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Ancient Cave
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Ancient Cave

(Many thanks to Black Paladin and Nat King who gave me lots of info about this part.)

If you have played Lufia 2, you will know this cave. This time it's on Gulduck Island, between Lidal and Fante Continent. It has 100 floors, but to go below B50, you need the Glass Ruby which you can find in Broffo Cave, B10.

The difficult thing is that you must leave all your items, magic and skills at the entrance, and your level is reduced to 1. You must survive with the goods you find in the cave. The only exception are the treasures that you find in the blue chests: you can keep them and take them with you when you visit the cave again. There are also some story-related items you can take with you, like the Gades and Daos items, the Dragon Scale, the Cat Ring and the Bunny items.

Magic spells can be found as scrolls like this:
When you walk over them, everybody in your party who is able to learn the spell will get it.

In the Ancient Cave there are only stairs leading down - if you want to exit, you need a Providence item which you can find around B20. Sometimes you'll meet a merchant. His inventory will change depending from how much money you have.

You'll find all kinds of monsters here, but Mimics and Co. are typical for the Ancient Cave. They look like normal red treasure chests (the RareMimics like blue chests). (See Monsters - Ancient Cave.)

If you reach B50 before you've found the Glass Ruby, a waitress will give you the God Helm (and a Providence, if you haven't got one).

If you manage to reach B100, you'll find a Green Jelly who grants you one of three wishes:

  • "Best Weapons"
  • "Make Ancient Cave 200L"
  • "Nothing"
The most rewarding wish is "Best Weapons", which lets you take 4 of the 12 weapons in Parathea Shrine, 4F. (If you want to get all weapons, you must make the wish 3 times.) If you've already got all weapons, the wish will change to "Fight me!" If you manage to beat the Master Jelly in three rounds, you get the option to start at B100 the next time you visit the Ancient Cave. If not, it will escape from battle and throw you out of the cave :-(

At B200 you must fight Iris (or Iria), an extremely hard Boss. If you defeat her, you'll get the Ancient Text D-End Flash, which takes away 1/2 of the enemies' HP, and a Rainbow Amulet, which prevents monsters from appearing.

If you ask for nothing and leave the cave, all your characters will gain 5 levels after the next battle.

Blue Chest Items

(I've only mentioned items that can be found uniquely in the Ancient Cave. There are others, like the Bunny items. The list is not complete.)


Name Effect Characters
Earth Blade DFP +60, SPD +60, CLT +5
chances SPD and DFP into ATP
Wa, Dei, Ra, Dec
Sky Blade SPD +120, CLT +5
changes SPD into ATP
Wa, Dei, Ra, Dec
Old Sword ATP +400, CLT +5 Wa, Dei, Ra, Dec
First Blade ATP +360, CLT +5
attack your friends
Wa, Ra, Dec
Alumina Blade ATP +480, CLT +5 Wa, Ra, Dec
Iris Blade ATP +500, CLT +5 Se, Me, Ru, Mi
Charge Staff ATP +60, MAP +40, CLT +2
raises charge
Ai, Me
Diamond Ball DFP +100, MAP +100, CLT +5 Se
Alumina Fist ATP +430, SPD +30, CLT +5 Ai
Alumina Card ATP +200, CLT +5
2 attacks
Chill Card ATP +140, CLT +5
use Ice Storm
Burn Card ATP +110, CLT +5
use Fire Dragon
Holy Card ATP +160, CLT +5
eff. against nocturnal enemies
Bloody Manicure HP +200, ATP +427, CLT +8 Ru
String Sting ATP +250, CLT +10 Yu, Is
Custom 65 ATP +465, CLT +10 Yu,Is

Armor and Accessories

Name Effect Characters
Recovery Armor DFP +210
stops paralysis, confusion
Wa, Ra
Pearl Armor DFP +230, REG +44 Wa
Light Armor DFP +240, REG +62
eff. against nocturnal enemies
Metal Mail DFP +240 Ra
Old Armor DFP +245 Wa, Dei, Ra, Dec
Alumina Armor DFP +400, REG +5 Wa, Ra, Dec
Power Robe DFP +25, MAP +25 Se, Me
God Robe DFP +420, MAP +85 Se, Me
Rusi Armor DFP +220, REG +50
prevents instant death
Me, Ru, Mi
Iris Armor DFP +250, REG +200 Se, Me, Ru, Mi
Diamond Coat DFP +200 Is
Wind Buckler DFP +28 Se, Me, Ru, Mi
Pearl Shield DFP +40 Wa
Fire Shield DFP +45 Wa, Dei, Dec, Yu, Is
Old Shield DFP +130, REG +33 Wa, Dei, Dec
Pearl Bracelet DFP +75 Se, Ai, Me, Ru, Mi
Dark Glass DFP +90, REG +15
eff. against nocturnal attacks
Se, Me, Ru, Mi
Iris Shield DFP +150, REG +50
absorbs holy attacks
Se, Me, Ru, Mi
Alumina Helm DFP +120 Wa, Dei, Ra, Dec
God Helm DFP +125 Wa, Dec
Light Helm DFP +130
eff. against light attacks
Ra, Dec
Pearl Helm DFP +135 Wa
Iris Met DFP +90 Se, Me, Ru, Mi
Glass Ring MAP +4, REG +4
use Confuse
Se, Me, Ru, Mi
Red Ring all +5, yellow SF+
Maxim had it on when he died
Blizzard Ring MAP +30
use Blizzard
Fire Ball Ring MAP +30
use Fireball
Diamond Ring ATP +30, DFP +30, REG +20
use Holy Light
Se, Mi
Bishop Ring reduce damage from holy attacks Se, Me, Yu, Ru, Mi
Ice Amulet REG +20
absorbs ice attacks
Se, Me, Yu, Ru, Mi
Thunder Amulet REG +20
absorbs thunder attacks
Se, Me, Yu, Ru, Mi
Flame Amulet REG +20
absorbs fire attacks
Se, Me, Yu, Ru, Mi
Evil Amulet eff. against nocturnal attacks all