall, you can enter a secret passage. Go up and around and talk to the kid running the shop to get the Mecha Blade tech.
  • You can rest for free in Lenios' house, so this is a good place to build levels.

[013 Miscellaneous Places on the World Map]

Items - Spy Lens, Life Bottle, Steak, Mystical Rune, Elixir
Enemies - Boggle, Falcon, Hornet, LoneWolf
Bosses - N/A
Moves - N/A

  • Exit the town to the World Map. There are several places you can go now.
  • Go to the Marina northeast of Beladum Village. You can find a bunch of nice treasure there.
  • There's a cave east of Beladum, but the door is password-locked. There's nothing here right now.
  • You can also go to the Spirit Forest, and a house north of Euclid, but nothing will really happen. In due time, you'll go there, for important plot pieces.

[014 Euclid]

Items - Mixed Gummy, Rune Bottle, 1000 gold, Charm Bottle
Enemies - N/A
Bosses - N/A
Moves - N/A

  • Euclid is in the same place as it was in the Present, but it's a lot smaller now.
  • There's a Mixed Gummy and a Rune Bottle behind the Inn, 1000 gold behind the Weapon Shop, and a Charm Bottle in the northeast corner of town (though it'll take some effort to get).
  • In the center of town, you'll see a band playing. You can donate 1, 10, 100, or 1000 gold to them. Each one will yield a different (and useless) clue.
  • The weapon shop has a Kite Shield that's useful. The item shop sells Talismans, but you'll be getting a free one soon, so don't bother. Instead, stock up on Gummies and Life Bottles.
  • There's a woman with a house full of cats. One of them barks. 8p
  • There are two people in this village, Elwyn and Nancy, who want to get together, but never can seem to meet each other. You need to get them together to pass a point a bit later in the game, so why not start now?
  • Talk to the lady sitting by the tree near the south exit of town; she'll mention a guy named Elwyn.
  • Elwyn is in the weapon shop. You tell him that some cute girl was looking for him.
  • Talk to the girl by the tree again, she introduces herself as Nancy.
  • And, talk to Elwyn again...
  • Talk to Nancy one last time. That's all you can do for now.
  • In a house north of town, you'll see a guy reading some books. Talk to him for another longish scene. He'll tell you his name is Klarth, and he'll join you. He tells you to head to Long Valley, up in the northeast.

[015 Harmel Town]

Items - N/A
Enemies - N/A
Bosses - N/A
Moves - N/A

  • Harmel is north of Euclid, over a bridge.
  • This is just a quick walk-through town. Buy a Rope and a Pick-axe in the Supplies Shop, and pick up the Crescent axe in the Weapon Shop, and a Mitre in the Armor Shop. If you stop at the inn you'll meet Nancy. When you're finished, go to Bato's House, southeast of here.

[016 Bato's House (Long Valley)]

Items - Wool Mantle, Opal Ring
Enemies - N/A
Bosses - N/A
Moves - N/A

  • Go to the house northeast of Euclid, in the small mountain valley. Another scene will play out, after which Klarth gets an Opal Ring.
  • Check behind Bato's house to the north for a Wool Mantle.
  • You can rest for free here, so you can level up if you wish, though you shouldn't need to.
  • North of his house, you can get to the Sylph's Mountain. This is your next goal.

[017 Sylph's Mountain]

Items - Blue Ribbon, Spy Lens, Kite Shield, Amber Cloak, Apple Gummy, Talisman, Rune Bottle, Charm Bottle, Elemental Orb (Rare Item)
Enemies - Harpy, Ghast (1), HellLord
Bosses - Sylph x4, Sylph x3
Moves - Sylphs (Klarth)

  • If you have a Pick-axe, just examine the rocks blocking entrance to the mountain to remove them.
  • Head north, but watch out for the wind. Go east and pick up the Blue Ribbon, then go up and beat the nearby Sylphs to stop the wind.
  • The first 2 Sylphs can be taken out easily with Lightning Bolt, but the next two will be a bit more difficult, since they absorb lightning. Use your jumping attacks to kill them. And, watch out for Storm!
  • Go north, past the wind. There's a save point there. Now, pass through the tornados (either set; just go right), and into the first cave you see. Let the wind in there take you to another save point. There's a hole above you. If you have the Rope, examine the peg above the hole to drop the rope and allow you to go into the hole.
  • In the next area, you can knock down the big dirt walls by pressing A next to them as long as you have the Pick-axe. At the first crossroads, head right, break down the wall, and pick up the Spy Lens. Go back left and down the stairs, break down this wall, head left, and go up the rope. Fight the next three Sylphs.
  • Now, go back to the save point in the cave, and head north.
  • You'll be in a room filled with gas. The gas will drain your HP as you walk through it; to save Mint's healing TP, use food. Go right and down, break the wall to see a rock. Push it onto the orange hole in the upper left of the gas room, and the gas will stop.
  • Go right past the gas, down, and use the rope to go down the hole. You're in another room filled with gas; there are now two holes you need to clog up.
  • If you see a HellLord in here, run! He uses the Summon Lich attack which'll make mincemeat out of your party. And he's almost impossible to beat (only the Lightning Bolt tech will hurt him), and gives nothing if you somehow do manage to beat him. Just run.
  • Head right. Pull the rock downwards, then drag it to the lower left. Follow the path, dragging the rock. Ignore the first path upwards, and push it up the second path upwards into the hole. Now go back down and take the second path upwards to reach the same spot where you found the rock.
  • Head to the top right, and follow the path. Pick up the Talisman, then go down and break down the wall to find a second rock. Pull it up and left and drop it into the second hole. Phew!
  • All the Sylphs will be gone now. Return to the stairs and go up the rope. Go up and left and pick up a Rune Bottle. Exit to the south. Pick up the Apple Gummy to your lower right, then head all the way left. Pick up the blue chest for a Charm Bottle, then head up for a Kite Shield and Amber Cloak.
  • Go to the summit of the mountain at the very top right, and go over the bridges to reach a large tree. Another scene will ensue; you'll get the Elemental Orb, and Klarth will learn Sylphs.

[018 Spirit Woods]

Items - Orange Gummy, Sage, Hourglass, Reverse Doll
Enemies - Bugbear, Bee
Bosses - N/A
Moves - N/A

  • Return to the tree in the Spirit Woods south of Beladum. This is the Tree of Life. A scene will emerge, where you learn that Venezia, to the north, is your next destination.
  • Before you leave, check to the left of the tree for a Reverse Doll. And on the way out, take a detour to the right to pick up a Sage and Orange Gummy and (to the top left of that) a Hourglass.

[019 Harmel Ruined]

Items - N/A
Enemies - N/A
Bosses - N/A
Moves - N/A

  • Return to Harmel Village. There's a young girl towards the northern exit of the village; talk to her. She introduces herself as Lia Scarlet, and joins your party as an NPC.
  • Now, head north of Harmel, up to Venezia.

