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I suggest you change your monitor to at least a resolution of 800x600 (if possible), or you're going to be doing a lot of scrolling... :D

Name: The Name of the Weapon; if the name is in red, the weapon is cursed.
Class(es): Classes who can use the armor; described as follows:

Hr: Hero
Sr: Soldier
Fr: Fighter
Mr: Merchant
Wz: Wizard
Pg: Pilgrim
Gf: Goof-Off
Sg: Sage
All: All Classes

Where: Where the weapon can be bought. If a monster's name is listed, it is only found from that monster randomly after battles.
Price: How much it costs. The first number is how much you can buy it for, the second is how much you can sell it for.
Attack Power: Increase in attack power user gets for using weapon.
Comment: Additional comment, if neccesary.

Note: I don't know too much about the Thief yet (as he's only in the SFC version), so I'm not putting in information about him as of yet. If you know of any weapons he/she can use, please tell me.





Attack Power


Cypress Stick All Aliahan and Soo 5/3 2 Better than using nothing at all... Sometimes
Club All except Wz & Fr Aliahan and Soo 30/22 7 Good for starting in most classes
Poison Needle Wz Soo; found in Kanave 10/7 N/A Always causes 1 HP damage, though occasionally hits a vital organ, and causes instant death
Copper Sword All except Wz & Fr Aliahan, Reeve, Romaly 100/75 12 Good for starting Heroes and Soldiers
Magic Knife All except Fr Reeve, Assaram, Lancel 200/150 14 Good for early level Wizards
Wizard's Wand Wz, Sg Noaniels, Samanao 1500/1125 15 Casts Blaze
Thorn Whip Hr, Sr, Sg, Mr, Gf Reeve, Soo, Romaly 320/240 18  
Chain Sickle All except Wz and Fr Reeve, Romaly, Assaram 550/412 24 Best weapon before the Cave of Enticement
Iron Spear All except Wz and Fr Romaly, Kanave, Assaram, Lancel 750/562 28 Most powerful Pilgrim weapon before Assaram
Iron Claw Fr Kanave, Samanao 770/577 30 Best normal weapon for Fighters
Staff of Thunder Wz, Sg Near a well in Soo -/1875 30 Casts Firebane in battle
Broad Sword Hr, Sr, Sg, Mr Romaly, Kanave, Assaram, Isis 1500/1125 33 Best weapon before Assaram
Staff of Judgment Pg, Sg Muor, Samanao 2700/2025 35 Casts Infernos in battle
Battle Axe Hr, Sr, Mr Kanave, Assaram, Isis, Lancel 2500/1875 40  
Giant Shears Sr Assaram and Isis 3700/2775 48  
Sword of Gaia Hr, Sr Shrine Jail -/- 48 Actually a Quest Item, put in the volcano to get to the Cave of Necrogond
Sword of Illusion Sr, Mr, Gf (females only) Portoga -/- 50 Given to you by a woman in Portoga after you defeat Baramos
Staff of Force Pg, Wz, Sg Assaram, Tedanki 2500/1875 55 Converts 3 MP into attack power per attack
Sledge Hammer Sr Tedanki, Muor, Lancel 6500/4875 55  
Golden Claw Fr Pyramid, Gold Bashers -/11250 55 Attracts monsters every step
Orochi Sword Hr, Sr, Sg Cave of Jipang -/750 63 Uses Defense in battle, good for Sages
Zombie Slasher Hr, Sr, Pg, Sg, Mr Tedanki, Samanao 9800/7350 65 Best weapon for Pilgrims and Sages; hits undead harder
Dragon Killer Hr, Sr Samanao 15000/11250 77 Hits Dragons harder
Snowblast Sword Hr, Sr Marauders, Swordoids -/11250 80 Casts Snowblast
Thunder Sword Hr, Sr Cave of Necrogond -/5625 85 Casts Boom
Demon Axe Sr Castle of Baramos, Mimics -/375 90 Best weapon for Soldiers in the first world
Thor's Sword Hr, Sr Boss Trolls -/48750 95 Casts Firevolt
Multi-Edge Sword Hr, Sr Charlock Castle, Elysium Birds -/3750 100 Wielder takes 1/4 damage of all attacks
Falcon Sword Hr Rimuldar 25000/18750 5 Lets the wilder attack twice in one round
Sword of Destruction Hr, Sr Rimuldar 45000/37500 110 Wielder occasionally freezes in battle
Staff of Reflection Wz, Sg Archmages -/5250 33 Casts Bounce
Sword of Kings Hr Kol 35000/- 120 Sold in the Item shop in Kol after you sell the Oricon to the shop-keep

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