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Character Classes

The Hero is, of course, the Hero of your quest. They have well rounded stats, and can learn quite a few useful spells. Only the Hero can equip the most powerful equipment in the game. The Hero is also the only character who can't change classes at the Shrine of Dhama.
The Solider is the strongest attacker in your group. They can use some of the most powerful weapons and armor, but can't use any magic spells. They have high strength and vitality rates that make them great additions to the party.
Fighters are almost as strong as Soldiers, but can't use the powerful armor. Fighters tend to wear lighter armor, and their agility is much higher than that of a soldier. Despite their strength, they don't use many weapons; a Fighter can get buy with just a claw, or even their own fists.
The Merchant is a rather useless character. Other than it's item appraising abilities, they can do little that other people can't already do. Their armor isn't much better than fighter's armor, and their weapons are far weaker than soldier's weapons. However, there is one point in the game where you MUST create a Merchant, so you might keep one in Luisa's Eatery, just for this occasion.
Pilgrims are the White Mages of Dragon Warrior III. They have strong curative magic, and can also use weapons and armor that are quite powerful. Their equipment selection is much more vast than that of the wizard, especially at the beginning of the game. This, along with their strong curative magic, makes them very valuable to your party.
As the pilgrim is the White Mage of Dragon Warrior III, the Wizard is the Black Mage. Much like Black Mages, Wizards can't use very strong equipment, and they gain HP very slowly. However, they gain MP very, very quickly. Their strong spells like Blaze and IceBolt can keep them alive early in your quest, so that they can get stronger spells like BlazeMost, Explodet, and BeDragon.
The Goof-Off is seemingly the most useless class available. However, they hold a secret... If you can level a Goof-Off up to level 20, they can turn into a Sage without the Book of Satori!
The Sage is a combination wizard and pilgrim; they can use both offensive and defensive magics! They can also use much stronger weapons or armor than either the pilgrim or the wizard, making them the most powerful mages in the game! There are only two ways to get a Sage in your party; one is to obtain the Book of Satori in The Tower of Garuna and hold it in your inventory as you change classes. The other method is described under the Goof-Off's profile.

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