[020 Venezia]

Items - Protect Ring
Enemies - N/A
Bosses - N/A
Moves - Tempest (Cless)

  • Venezia is far north of Harmel. It's a giant port town, where you can get the boat to Alvanista.
  • There's a man in a gondola at the north end of town. You can get in the gondola for 50 gold, and choose to go to either 1. Weapon Shop, 2. Armor Shop, 3. City Hall, or 4. Item Shop. Press B to speed up the gondola when you're in it. This is the only way to visit the Weapon and Armor shops. Buy a Gem Rod in the Weapon Shop and buy a Splint Mail, Iron Gloves, and Knight Shield at the Armor Shop. Also in the armor shop, you can learn Tempest if you pay the lady walking around 3000 Gold. You can also stock up on valuable Holy Bottles in one of the item shops (to get to it you have to go to the lower docks, then exit to the southwest).
  • There are 2 ships in the harbor, but you can't board either of them at the moment.
  • The Trading Company office is a large house at the top left of town. Enter it and exit a door on the second floor to get back outside onto a small ledge with a Protect Ring in a chest.
  • Now you're gonna have to finish the little Elwyn and Nancy quest from before. You can't progress now unless you've talked to Martel and finished the Euclid section of the Elwyn/Nancy quest in section 014.
  • Nancy is in the Inn, now. Talk to her and she'll ask you if you know the girl who could ride on wind. And, she asks if Elwyn is around.
  • Elwyn's in the Trading Company office. Talk to him there.
  • Return to Nancy, and you'll tell her that Elwyn wants to meet her at Venezia's fountain. She takes off.
  • Find Nancy at the fountain and talk... The two will meet, and fall in love.
  • Now, leave the town and re-enter it. Go to the top of the Trading Company office. Elwyn's dad, Doug, doesn't like Nancy, and won't let his son go out with her. Elwyn and Nancy run off.
  • Search for them again. Elwyn's hiding in the columns behind the fountain. Talk to him and try to cheer him up.
  • After this last meeting with Elwyn, go to City Hall. (From the entrance of the town, head straight right and follow the narrow path.)
  • Talk to the stationary woman near the stove in the house, and then go to the left boat in the Harbor (get there from the north side of town).
  • Talk to the Captain. He'll be able to take you to Demitel's Manor, for 1600 gold.

[021 Demitel's Manor]

Items - ?Book (Porno Magazine), Mixed Gummy, Spy Lens, Apple Gummy x2, Verbena, Savory x2, Elixir, 430 gold, Reverse Doll, Fine Helm, Corsica, Halberd, ?Book (Rabionis), Veggies, Ruby Ring, Aquamarine Ring, Magic Key (Rare Item)
Enemies - Harpy, Bone
Bosses - Oak Root x2, Golem x2, Lilite x2, Demitel
Moves - N/A

  • After you dock in the harbor on Demitel's island, you can find a Mixed Gummy and a ?Book which turns out to be the useless but cute Porno Magazine.
  • Pick up the Spy Lens left of the entrance, then enter the manor. You can't do anything in the first room just yet.
  • In the eastern hall, there's a locked door, and a room filled with treasures, mostly healing and stat items and some gold.
  • In the western hall, there's a room with a Save Point in it, a Bathroom :), and Demitel's Library.
  • There's a Savory hidden in the corner of Demitel's Chamber, and in the cabinet above it, you'll get the Magic Key.
  • Return to the door in the eastern hallway that was locked. Open it, and you'll be in a menagerie. You'll be attacked by Harpies here if you move around.
  • There's a tree blocking the path of light. Keep searching the tree and you'll enter a boss battle with two Oak Roots. The Shake attack could take a good deal of power off of you quite easily. A good trick is to use frequent Hammers, and back them into a corner. For techs, equip the Lightning Bolt and Dual Kick (Blade Storm does no damage) for an easy win.
  • If you're drained of HP or TP, return to the ship and enter it. Go left and down and enter the door there and you'll find four beds and a save point. You can also buy stuff from the sailor at the top left of the bar.
  • Once you defeat the Oak Roots, return to the room with all the prisms. Open the curtains so light shines inside the room. Each prism can either reflect the light or divide it into two. Have the middle mirror divide it into two to hit the side mirrors, and have those mirrors reflect it into the orbs. A staircase will open to the basement. Go down it.
  • First head left to pick up a Reverse Doll, then right. Take the lower path to get a Fine Helm and Corsica; equip them immediately!
  • You should be at least at Level 13 before fighting Demitel, but Mint learns her next healing spell at Level 14, and Cless learns his first useful technique at Level 15, so those are really good to have. If you need to level up, just fight the Bones around and rest in the ship when you need to. Before the battle, set Mint's Tactics to "Value HP Over TP" and Klarth's to "Don't Call Spirits".
  • North of the save point, enter the room.
  • Fight with 2 Golems, 2 Lilites, and Demitel. This is a very tough fight. First off, have Mint cast Delay on Demitel. If it hits you'll see a blue glow; otherwise you'll see a white Japanese letter. Keep trying until it works. Manually control Klarth to keep casting Sylphs on Demitel; as soon as he's finished once, do it again. If you have Tiger Teeth, use it; otherwise no techs will really be helpful; use Thrust attacks. You have to have good reflexes and keep your mind on several things at once. Have Cless concentrate on beating the Golems and Lilites while you make Klarth keep blasting Demitel and Mint healing. If you're lucky and the minor enemies stay together, you can use Lightning Bolt to wipe them out in two or three hits! If you see that your HP or Mint's TP is running low (below 300 HP or 20 TP), use Gummies right away! Never let Demitel just keep to himself; he'll cast Summon Lich which will effectively wipe out your group. Keep Cless away from Demitel as much as you can, concentrating on the leftmost enemies first (it seems like Demitel won't do much unless someone's relatively close to him, like about half a screen away). Once the farther enemies are defeated, have Cless come up VERY close to Demitel (so he doesn't run back and forth) and keep using a slash attack (it's faster). Once Demitel's all alone, a good tactic is to trap him between Cless and Klarth and just pound him into submission.
  • Demitel will drop a Yellow Kings in the form of a ?Book.
  • After you beat him, you'll end up back at Bato's house, where Arche will join you. She gives you a Ruby Ring and an Aquamarine Ring.
  • Cless then urges the party to go to Alvanista Castle.
  • If you re-enter Demitel's Mansion and go back to where you defeated him, you can pick up a Veggies, a Halberd, and a ?Book (Rabionis).

[022 Arche's Spells]

Items - N/A
Enemies - N/A
Bosses - N/A
Moves - Lightning, Storm, Grave, Ice Tornado, Eruption (Arche)

  • Now, you can run some small quests to get new spells for Arche.
  • In Venezia, go to the small house left of the fountain, and talk to the lady inside. She'll sell you the Lightning spell for 200 gold, and the Storm spell for 1000 gold.
  • In Euclid, return to Klarth's house. Search the bookshelf next to his bed for the Grave spell, and the bookshelf all the way in the lower right of his house for the Ice Tornado spell.
  • Return to Beladum, and talk to Lenios, the elder. He'll give you the Eruption spell.
  • When this is all taken care of, return to Venezia. Time to go to Alvanista!

