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The brave cast of the game.

Lan Hikari
Technically the hero if the game. Lan has defeated the WWW three times in the past, and still he has an inferiority complex towards Chaud. Works with his Navi-fied Brother, Hub, to protect the net society, save the world, and preserve peace and freedom.
He also skips his homework a lot. Meh.

Lan's brother-turned-keeper, and the eponymous hero of the game. It's MegaMan who has to do all the hard work while Lan sits outside the phone jack twiddling his thumbs. Has saved the world many, many times. Also is seemingly the only thing between Lan and missing school. A handy alarm clock, that Navi.

The operator of Roll, and Lan's best friend in the whole world evah, Mayl does to the same school as Lan, does the same things, and saves the same world, whenever she actually gets to do anything, as she's usually regelated to standing by the sidelines and cheerings MegaMan and Lan on.

The Navi version of Mayl. Never gets to do anything in the games except get into trouble and need to be pulled out by MegaMan. Capcom's rules state no games may have love interests, so they're not, but you get the idea they'd probably be. Ahem. ;;>_>

Stereotype of a stereotype, Dex is the big dumb friend compared to Mayl's intelligent one. The operater of GutsMan, Dex helps Lan keep the world safe from the WWW, and wants to become the No1 NetBattler in ACDC, and keeps trying to take the title from Lan. He fails, obviously.

A regular of nearly every MegaMan game since the origin of the series, this time he's on your side. Him and Dex go together like peas in a pod, convinced they can beat Lan and MegaMan. Unfortunately, these dreams go unrealised, and they support the two heroes as friends. That doesn't stop them trying to beat down Megaman at every turn though.

The Rich One. Yai can afford the best Navis and the best chips, and is another of Lan's closest friends. The operator of Glyde, she is nowhere near as competitive as Dex, although if she sees a chance to earn some fame, she'll jump at the chance faster than a speeding... fast... thing. Yeah.

The Sensible One. Glyde is the one who could probably kick your ass, but considers it too much bother. He never fights, ever, in Battle Network III. Probably because he's too smart. If he was a person he'd be the kid who never got bullied at school because he was too darn useful. Doesn't do much in this game though.

The smarter, cooler, non-foolish version of Lan and the operator of ProtoMan. Chaud is an Official who helps hunt down rogue Navis and viruses for the government, making him cooler than Lan. Believes firmly in his own superiority to Lan, and never admits defeat, even after you've just kicked him all across the world.

He uses swords, and only swords, and so is inherently cool. He also looks like something from Power Rangers. ProtoMan is MegaMan's arch-rival. he turns up to either save you or support you, but either way he's do it with style and insults. Helps to save the world and tells Lan to stop saving it, which is weird, considering he's never done it himself.

Once WWW agent, the operator of NumberMan now runs the Chip Shop near where Lan lives. You'll be seeing him a lot, often on the other side of a counter. Ocassionally you'll be asked to do jobs for him, since Lan's too lazy to pay for chips and Higsby is to lazy to go outside, so it works out. And adds hours to the game. Yup.

The head of the WWW, always trying to destroy the net society his old rival, Light, created. He's tried twice before, and shows no signs of stopping. or Learning. Or hiring decent employees. Or- well, you get it. He's your arch-nemesis, and you his.

You're not cool enough to know who this character is yet. He's so cool. I wish he was the main character. He's so cool. *sigh*

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