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Picture Namr Exp GP Location
Attack Pattern
jackal.gif Jackal 0 0 Colloseum
Stays in the upper part of the screen and moves in a "W" formation.
Stay at the lower part of the screen and attack when he dips down. If you can't beat the Jackals, j00 sux0r!
hydra.gif Hydra 10 94 Marsh Cave
Swims around in the lake, shooting fireballs and occasionally lunging toward land.
The Sickle is the preferred weapon here. The Iron Shield can block the fireballs, and your Sickle can destroy them. Try to stay at the opposite side of the screen that the Hydra's on, and when he lunges, attack his heads with the Sickle.
mrlee.gif Mr. Lee 20 10 Kett's Dungeon
There are four positions he can move to, and they form a diamond pattern. He will move to one of the positions adjacent to him, stop, and release a group of bats.
Be sure to move away from where Mr. Lee is going. The bats can be blocked with your shield, so face him and let your shield take care of the bats (or just keep moving and avoid the bats). Immediately counter with your Chain Flail. ASK the girl to heal you when necessary.
megapede.gif Megapede 48 160 Silver Cave
There are four holes at the four ends of the screen. The Megapede will come out of one of the holes, do a figure eight, and disappear into another hole.
Wait at a hole, and when Megapede appears, hit him with the Chain Flail. You have to hit him in the head to do any damage. Keep your HP high, when you defeat him, he'll explode and cause you damage.
medusa.gif Medusa 90 80 Medusa's Cave
She moves around the screen, occassionally stopping to shoot 3-4 snakes at you. Her snakes cause Stone.
Keep your distance as she's moving around, hitting her with your Wind Spear whenever you have the opportunity. Keep in mind, your shield can block the snakes if you need it to.
amanda.gif Amanda 2 2 Medusa's Cave
Does nothing.
...You CAN'T be serious...
davia.gif Davia 92 100 Davia's Mansion
Moves back and forth at the top of the screen. He is surrounded by four fireballs, and shoots fireballs at you.
Stick around at the bottom of the screen, and when your Were Axe is fully charged, throw it at Davia. Or you can just run right up to him and start hacking away, but be sure to heal often if you do this.
metalcrab.gif Metal Crab 107 105 Journey Cave
Moves back and forth at the top or bottom of the screen, then moves diagonally to the opposite side.
The easiest way to defeat him is to equip the Were Ax, and then move to the extreme upper-left of the screen and the crab won't be able to reach you. When you're fully charged, hit him, go back to the corner, and repeat.
cyclops.gif Cyclops 73 64 Golem Cave
He stays on the right side of the screen, moving up and down, and ocassionally lunges straight ahead.
Stay on the left side of the screen, and make sure to never be straight in frot of him. You can charge up your Were Ax and throw it at him safely. You can also attack him from below when he lunges.
golem.gif Golem 100 160 Golem Cave
He stays on the upper portion of the screen, moving in a "w" formation, and ocassionally lunges down, either vertically or diagonally.
Wait for him to lunge downward, then move out of the way and smack him with the Morning Star (no other weapon even damages him). Repeat this until he's dead.
chimera.gif Chimera 20 90 Dark Castle
He stays on the upper portion of the screen, moving back and forth, shooting two fireballs at a time. Occasionally he flies downward in a zig-zag pattern.
Stay at the top of the screen and attack with the Morning Star. It should take care of the fireballs and damage him at the same time. You WILL get damaged when he dives down, so be prepared to heal often.
darklord.gif Dark Lord 166 10 Dark Castle
He walks around attacking you with a sword.
He's pretty easy. Just try your best to avoid him, heal when necessary, and attack him with the Morning Star.
kary.gif Kary 175 130 Ice Cave
She stays on the right side of the screen, moving up and down and shooting icicles. At the middle, top, and bottom of the screen, she lunges to the left and whips with her tail.
Avoid being in front of her. When she charges, stay above or below her and hit her in the head with the Flame Whip. The Ice Armor helps immensely.
kraken.gif Kraken 190 124 Kraken's Cave
He stays still on the bottom of the screen, lunging upward with his tentacles.
Stand right above him, and wail away with your Thunder Spear. You'll be hit, so keep your Cure spell handy. Doing this, you should be able to outlast him. Also, beware of being damaged by his explosion after he's defeated.
iflyte.gif Iflyte 215 272 Undersea Volcano
He moves back and forth at the top of the screen, occassionally bouncing around as a fireball.
No real strategy to this, just avoid him while he's bouncing, and attack with the Thunder Spear. When he's in his true form, hit him in the head.
lich.gif Lich 195 221 Lich Cave
He flies in a figure eight formation, throwing skulls. He eventually flies off the screen and reappears on the other side.
When he's flying around, wait for him to fly upward, and run below him to the opposite side. He should have his back turned to you. Now smack him a few times with the Thunder Spear and repeat.
mantisant.gif Mantis Ant 218 225 Cave of Ruins
He moves in a "w" formation at the top of the screen, occasionally zig-zagging down to attack.
You could go up and attack him with your Dragon Sword, hitting him while he's moving back and forth, and dodging him while he zig-zags, or you could just not move when you first enter, and use Fire magic on him until he drops (you have to be very powerful in magic or have a lot of Ether to defeat him this way). Oh! And be careful of the spikes.
garuda.gif Garuda 225 268 Dime Tower
He begins at one of the upper corners of the screen, then dives down in a "U" path, while shooting feathers.
The trick is to stay directly below him while he's in an upper corner, and wail away with the Flame Whip. He'll miss you while he's swooping, and the whip will destroy the feathers. When he reaches the other corner, run under him and repeat.
dragon.gif Dragon 0 260 Tower of Gemma
He goes around in a circular pattern, zigzagging slightly at the bottom of his path (occasionally changing directions) and shooting fireballs.
He is only vulnerable in the head. Your shield can block his fireballs. It really helps to use a long-range weapon, so the Thunder Spear is helpful. He is slow, so just avoid him and attack.
reddragon.gif Red Dragon 0 260 Tower of Gemma
He goes around in a circular pattern, zigzagging slightly at the bottom of his path (occasionally changing directions) and shooting fireballs.
This is basically the same as the last dragon. Use the same tactics.
dragonzombie.gif Dragon Zombie 0 260 Tower of Gemma
Moves up and down on the right side of the screen, shooting fireballs. Occasionally, he lunges straight forward.
A long range weapon is once again useful, so use the Thunder Spear. Your shield can block the fireballs, and your weapon can destroy them. Keep your distance from the dragon's body and attack when you have the chance.
julius1.gif Julius 208 (each) 258 (each) Tree of Mana
Julius will split himself into three, and the three of them will disappear and reappear while casting Nuke.
There's no real strategy here. Just do your best to avoid the attacks, and use Cure to heal yourself and Excalibur to attack.
julius2.gif Julius - 166 Tree of Mana
Julius goes back and forth in a "w" pattern at the top of the screen, while shooting two lightning bolts at a time. Occassionally, he lunges downward, either vertically or diagonally.
Stay at the bottom of the screen, making sure not to be directly below Julius. When he dives down, hit him with the Excalibur a few times.
julius3.gif Julius - 170 Tree of Mana
Julius appears and disappears randomly. Each time he appears, he'll cast Nuke with each of his hands.
When he disappears, he'll never reappear in the same place, so you can safely stand where he last was. Every time he appears, your sword should be fully charged up, so shoot across the screen and hit him. Also, in case of an emergency, the Excalibur can destroy his shots.

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