[023 Boat Ride]

Items - N/A
Enemies - N/A
Bosses - Meia
Moves - N/A

  • In Venezia, talk to the captain of the right boat (reach it by going into the southern entrance of the port). It costs 200 gold per person to board the boat, so it'll cost 800 gold for all of you. Pay up.
  • After a longish scene, you'll be awoken from bed.
  • Go to the deck of the ship, and you'll have to fight Meia. She's fast, but weak. Use your best techniques, and healing items when you're low on health. It shouldn't be too hard. She drops an Ice Scimitar in the form of a ?Weapon.
  • The ship finally gets to Alvanista. Mint and Arche thank the captain, and you're off to explore this new continent!

[024 Alvanista]

Items - Lavender
Enemies - N/A
Bosses - N/A
Moves - Psion Storm (Cless)

  • The ship above you takes you back to the docks near Beladum.
  • There's a chest in the lower left of the docks which has a Lavender, but an annoying crab is always near it. Try exiting to the right and re-entering; you might be able to slip in past the crab and get the chest.
  • Do not buy any weapons or armor here or in Olive Village. You can get much better stuff in Midgard (far to the north of Olive Village; you can go there now if you run away from the enemies you see on the way), and you'll soon find good stuff in dungeons as well. There's a trick which should make things much easier, though:
  • If you have about 30,000 gold and two Rune Bottles, and you haven't used up any of your Charm Bottles, go ahead and trek to Midgard. But be warned that there's no inn there; you'll have to make it there and back quickly, without fighting too many enemies. (Holy Bottles help.) Once there, enter the weapons shop at the right of town. Use the Rune Bottles on the Charm Bottles to change them to Lotus Perfumes. Use a Lotus Perfume to buy the Mecha-Halberd, then use the other one to buy the armor. You've now made the rest of this part of the game significantly easier.
  • A door in the item shop (to the west) will lead you to an Adventurer's Guild where you can get the Psion Storm combo for 6,000 gold.
  • You'll see Elwyn and Nancy reunited in the item shop.
  • You can race for a present here. Talk to the 3 kids in the eastern portion of town. You can opt to be shown an overview of the "track", and where you need to go. You can win a Cat's Eye, Beef, Longsword, or Ice Scimitar. I'd go for the Cat's Eye as the rest can be gotten in unlimited amounts elsewhere. Don't sell it yet, though; the prices are far better in the Future. You can only win the race three times.
  • After exploring the area, stay in the Inn. Your characters will devise a method for entering Alvanista Castle.

[025 Alvanista Castle]

Items - Lavender, Verbena, Black Onyx, Gungnir, Opuscule, Garnet Ring
Enemies - N/A
Bosses - Jahmir, Alice x2
Moves - Tractor Beam, Thunder Blade (Arche)

  • Arche flies you in, and now you're ready to investigate the castle.
  • Wait for the guards to leave the screen before going. There are only two of 'em. Enter the room to the right for a boss battle.
  • To defeat Jahmir, use heavy spells. Take out the 2 Alices first. Jahmir is weak against wind based attacks. Don't attack Jahmir when her shield is up. You'll get a Lavender, a Verbena, over 10,000 Gold, and a Black Onyx when you're done.
  • After a long scene, you'll meet Runeglom. He takes you to the throne room, and gives you the Gungnir, an Opuscule book and the Garnet Ring. He tells you to go to the Morlia Gallery to find out more about Gungnir and the secrets of the Gods, and that the Adventurer's Guild knows a lot about the Morlia Gallery.
  • In the magician's hall south of Prince Charles's room, a lady'll sell you the Tractor Beam spell for 4,000 gold and the Thunder Blade spell for 12,000 gold. Try to buy the Tractor Beam spell if you can!
  • Two ladies there will tell you about the 3 element spirits you have to find: Undine, on an island near Venezia; Gnome, in a cave east of Beladum; and Efreet, deep within a volcano near Olive Vilage. If you don't talk to these two people, you won't be able to get to the Glaciated Cave!

[026 Adventurer's Guild]

Items - Morlia Pass (Rare Item)
Enemies - N/A
Bosses - N/A
Moves - N/A

  • Talk to the Bartender in the Adventurer's Guild to get a Morlia Pass to the Morlia Gallery.
  • If you talk to the Bartender again, he'll tell you that the blue haired guy, Billy, plays the piano. He then asks if you want to hear Billy play. Say yes to hear a cool song on the piano. (Btw, in the original Japanese this guy's name was Sakuraba - aka Motoi Sakuraba, the one who made the music for this game and others like the Star Ocean series).
  • Talk to Billy himself and he'll offer to tell you a secret (actually the password for the Cave of Spirits) for 1000 gold. However, you don't need it if you're using this walkthrough. 8p
  • Before going to the Morlia Gallery, you have some quests you need to take care of, namely getting three Summon spells.

[027 World Map and Optional Quests]

Items - Mental Ring
Enemies - Osprey, Boggle, Giant, Toad
Bosses - N/A
Moves - Burning Soul, Lion Lunge (Cless)

  • In Alvanista Castle, a guy with 3 jars will ask you if you want to play a game. You can acquire a Mental Ring if you do. Here's how to play:
  • You'll be given a random number; that's the number you start at. You'll be given five seconds to choose to take away 1, 2, or 3 from that number. Immediately, the other man will also take away either 1, 2, or 3. The goal is for there to be exactly 1 left over right after your turn. You can keep trying; there's no fee to play.
  • There's a house west of Alvanista that doesn't seem to have much in it. You'll come here later in the game, though.
  • Further west of Alvanista, along the coast, there's a small camp. Talk to the man for the Burning Soul combo.
  • Southeast of Alvanista (to get there, go east, south, further south, and southeast from Alvanista), there's a grumpy old man camping out. Talk to him twice and he'll sell you the Lion Lunge for 12,000 gold.

[028 Freland]

Items - N/A
Enemies - Fire Bug, Basilisk, Deela, Agumi, Harpy, Lily
Bosses - N/A
Moves - N/A

  • South of Alvanista is another harbor. You can take a boat to the Freland continent for 80 gold a head.
  • On Freland, head directly to the East to get to Olive Village. Further east is the volcano where Efreet lurks.

[029 Olive Village]

Items - Mixed Gummy, 2600 gold
Enemies - N/A
Bosses - N/A
Moves - N/A

  • Olive Village is a real hot village, so hot that the screen starts appearing all distorted.
  • East of the southern exit, you can find the Mixed Gummy, and on the north side of town, you can find 2600 gold in a bag.

