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Special Items

Item Use Found
Bronze Key Needed to enter the Marsh Cave Lizardmen's Nest
Mirror Used to get prompt a fight with the man blocking the door at Kett's Marsh Cave
Oil Needed to operate the trolley in the Silver Mine A nearby items shop
Silver Watts can use it to make Silver weapons Silver Mine
Fang Use it to get a clue in Jadd Western Desert (dropped)
Medusa's Tear Use it on Lester to break his curse Amanda will give it to you
Bone Key Needed to enter Undersea Palace Recieve from Cibba in Lorim


Item Use
Candy Recover something around 8 HP
Cure Recover something around 30 HP
X-Cure Recover something around 100 HP
Ether Recover something around 8 MP
X-Ether Recover something around 16 MP
Elixir Recover all HP and MP
Pure Gets rid of poison status
Eyedrop Gets rid of blind status
Soft Gets rid of petrify status
Moogle Gets rid of moogle status
Unicorn Recover from all status except moogle
Key Opens locked doors
Mattock Break walls, stones, and pots
Ruby Sell it for 100 GP
Gold Sell it for 750 GP
Opal Sell it for 1750 GP
Will Increase Will for a little while
Nectar Increase Power for a little while
Wisdom Increase Wisdom for a little while
Stamina Increase Stamina for a little while
Crystal Fills up Will meter
Pillow The same as Slep magic
Silence The same as Mute magic
Flame The same as Fire magic
Blaze Two times the damage of Fire magic
Blizzard The same as Ice Magic
Frost Two times the damages of Ice magic
LitBolt The same as Lit Magic
Thunder Two times the damages of Lit magic

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