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Recovery Items

Make sure that you always have enough Potions and, later in the game, Hi Potions with you. On the other hand, you won't need many of those status recovery items, because all status changes disappear after a battle. I also hardly needed to refill MP.

Name Effect Where to get Price
Charred Newt recovers a small amount of HP and MP find in dungeons  
Potion recovers about 30 HP all shops 10
Hi Potion recovers about 80 HP all shops from Cobe on 100
X-Potion recovers about 300 HP find in dungeons  
Goddess Tear all allies recover 200 HP find in dungeons  
Revive revives an ally with few HP all shops 500
Miracle fully revives an ally find in dungeons  
Croquette all allies recover 999 HP (!) Egg Dragon  
Tea recovers 1 HP (pretty useless) find in dungeons  
Magic Pot recovers about 20 MP find in dungeons  
Hi Magic recovers about 50 MP find in dungeons  
X-Magic recovers about 100 MP find in dungeons  
Antidote cures poison all shops 5
Awake cures sleep all shops 10
Shriek cures confusion all shops 10
Mystery Pin cures paralysis all shops 10
Voice Candy cures silence all shops 10
Alarm Clock cures sleep and confusion (all) Caan (use back door) 500

Battle Items

Name Effect Where to get Price
Small Boomer attack all monsters,
damage to flying enemies
Majari, Siantao, Cobe 20
Boomerang all shops on Fante Continent, Siantao Kingdom 200
Fire Boomer Gulduck 700
Ice Boomer Gulduck 700
Bolt Boomer Gulduck 700
Big Boomer Mologoro, Siantao Kingdom 1500
Dragon Fang find in dungeons  
Bomb damage to all monsters find in dungeons  
Hi Bomb all shops on Fante continent, Siantao Kingdom 1000
X-Bomb Siantao Kingdom 2000
Sleep Powder makes an enemy sleep Siantao, Caan 50
Numb Powder paralyses an enemy Tomis 50
Poison Powder poisons an enemy Tomis, Alstadt Kingdom 50
Silent Powder silences an enemy Alstadt Kingdom, Elcorano, Redwood, Mologoro 50
Confu Powder confuses an enemy find in dungeons  
Death Powder destroys an enemy Tanba 100
Poison Needle poisons an enemy find in dungeons  
Ear Cleaner damages an enemy Caan (use back door) 5

Other Items

Name Effect Where to get Price
Sweet Water repels weak monsters
(use in dungeons)
find in dungeons  
Cats Eye cancels the effects of traps find in dungeons  
Chest Sonar locates unopened treasure chests Redwood (after Monster Track)  
Egg Sonar locates Dragon Eggs Egg Dragon  
Gold 100 sell for 100 G find in dungeons  
Gold 500 sell for 500 G find in dungeons  
Gold 1000 sell for 1000 G find in dungeons  
Dragon Egg collect all 8 to have a wish various treasure chests  
Prison Key Key to prison cell (Gang's Hideout) defeat Garland Boss  
Egg Key Key to Ancient Maze (Siantao Kingdom) Tanba Cave  
Glass Ruby Fake Ruby, needed to proceed in Ancient Cave Broffo Cave  
Teddy Bear put an ally to sleep Caan (use back door) 20