[030 Molten Cavern]

Items - Spy Lens, Sorcerer's Ring, Savory, Battle Rune, Mixed Gummy, Magma Key (Rare Item), Charm Bottle, Resist Ring, Talisman, ?Weapon (Thunderclap)
Enemies - Ogre, Aza
Bosses - Efreet
Moves - Efreet (Klarth), Fire Wall (Arche)

  • Before entering the Molten Cavern, be sure to have a full set of Remedy Bottles on hand; the Ogres can paralyze you. Also put Arche's Tactics on "Use Some Spells"; the Azas will cast spells quickly, but not if Arche hits them first! Make sure to de-equip Eruption from her spell list. Finally, equip Cless with the Ice Scimitar dropped by Meia. (Can't find it? You might have forgotten to use a Rune Bottle to change it from the ?Weapon.) I think it's even more effective than the Mecha-Halberd for this level.
  • Enter the Molten Cavern. Go to the right then up for a Spy Lens, then straight down the stairs. Go down for a Resist Ring and Talisman, then head to the upper left for the Sorcerer's Ring, which, when equipped, allows you to fire a small electrical wave with the "A" button.
  • Return to the first room of the Molten Cavern, and shoot the switch over the lava (on the west side) to open the previously locked door.
  • Pick up a Savory, Battle Rune, and ?Weapon (Thunderclap) in the chests.
  • Continue down the stairs, then south again; go to the top right to find a Mixed Gummy, 1000 gold, and the Magma Key in the chests. Continue to the lower right to end up back in the room where you found the Sorcerer's Ring.
  • Head to the right and up to end up back in the first room. Go in the door to reach a save point. Head west to get a Charm Bottle and another switch over lava... Hit it with your Sorcerer's Ring to open the door above the Save Point.
  • Enter, then use the Magma Key on the door inside.
  • Shoot the switches on pillars to knock them over to build a path across the lava.
  • Then, you'll meet Efreet and he attacks!
  • Have Arche use Ice Tornado, Klarth use Sylphs, and have Cless use regular attacks or Tiger Teeth against Efreet. Make sure Mint is in the back to heal. Give her a Mystical Rune to speed up her spell casting if you need it. Efreet will drop a Flame Mantle.
  • Klarth absorbs the power of Efreet in his Garnet Ring.
  • The chest above where Efreet was holds the Fire Wall spell for Arche.

[031 Cave of Spirits]

Items - N/A
Enemies - Wolf, Bee, Bugbear, Falcon, ClayIdol
Bosses - Gnome
Moves - Gnome (Klarth), Stone Wall (Arche)

  • Go into the cave east of Beladum (easiest way to get there is via the eastern ship in Alvanista). You should equip the Gungnir or Mecha-Halberd now; it has a better slash attack than the Ice Scimitar and will be useful in the next two dungeons.
  • There's a door in the upper right, locked by a password. The password is ki (3), ku (1), ri (2), mu (4).
  • Go to the room beyond the door. You'll meet a little Clay Idol. He'll ask you if you'll help him find his friends. Tell him you will.
  • Try not to fight the other Clay Idols. Each little gnome has a radius around it where he'll walk towards you. The best way to get past them is to quickly enter that radius, then exit it, then while they're walking back to their previous position, run past again. If you do fight them, the only way to beat them is to use Arche's Tractor Beam spell. If you don't have it, just run away.
  • The next screen has 4 Clay Idols in a circle; these are your buddy's friends. They'll all disappear.
  • A few rooms later, there'll be a Save Point, Clay Idols blocking the doors, and a switch. Hit the switch.
  • An alarm will go off, the Clay Idols will walk away, and you can get into any of the previously blocked doors. Ignore the doors on the left and right; enter the middle room for a boss fight with Gnome. Give someone the Flame Mantle before battle to reduce the damage they take. (If you don't have one, just use a Rune Bottle on a Mantle.) He buries into the ground then fires missiles at you. Your only chance to hit him is to attack as he resurfaces. Stay where you are while the missiles fall; when you see the four shadows start to come together, walk away, then hit it with a spell or tech (Tiger Teeth and Lightning Bolt work well). Once you've hit him once, he'll stay aboveground for a short time, allowing you to hit him again. This is a long fight, but not all that difficult.
  • After your victory, Gnome will drop a ?Book (Porno Magazine). Gnome offers his power to Klarth.
  • The chest has the Stone Wall spell for Arche.
  • Leave the cave.

[032 Glaciated Cave]

Items - Orange Gummy, Spy Lens, Rune Bottle, Aqua Mantle, Seafood x2
Enemies - Red Slug, Calamari, Nymph
Bosses - Undine, Calamari, Red Slug
Moves - Undine (Klarth)

  • Make sure that Cless is now using the Gungnir or Mecha-Halberd, not the Ice Scimitar.
  • Head back to Venezia where you can take the western ship (go to the top port to get to it) to the North Island (second choice). (You must talk to the two people walking around in the research facility in Alvanista Castle for the second choice to show up.) The trip costs 200 gold per person.
  • As in Demitel's Manor, you can come back to the ship to rest for free whenever you want. You can also talk to the sailor in the top left of the bar to buy items and weapons.
  • Enter the cave, go to the east, around the bend, and up the stairs.
  • Hit the lever in the next room, and it'll drain the water in the floor below. (It actually "toggles" the water level in the room above and below.) Head out to the lower left.
  • Pick up the Orange Gummy and Spy Lens, then head downstairs. Get the Rune Bottle and hit the switch, which opens a door in the north of the second floor.
  • Go north to the main screen of the first floor, then to the top left to go back to the second floor. Hit the switch again, then exit to the top left.
  • The water in next room has now gone down. You can find an Aqua Mantle in here. Switch it for the Flame Mantle if you still have it equipped on someone. Now, go through the northern doors.
  • There are two pools here, both with staircases. The left one is drained, the right one is full. First go down the left one, pick up the Seafood, then go down the stairs and hit the switch (it half-opens a hole in the northern room). Go back up, then enter the north door to find a room with a save point and two switches. Hit the northern switch to drain the right pool and fill the left one, then return to the room with two pools and go into the now-drained right pool. Pick up the Seafood, go down the stairs, and hit the switch. You'll hear a sound. Return to the northern room; you'll notice a new hole in the floor. Save on the save point, then hit the southern switch to start a battle with Undine.
  • Defeat Undine as quickly as possible. This is another real rough fight. Turn off all of Arche's spells besides Thunder Blade (or Fire Wall if you don't have Thunder Blade) and have Klarth keep using Efreet. Have Cless go at it with Lightning Bolt (or Phoenix if you have it). Undine will drop a ?Book which turns out to be another Rabionis.
  • Klarth will get the Undine call spell.
  • Hit the lower switch once more, then make your way out of the cave. You'll have to hit the switch on the second floor one more time to proceed.
  • Back in Venezia, take the lower port and head back to Alvanista.

