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Gods existed.

However, it was not was humans wished for.
The Sinistrals of Chaos, Destruction, Terror and Death
controlled mankind from Doom Island in the sky.

A hero was born.
Maxim stood up against the gods with "The Dual Blade":
a sword that amplifies the Spiritual Force.

The Sinistrals were gone.
They were banished from the earth by Maxim.
Mankind recovered from the despair and prospered once more.

This is what was known as the First Doom Island War.

100 years later.

People had forgotten about the First Doom Island War,
and prospered.
However, a descendant of Maxim
stood on guard for the Sinistrals.

There was a girl.
Lufia, with cerulean hair.
She, who lost everything,
opened her heart to the hero's descendant.

The Sinistrals were resurrected
before Lufia, the fated girl.
The nightmare isle Doom Island once again
cast its shadow of despair upon mankind.

The boy drew his sword.
The "Dual Blade" was pointed at Lufia.
Humankind could only be saved
by the sacrifice of the girl he loved.

The Sinistrals disappeared.
Humans were once again saved.

This is what is known as the 2nd Doom Island War.

A hundred years have passsed.