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Cheats and Hints

Game Genie Codes

I've only ever found one useful Game Genie code. It's POZEOZ. It keeps monsters from attacking, and increases the EXP and GP you get after battles. There are some downsides, however. For one thing, monsters can still use magic, so you can still die if you're fighting 4 magicians or something. Also, make sure you're not using the code as you leave the Cave of Enticement (unless you're using an emulator), because the code slightly edits the map, making it impossible to go from the cave exit to Romaly. It also makes it impossible to reach Portoga from the north. However, you can reach Dhama early, because the mountains are shifted.
On the other hand, I don't like using game genie codes all together. It's cheating. ;)

Generic Tricks

The Money Trick

You can make a lot of money early in the game if you're patient. Just go to the Hall of Registration and register some soldiers. Then take them out in the Eatery and sell their Leather Armor. 112 GP each time!

The Magic Trick

You can gain 8 magic spells for your hero at the very beginning of the game. Just go to the Hall of Registration and register enough people to fill up the entire list. Your Hero will now have the first 8 battle spells! Many people combine this trick with the trick above. There is a downside, however: If you haven't already learned the spells of 'Heal' and 'Return', you'll never be able to use them out of battle! :(


This isn't a cheat so much as it is a hint, as it actually appears in the Instruction manual... Basically, if you select Parry, then cancel and select Attack, you have extra defense as you attack.

Extra Sages

After you get your first sage from the Book of Satori, and have other Sages from leveling up Goof-Offs, perhaps you might want a stronger sage... Look no further. Here's your solution. Merely build up any character you wish (other than your hero), and turn them into either a Wizard or a Pilgrim. After they learn all (or at least most) of their spells, turn them into the other. You now have a Sage. It's best to do Wizard last, and let them get a LOT of MP, and then turn them into a Soldier. This lets them have Strength, HP, and MP.

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