[033 Morlia Gallery]

Items - Orange Gummy, Lavender, 2000 gold, Steak, Protect Ring, Rune Bottle x3, Lemon Gummy x2, Yellow Cake x2, Mystic Broom (Broom), Turquoise Ring, ?Rod (Rune Rod), 6000 gold, Hourglass, Elixir, ?Armor (Mithril Mesh) x2, Verbena, Black Onyx, Apple Gummy, Broken Rings (Rare Item)
Enemies - Midget, DoomToad, Vamp Bat, Ogre, Bat, Gargoyle, Huge Fly, Aza, Nymph, Calamari
Bosses - Maxwell
Moves - Maxwell (Klarth)

  • North of the harbor to Freland, you can find the Morlia Gallery inside a mountain cave. I'd recommend de-equipping the Aqua Mantle to free up a spot for a better accessory. (You might as well give him/her the Sorcerer's Ring; you'll be needing it a LOT in the Gallery.) Also, now you should have enough extra gold to buy one or two extra Rune Bottles in Alvanista; use them to upgrade some accessories like Talisman. Check the Item Transformation Guide for a full list. Finally, stock up on some Gummies; you'll need them. Also make sure you have a Pick-axe before entering!
  • There are several types of switches in the Gallery. ? switches are only active when something is on them; when you move off it, they deactivate. ! switches usually come in pairs. When you activate the light one, you'll deactivate the dark one, and vice versa. There are also normal lever switches like you've already seen. Finally, there are ON and OFF panels. Going onto an ON panel will allow you to float over spikes and floor switches; going onto an OFF panel will put you back on the ground.
  • There's also a staircase that leads straight from floor 1 to 4, then again from 4 to 9. However, there are doors blocking it on floors 4 and 9. Once you open those doors, you can use the staircase as a shortcut back to the beginning, or to return here later.
  • On the first floor, ignore the staircase (it's a dead end as of now), pick up an Orange Gummy in the top left and hit the switch there. It'll open the door to the room to the right.
  • Descend to the 2nd floor. Hit the right ! switch to proceed. Look behind the sign for a Lavender. Go left and push the statue onto the left ? switch to open the door to your south. Go in, hit the switch, and pick up the 2000 gold, Steak, and Protect Ring. Go back up and all the way right to find the staircase down.
  • Head to the top right and step on the ON panel. Make your way down, left, and up (avoiding the OFF panel) and through the northern door. Now go over the OFF panel, then go right and hit the ! switch. Go right to the next room. Move the statue off the ? switch, then head down, right, and down the stairs.
  • On the 4th floor, there's a stick in the wall. Keep searching it until you're able to pull it, and it'll open a wall to the next area. Here, there are two doors, one to the left and the other to the right. Go in the right door to see a lady walking around, and 2 switches. When the lady is on one switch, step on the other to get a Rune Bottle. Now go out and hit the ! switch so you can enter the left door.
  • Head left past the sign and then walk over the switches in the order the sign says: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right. This'll open the southern door. Ignore the statue for now.
  • In the southern door, there's a save point, a lever, an ! switch, and both an up and down stair (this is the "shortcut" staircase). Hit the lever to open the door to the up stair, which'll take you directly to the entrance; the down stair is currently a dead end. Hit the ! switch to open the door above the four-switch room. Return there and push the statue through the now-open door and onto the ? switch to open the way down to floor 5.
  • Floor 5 is dark. Go to right, up, right off the screen, and right some more to reach a door. Hit the ! switch to open it, then go inside and shoot your Ring's laser over the water to hit the switch.
  • Now, go back to the left room. Stay on top and walk left; the door you just opened is hard to see because it leads downward. Enter the room to go to the 6th floor.
  • On floor six, enter the door to another dark room. You might want to equip a Heavy Stone on one or more characters here, because the Aza's Tractor Beam spell is quite strong.
  • Watch out for spikes here. Each red flash will decrease everyone's HP by 1.5%. You can walk straight right over the spikes for a shortcut, or walk up, right, down and right to continue.
  • Do NOT step on that teleporter panel. Go north to get to a room with 3 statues in it. Behind the 3rd statue is a lever that opens way to a Lemon Gummy. Be sure to move the statue back onto its ? switch, or you won't be able to leave the room. Go back to the beginning of the room, then head down, avoiding the spikes.
  • In the 7th floor, there's a save point and an unlit torch... Stand a bit back and shoot your Ring's laser at the torch to open a warp to another room.
  • In this room, don't go straight up to the chest; you'll be warped away. Instead, go right and around full-swing to get the treasure, which is a Lemon Gummy. Now go down past the chest to warp back to the save point room. Re-enter the warp. Keep repeating this; walk away from the chest and around to get it, warp back to the save point, then enter the warp again. Do this twice for a Yellow Cake and Arche's Mystic Broom. Save, then re-enter the warp one last time.
  • You'll come to a room with 5 candlebras. Use your Ring to light both sides of the candlebras for all of them. Then, the door will open.
  • The next room is easy to figure out... Go up, then follow the path to reach a lit room with water in it.
  • In this room, knock down the stone wall with your Pick-axe, then light the candlebra to open the door... Stairs down are beyond the door.
  • On the 8th floor, there's a locked door and a candlebra. If you light the candlebra, arrows will come out at you and take off 1/30 of your HP! Instead, stand next to the candlebra, and search it for a switch. Press the switch to open the door.
  • In the next room, hit the switch, then go back south; you'll see a levitation switch. Step on it, then go back north and float over all the spikes. Take the southern detour to get a Yellow Cake, then follow the spikes to the southern room.
  • Go down for a Rune Bottle and Apple Gummy, then go back up and all the way left, down, and right. Enter the door to get to the 9th floor.
  • On the ninth floor, hit the lever to make drops of water fall into the holes, then run quickly over the holes. Hit the ! switch to open the door, and go up. Go left and hit the lever to open up the route all the way back to the top of the Morlia Gallery.
  • Go back right and to the north room now, and follow the path to the right. Hit the ! switch, then go all the way back to the start of floor 9 and enter the now-open door to the north. Go down the stairs to the bottom floor.
  • In floor 10, get the Turquoise Ring, save, hit the 2 levers and step on the right-hand platform which appears to warp to a new room.
  • You'll come to a stone tablet now. Arche can read the inscription. When she's done, go back and step on the left platform. You'll gain control of Klarth.
  • In this room, there are 4 directions to go in, and at each spot, you're asked to place an Element. Place Efreet to the north, Gnome to the south, Undine to the west, and Sylph to the east. A voice will call to you. Step back onto the warp, save, then go back into the right warp. Go up to fight Maxwell.
  • Maxwell has no real weaknesses; your best bet is to trap him between your characters, dizzy him, and beat him. His Molecular Attack will decimate you if you're not careful. He'll turn into a ball and ricochet across the screen, causing massive damage. If you manage to have Arche or Klarth cast an attack spell while he does this, it'll knock him out of it. He seems to have a very high chance of making people dizzy. Keep Cless going with normal attacks or Tiger Teeth. Don't use Earth spells; they won't work. Mint's Nurse spell will make this battle much easier.
  • When you're through with him, he'll offer Maxwell his power.
  • In the next room, you can find a bunch of treasures, among them two Broken Rings.
  • Collect all the treasure (viz: ?Rod (Rune Rod), Hourglass, Elixir, 6000 gold, Rune Bottle, Black Onyx, Verbena, ?Armor (Mithril Mesh) x2), then take the escape route you made on the 9th floor back up to the world map again.

