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Definition: Helping Characters are people who, of course, assist you. You'll meet a few different ones on your quest. They differ in a lot of ways, as you'll see.
Girl: You decide this girl's name at the begining of your quest. She has a pendant which is the key to the the power of Mana. This girl has no attack.
ASK Ability: She gradually recovers your HP (for a few seconds).
Amanda: She is one of the main character's friends, because she was in the imperial army with the main character. She throws knives.
ASK Ability: She cures Petrify status.
Man: This mysterious dude, just out of nowhere, is hanging out in the Marsh Cave, and helps you get through the cave. He throws big fireballs.
ASK Ability: He fills you in on how to destroy walls and boulders and such.
Watts: A friendly Dwarf/blacksmith dude. He helps you in the Silver Mine, and sells you silver stuff upon completion of the mine. He throws axes.
ASK Ability: item shop.
Bogard: Former Gemma Knight. Helps you during the airship part. He uses his sword to attack.
ASK Ability: He teaches you how to use your will power. I sure hope you already knew how.
Chocobo: A yellow duck that is big and like a horse. He follows you around.
ASK Ability: Hop on it and ride it around. You won't have to worry about any enemies while riding.
Chocobot: Like an evolved chocobo; He can run on water.
ASK Ability: Hop on it and ride it around. You won't have to worry about any enemies while riding.
Lester: Amanda's brother. You'll help him in Davias' Mansion. He shoots arrows.
ASK Ability: Changes the music!
MARCIE: A robot that helps you near the end of the game in the Dime Tower and such.
ASK Ability: He restores all your MP! R0x0r.

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