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He's the Hero - a nice guy who cannot see other people suffer. It seems that he is a descendant of Maxim (from Lufia 2). He gets very upset when others call him stupid.
He can learn some magic, but his strong point is fighting.
SF color: Red

A fortune teller and mage. She knows a lot about the Sinistrals and the Dual Blade, but she's a bit of a nuisance because of her know-it-all-attitude.
She can learn both attack and healing magic, but she's not very strong.
SF color: Blue

A thief who takes from the rich and gives to the poor. He joins after you free him from Fugo's house in Albano. He is very quick and can learn useful skills.
SF color: Yellow

A Karate fighter who wants to avenge the death of her master. She is very strong and has many HP, so let her stand in the front row!
SF color: Green

The sympathic and determined princess from Alstadt who wants to get back the control over her kingdom. She's indispensable as healer, because for a long time she's the only one who can learn spells like ChampionX or Valor.
SF color: Blue

An old knight, loyal to Princess Melphis. He's very strong, but has rather few HP - so it's difficult to decide whether to put him in the front row or not.
SF color: Red

A noble pirate with a mysterious past. There isn't much to say about him except that he is very strong.
SF color: Red

A nice, furry monster from Copley Forest. You can neither equip nor control it, but the good point is that you have a 4th attack per round. It has some useful skills like Tail Illusion (a very strong attack) or Mysterious Bubble (lowers DFP of all enemies).
SF color: Green

After the events in Tanba, he joins your party to avenge his friend's death . He can learn fairly useful healing magic as well as fighting skills.
(Nat King pointed out that, despite of his girlyish look, Yurist is male. But since he can equip "female" weapons and armor, I'll count him as "female fighter".)
SF color: Blue

You meet this gambler in the Redwood casino, but she won't join before you beat her in the "Monster Track". All her skills are related to luck.
SF color: Yellow

The usual genius inventor, a member of the famous Shaia family (his ancestors Raile Shaia and Lexis Shaia played important roles in Lufia 1 and 2). He remodels your ship so that it can fly, but in battle he's not very useful.
SF color: Yellow

An elf who also appeared in Lufia 2. (They grow very old!) You have to find her in Rosplett Shrine. She's an excellent mage, but rather weak.
SF color: Green

Egg Dragon
He is already known from Lufia 1 and 2, but this time he joins you when you defeat him (see Sidequests). With strong fire spells and an instant death attack, he is a very useful addition to your party, although you cannot control him.
SF color: Red