[034 Oasishopping/The Search for Edward]

Items - Flame Mantle, Rune Bottle, Medecine Bottle, Mental Ring, Life Bottle, Letter (Rare Item), Dedis Emblem (Rare Item)
Enemies - Fire Bug, Basilisk, Deela, Agumi, Harpy, Lily
Bosses - N/A
Moves - N/A

  • Talk to Runeglom way back at Alvanista Castle, in the room south of the prince's room.
  • Tell him of your successes in Morlia. He'll give you a letter of inquiry and tell you to seek out Edward.
  • Go to the red house west of Alvanista. Knock on the door. Klarth introduces himself and Cless's party to Edward's wife, Lillith.
  • Lillith tells the party that Edward hasn't returned from Freland.
  • Go to Freland to search for Edward. He knows much about the world and defeating Dhaos.
  • Head to Olive Village, and you'll meet a guy there. He says Edward went to the southern oasis.
  • Go to the oasis southeast of Olive Village, through the small mountain valley.
  • Look for a Flame Mantle and Rune Bottle here.
  • Talk to the man here, who sends you to the oasis north of where you are.
  • There's a Medecine Bottle in the chest. The guy here says he's not Edward, and that Edward went further north.
  • Near the northern tip of Freland is the third oasis. There are a bunch of cats roaming around here, chests holding a Mental Ring and a Life Bottle, and a lady. Pick up the chests, then talk to her; she tells you that you should check back at Olive Village for Edward.
  • Return to Olive Village. Enter the inn and talk to the innkeeper, who will tell you that Edward was wounded and needs the healing energy of 5 Basilisk Eggs to continue.
  • Go east of Olive Village and wander around the desert. You'll randomly fight Basilisks. Every time you defeat one, you get a Basilisk Egg. They can turn you to stone, so stay away from them and have Arche cast Ice Tornado and Klarth cast Undine. You might want to re-equip the Ice Scimitar as well. Keep some Remedy Bottles handy.
  • Talk to the Olive Village innkeeper after collecting 5 Basilisk Eggs. You'll stay at the Inn and end up talking to Edward.
  • Return to Runeglom in Alvanista and talk to him.
  • While in Alvanista, talk to Elwyn and Nancy (in the Item shop near the east end of town). Then, return to Doug in Venezia. You have the option of telling Doug where Elwyn and Nancy are. Say yes, and he'll finally accept their love. Talk to Elwyn and Nancy back in Alvanista (in the top right house), and help them out to finally finish this up.
  • After doing this, go rest in the inn, then come back and talk to Runeglom one last time to get the Royal Emblem. De-equip Arche of any good stuff (armor, accessories) before leaving the castle.
  • On the way out of the castle, Arche will leave your party.

[035 Ymir Forest]

Items - Lavender x3, Sage, Mixed Gummy
Enemies - SnakeMan, Oak Root, Lily
Bosses - N/A
Moves - N/A

  • Walk through the bridge maze on the Ymir Forest. Watch out for the SnakeMan enemy who can turn you into stone upon contact. He frequently drops a ?Weapon which is usually a Longsword but sometimes is another Thunderclap. Enemies attack often, so you might want to use a Holy Bottle or two, which the SnakeMen conveniently drop.
  • There's no treasure in the first screen. To get to the next, go up, take the first right, up again, then up again at the next two crossroads. Continue north to the next screen.
  • There's a save point here. If you go east, you'll come to a Mixed Gummy; taking the first south leads to a Sage. Go back to the save point.
  • Going west, ignore the first north path, pick up a Lavender on the way, then at the crossroads go both south and west (either order) to pick up another Lavender on each path. Finally, exit to the northwest.
  • You'll end up in the inn. Rest if you like.

[036 Elven Village]

Items - Mixed Gummy, 2600 gold
Enemies - N/A
Bosses - N/A
Moves - N/A

  • Approach Rambard, and he'll join you as an NPC.
  • The shops don't have much, but stock up whatever you can.
  • Head to the northern exit of the village, and you'll come to Treant Forest.
  • The battles ahead are tough, because you only have three characters. Give Klarth the Turquoise Ring accessory, de-equip all his spells besides Efreet and Maxwell, and put his Tactics on Call Spirits. Also, buy as many Holy Bottles as you can carry; that's a good tactic for right now.

[037 Treant Forest]

Items - Spy Lens, Veggies, Life Bottle x2, Verbena, Reverse Doll, Savory x2, Protect Ring x2, Resist Ring x3, Wool Mantle x2, Battle Rune, Apple Gummy x3, Orange Gummy, Holy Bottle, Hourglass, Heavy Stone, Armlet x2, Charm Bottle, Holy Rune, Black Onyx, Dark Bottle, Medecine Bottle, Steak, Rune Bottle, Mixed Gummy, Gorgon Amulet, Elixir, Moonstone Ring, Topaz Ring, Elven Boots
Enemies - SnakeMan, Drake, Lily, Oak Root
Bosses - N/A
Moves - N/A

  • There's a save point as soon as you enter the forest.
  • At the beginning, head to the north. The side roads lead to treasure.
  • Then, the level opens up and there are many different routes to travel to.
  • Countless treasure and experience are waiting to be yours if you explore. It's VERY easy to get lost in this place, so you definitely want to check out the Treant Forest Map!
  • Your goal is in the lower right area.
  • From the entrance, head up, up, up, right, right, right, up, up, right, down, down, lower right, right, up.
  • If you don't see bush babies or dragonflies along the way, chances are you took a wrong turn.
  • In the lower right area, you'll find a save point by the pond.
  • Then, north of the save point is a tablet.
  • Rambard will tell you about Luna and the Tower of 12 Stars, and you'll get the Moonstone Ring and Topaz Ring.
  • Check behind the stone tablet to pick up an Elven Boots.
  • Return back to the village. A scene will play out, and you will not be able to re-enter the village any more.

[038 Tower of 12 Stars]

Items - Spy Lens, Tractate, Basilisk Egg x2, Sage x2, Apple Gummy, Orange Gummy, Bread, Holy Rune, Protect Ring, Life Bottle, Remedy Bottle, Mantle, Rabbit's Foot x2, Silver Cape, Battle Rune, Rune Bottle, Resist Ring, Black Onyx
Enemies - Brigand, Corpse, MudGolem, DarkMage
Bosses - N/A
Moves - Luna (Klarth), Ray (Arche), Magma Bolt (Cless)

