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Throughout the game are dotted four people who, when asked, will challenge you to a game of Q&A. Win, and glory and riches will be yours (plus, it's required later). Lose, and you get to try again. It'd be simple if tedious to do this by elinimation, but I'm putting the answers here:

Mr Quiz
He's on the hallway leading to the outside baths. You'll get a RegUp3 when you beat him.

How many holes are in ACDC Park's Hole Mountain? 3
What is on the left screen in the virus lab? Mettaur
How many drawings are on the wall out side of classroom 5-A? 9
How much is a cup of coffee at the Beach Street Cafe? 380 Zenny
How many toy pandas are there in the zoo raffle ticket booth? 3

Quiz Master
This guy is hiding behind the Yoka Baths. Go into the quest room and go up out the door, then turn right and he's there. You'll get a HPMemory when you beat him.

How many holes are in ACDC Park's Hole Mountain? The 8th
What animal pours out water into the inn's outdoor bath? Lion
At the mini cake stand in front of the zoo... How many gas bottles are next to the stand? 2
Which of these items is not in Mayl's room? Stuffed Animal
In what direction is the panda at the zoo looking? Backward
How many statues of people are there, just inside the zoo? 3
Where is the newest blackboard in the school? Staff Lounge
How many gold shield displays are in the Principal's Office? 3
How much is it to buy a lottery tick in front of the zoo? 300 Zenny
Which of these is actually place in the school? A clay statue

Quiz Queen
She's at the back of the 3rd Floor of the Hospital. You'll get a Barr200 E for your trouble.

Small at noon, tall in the evening, and gone at night: It's... A shadow
3.1415926535... What is this? Pi
What do you get when you cross sandals and a banana peel? Slippers
What's round on both ends and high in the middle? Ohio
What goes up but never comes down? Your age
Where would you find Mt. Fuji? Japan
A pig gives pork, a cow gives beef, and a baby sheep is? A Lamb
In the fairy tale what is Hansel's sister called? Gretal
What planet is between Mars and Saturn? Jupiter
Which one of these animals lays eggs? A snake

Quiz King
He's where the boy used to be on top of Hades Island. Your reward for withstanding his onslaught of trivia is a nice Navi +40 chips. There. You've done it. Go and play another section already, this one sucked.

How much is a ticket from ACDC town to Yoka for a child?
It's free!
What's the attack force of "Cannball"?
Dr. Hikari's Lab is on what floor in SciLab?
The 5th
A spider has 8, a rhino has 4, how many do you have?
What did GutsMan have to face in the Endurance Contest?
How many girls are in Class 5-A?
How does Tamako decorate her hair?
A silver gear
In what field was Wily the master?
What is this game's second title?
Battle Network
What is BubbleMan's dance called?
Bubbly Dance
What type of Navi is BeastMan?
A Beast
What was Higsby's job in the past?
What name is on the pillars in the Metroline Beach Station?
In the past, what was Yai crazy about?
Folding Fans
What is the title of the DNN TV series?
Love & Loss

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