  • On the continent north of Freland, there's a tower nestled near the mountains. It's directly south of Midgard.
  • While you're in the area, if you head across the bridge to the western area, you can find a campsite where a guy will give you the Magma Bolt combo.
  • Enter the Tower and go straight up to the second floor.
  • Try using a Rune Bottle on the ?Weapons dropped by Brigand; it might be a Slayer Sword! You have a choice: Equip it, and if you come up against MudGolems (who'll absorb its damage) just stay back and use Undine and Ice Tornado; or stay with the trusty Mecha-Halberd. And be warned that neight Lightning Bolt nor Phoenix works on the Brigands. Psion Kick works quite nicely, though.
  • I find that this goes much easier if you give Klarth a Mental Ring ring and just have him cast Maxwell once each battle. He'll only lose about 4 or 5 TP each battle if your level's at least 24. And you can tough out one battle without it, so he can gain back 12 free TP! 8-)
  • On each floor in the Tower, the door up won't open unless the right background music plays. The layout of each floor is identical, but the contents of the rooms change in every floor. Some of the rooms will have statues which change the background music, but the only way to know which one is correct is by reading the tablet on that floor.
  • Here's the floor plan, for each room: The center room holds the tablet and the door up. The left downward passage leads to four rooms, which I'll call (from left to right) D1, D2, D3, and D4. The right downward passage leads back downstairs. The right passage leads to two rooms, R1 and R2, and the left one leads to L1 and L2.
  • On the second floor, the music is correct when you first enter, but if you change it by accident, the switch for the correct music ("Dark Cave") is in R2; treasure is in D1 (Tractate), D2 (Spy Lens), D3 (Basilisk Egg, Sage), and D4 (Apple Gummy).
  • On the third floor, D1 has the correct music ("Arche"), and treasure is in D2 (Bread), D4 (Holy Rune), R1 (Sage), and L2 (Orange Gummy).
  • On the fourth floor, L2 has the correct music ("Mystic Forest"), and treasure is in L1 (Basilisk Egg, Remedy Bottle), D3 (Protect Ring), D4 (Sirloin Steak), and R2 (Orange Gummy, Charm Bottle).
  • On the fifth floor, D4 has the correct music ("Dark Cave") and treasure is in D2 (Rabbit's Foot), L1 (Silver Cape), L2 (Battle Rune), and R1 (Mantle).
  • On the sixth floor, R2 has the correct music ("Open Fire") and treasure is in R1 (Rune Bottle), D4 (Rabbit's Foot, Black Onyx), and L1 (Resist Ring).
  • On the seventh floor, you'll get the Ray spell and the Luna summon.
  • Exit the Tower, now (It's easier on the way down because you don't have to worry about hitting switches and all, just go directly down the stairs).
  • Head north of the Tower to get to Midgard, your next destination.

[039 Midgard]

Items - N/A
Enemies - N/A
Bosses - N/A
Moves - Bolt Crash (Cless)

  • There are 2 sections to Midgard, a north and a south section.
  • The inn is closed, but you can find a drugstore and an equipment shop to the south. Stock up on weapons and armor you don't have yet.
  • In north, you can find a Grocery and an item shop.
  • Hidden in an alley on the north side of town is a man who'll sell you the Bolt Crash combo for 18000 gold.
  • You can enter the castle from the south section. Wait around for a while and then a scene will occur. Head right for another scene, after which you can move around the castle.
  • Leave the castle for another longish scene, after which you end up back in Midgard; re-enter the castle for another scene, after which Klarth is temporarily out of your party.
  • You can't leave Midgard, so rest at the inn and return to the briefing room in the castle. Scene changes again, to the Valhalla Snowfield.

[040 Valhalla Snowfield]

Items - N/A
Enemies - Agumi, Old Oak, Chimera
Bosses - Ishrantu, Drake x2
Moves - N/A

  • The guard to the east will let you rest, and the guy to the west will refill your Apple Gummy, Remedy Bottle, Life Bottle, and Bread inventories for free. There's also a save point here.
  • As you walk, time passes, and it'll get darker. (Time doesn't pass if you stand still.) You have five days to finish. You shouldn't have a problem finishing by the end of five days, but if you do wait that long, you'll miss out on a prize.
  • Here's the route to get to the boss: Right, Right, Up, Right-Down, Right-Up, Up, Right-Down, Right, Up, Up, (here things turn snowy), Right (a big open spot), Up, Left, Up, Up, Up (save point), Right to the boss. Whenever it turns midnight, you can rest, but this takes up eight hours of time.
  • Ishrantu and crew are easy to defeat... Ray and Luna work rather nicely on them.
  • If five days are up, instead of finding Ishrantu here you'll find another general who already beat him. ^^;
  • Cless and party return to Midgard.

[041 Meeting Odin]

Items - N/A
Enemies - N/A
Bosses - N/A
Moves - N/A

  • Back in Midgard, make sure you have a full stock of Apple, Orange, and Mixed Gummies before you return to the castle. The guards there will congratulate you on your success.
  • If you managed to reach Ishrantu in time, the king then rewards you on a job well done... 10,000 gold.
  • Head out of the castle for another scene. Cless ends up in a strange world (actually the Burning Tower from later in the game).
  • You can move around now. Going into the teleporter down leads to a dead end blocked by a Bush Baby. Instead, go up. Scene changes again.
  • When you regain control, you fly on Pegasus, with Arche on the side, against waves of enemies.

[042 Take to the Skies!]

Items - N/A
Enemies - Vultura, Evil Rune, Charon
Bosses - Evil Rune x2, Charon, Ishrantu
Moves - Indignation (Arche)

  • You'll fly higher and higher over Midgard, battling, eventually running into the boss.
  • On Pegasus, you can't use your techniques. So, have Arche use a lot of spells. Also, be careful: some of the enemies are too low for you to hit with your regular attack. And you don't have a slash anymore; you can only use thrust. The best thing to do is stand a bit farther away to be able to use your jumping attack. Use your Gummies right away if your HP gets low!
  • Set Arche's Tactics to "Don't Cast Spells" if you're only fighting Charons, as they can absorb all her magic. If you're fighting a mix of Charons and other enemies, either have her use magic and have Cless attack someone else (leaving the Charons for last), or put her on "Don't Cast Spells" until Cless kills the Charons and then have her use magic.
  • The bosses aren't very difficult this time around, either. Just use a good attacking motion for Pegasus, and have Arche use some good magic.
  • After beating the bosses, Pegasus disappears (taking the Gungnir with him) and Lyzen gives Arche the Indignation spell.
  • The next morning, Cless says it's time to go for Dhaos!

[043 Castle of Dhaos]

Items - ?Weapon (Slayer Sword), Mecha-Halberd x2, Halberd x2, Sage, Savory, Mystical Rune, Aqua Mantle, Flame Mantle, Orange Gummy x2, Life Bottle x2, Rune Rod, Apple Gummy x3, Protect Ring, Rune Bottle x2, Steak, Battle Rune, Hourglass, Lavender, 10000 gold, Elixir, White Mist, Armlet, MAGIC B, Mental Ring, Charm Bottle, Dragon Steak x3, Silver Cape, Magic Mirror (Rare Item), Gold Key (Rare Item)
Enemies - Iron Man, Vine, Adept, Druid (1), Draygen, Dullahan, Charon
Bosses - EvilLord
- Draygen x2, EvilLord
- Dhaos, EvilLord x2
Moves - Fire Storm, Distortion (Arche), Earth's Rage (Cless)

  • Make sure to re-equip Cless; he's lost the Gungnir.
  • If you don't pack up some Holy Bottles, the next dungeon will be extremely annoying. Unfortunately, if you're running low, the only way to get more is to go way back to Olive Village.
  • To get to Dhaos's Castle, walk through the snowfield, the same way you did to get to Ishrantu the first time through. However, you should take a detour. From the start, go U U R R D U R U (with U = Up, D = Down, R = Right). You'll be at the start of the snow, and you'll see a man and a tent. Talk to the man; he'll sell you the Earth's Rage combo for 50,000 gold. Now keep going up and right to reach Dhaos's Castle. (The exact route from here is: R R U U D U U U D R R U R R.)
  • When you defeat the Draygen enemies, watch for a ?Weapon; it might be a Moon Falux! The Moon Falux is very useful against most enemies (and Dhaos!), but useless against the Charons and Druids. I recommend sticking with it, and if you come up against those enemies use Maxwell (Tractor Beam will also work on the Druids). Watch out for the Vines; they can paralyze you and drain your TP too (but they drop Orange Gummys, so they make up for it). Use spells like Luna and Indignation on the Iron Men, who have tons of HP, high evade stats, and can pack a wallop. You should also get the Druids first in any fight (use Undine/Ifrit and Fire Storm) or they'll heal the other enemies.
  • From the entrance, head right a bit and up. Enter the door, go up, and search the weapon stands for a ?Weapon (Slayer Sword), Mecha-Halberd, and Halberd.
  • Go back to the entrance; this time go up onto the raised platform, left, and into the door. Search the dragon statue for a Mystical Rune.
  • Take the northern door here to reach a corridor that connects to the western room, and holds a a Flame Mantle and an Aqua Mantle. Return east to the entrance.
  • In the room directly to the east from the entrance, search the flower on the drawers for both a Savory and a Sage. The door above you is locked.
  • Go east and step on the switch to open the door ahead of you. Note that this switch only works by *passing* it, not just stepping on it. In this room you get the Fire Storm spell for Arche. Search the weapon rack west of that door for another Halberd, and the one west of that for another Mecha-Halberd. However, the door ahead is locked by that switch that just opened the Fire Storm room, so you'll have to circle around and hit it again.
  • Exit the room through the southern door, and you'll be in the room where you found the Savory and Sage in the plant. Go back through, hit the switch again, and continue through the now open northwestern door. You'll come to the stairs to the 2nd floor.
  • On the second floor, go straight through the door. A sign on the wall says "Up, Down, Right, Left, Down, Up". Step on the switches in the same order as the sign says to open up the left door. If you miss one, you'll have to exit the room and re-enter. Enter the left door and continue up through the now-open door. Continue to the third floor.
  • On the third floor, ignore all the side passages and continue up and right to the fourth floor. There are three doors here. The left has an Orange Gummy and Life Bottle, the right has two Apple Gummys and a Rune Rod. The center door leads onwards.
  • In the next area, the left door has a Life Bottle, Orange Gummy, and Apple Gummy; the right door leads to the next area.
  • Now, you come to a table, and 4 switches on each side. Read the sign. You need to hit the switches from each side of the table at the same time, for all 4 switches. Arche'll follow you. Hit the switches at the same time Arche does to open the door. If you screw up, you'll be asked if you want to try again. If you hit your switch before Arche you'll get buzzed, but if you hit it just *after* she does, it'll still work. She fakes the last one before actually hitting it, so be careful. 8-)
  • Through the door, there's a save point and stairs to the fifth floor. Here, the southern door has a Protect Ring and Rune Bottle, and the northern door leads to the next area.
  • In the next area, the northwestern door has a Battle Rune, the southwestern door has a Steak, and the northeastern door leads onwards.
  • In the next room, there's a switch to open the door, but when you get off of it, the door closes. Go upstairs and look for a statue. Push the statue into the pit and go back to the 4th floor. Push the statue onto the switch and continue through the door.
  • Step on the switch twice. Now, you'll need to leave behind one of your party members to have him stand on the switch to open the next door. Leave your weakest character here (I recommend Arche), for now. You have some stuff to take care of before going back to pick him/her up. Go up to the next floor.
  • First head left twice and up to the next floor. Ignore the left and right paths and head straight up. Fight the EvilLord and crew, and get the Magic Mirror. The EvilLord is weak against thunder and holy; equip the Moon Falux for this fight if you have it.
  • What you need to do now is search the lower floors of the castle for mirrors which reflect an image of the EvilLord, then destroy the reflection. When you do, you can teleport to a new room, usually with treasure.
  • For starters, go back and pick up your fourth party member. Continue all the way down until you reach the crossroads with the diamond column in the middle. There are mirrors to the left and right of the column. Go to the right one and examine it; win the fight to reach a room with the Distortion spell. Go back and examine the left one to reach a Lavender, 10000 gold, Hourglass, Elixir, and White Mist. Return to the crossroads and head down again.
  • Head left and enter the first mirror you see (after beating the EvilLord) to enter a larger area. First head left. Examine both dragon statues and flip the switches to make a Mental Ring appear. The other chests have a Rune Bottle, Armlet, and Magical Broom for Arche. Now exit to the lower right, continue down, and enter the left door. Hit the switches in the following order: Up, Down, Left, Right, Down, and Up. Now go outside and pick up the Gold Key. I recommend exiting now and resting/restocking, since you're so close to the entrance anyway. 8-)
  • When you're ready, return all the way back to where you had to put one character on the switch. Put Arche on the switch. Now go upstairs and go right as soon as you can, and go into the door using the Gold Key. Arche'll fly up and rejoin your party. Pick up the Charm Bottle, then go back out and left. Take a detour down and left; enter the door for three Dragon Steaks and a Silver Cape. Go back up and left and upstairs. Head right and down into the door, then right and up into the door. Save your game, then open it and head up for a boss fight with another EvilLord/Draygen group.
  • Make quick work of them, and prepare yourself and save again before you continue north to Dhaos.
  • Dhaos will appear with two EvilLords. There are two tactics. The "real" tactic should be as follows: Put Arche and Klarth on "Call Many Spirits/Use Many Spells", and set all their spells besides Luna and Indignation off. Give Cless Tiger Teeth and Lightning Bolt. In battle, have Cless attack the EvilLords, then Dhaos, with all his swordtechs, and let the magic users use their spells. Indignation does a crapload of damage against Dhaos!
  • The second tactic makes the battle a snap, but it's kind of cheating. Give Cless the weakest sword you have (you should have some Longswordss from all the ?Weapons you got from the Draygens). Now put Klarth and Arche on "Don't Call Spirits/Don't Cast Spells". When you enter the battle, have Cless keep using normal attacks against the EvilLords (he shouldn't do more than 100 damage per hit). Keep telling Arche and Klarth to use Indignation and Luna against Dhaos (don't target the HellLords). Dhaos won't act until both EvilLords are dead. Using this method, by the time Dhaos becomes active, he'll be almost dead!
  • Once you've chosen your tactic, enter the northern door to begin the battle. Defeat Dhaos and you'll get a Jade Ring.
  • Then, he runs away...

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