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Experience and GP values vary.

An enemy who is listed as being damaged by magic may also be damaged by weapons with special properties (Silver Sword, Thunder Spear, etc.) or the Morning Star.

Picture Name Exp GP Drops First Appearence
mushroom.gif Mushroom 1 1 - Topple area
Wanders around
goblin.gif Goblin 1 3 Candy Topple area
Wanders around, occasionally throwing daggers
rabbite.gif Rabbite 1 2 - Topple Mountains
Hops around, occasionally stopping to rest
bumblebee.gif (210 bytes) Bumblebee 2 2 Candy Topple Mountains
Flies around, occasionally throws tridents downward
flower.gif Flower 3 4 Pure Potion Marsh
Darts around the screen; poisons you; weak against axes
jellyfish.gif Jellyfish 3 4 - Marsh
Randomly disappears and reappears; poisons you
swampman.gif Swamp Man 10 5 Ether, Will Stone Marsh
Sinks into the ground and reemerges; Damaged by magic
lizardman.gif Lizardman 4 5 Cure Potion Marsh
Attacks with a spear; they guard the Bronze Key
faceorb.gif Faceorb 5 4 Mattock Marsh Cave
Damaged by magic
skeleton.gif Skeleton 6 7 Key Marsh Cave
Attacks with a sword
evilplant.gif Evil Plant 5 4 - Marsh Cave
Disappears and reappears; poisons you
flyingfish Flying Fish 10 10 Mattock Marsh Cave
Poisons you
werewolf.gif Werewolf 19 37 Mallet Kett's Dungeon
Occasionally jumps
pumpkin.gif Pumpkin 9 15 Pillow Kett's Dungeon
Hops around
owl.gif Owl 9 12 Crystal Kett's Dungeon
Flies around
pirate.gif Pirate 15 6 Ether, Wisdom Stone Kett's Dungeon
Damaged by magic
mouse.gif Mouse 8 11 Cure Potion Kett's Dungeon
Occasionally dashes; poisons you
pigwarrior.gif Pig Warrior 30 25 Candy, Gold Bag Wendel area
Throws Tridents
bee.gif Bee 20 15 - Wendel area
Poisons You
crab.gif Crab 21 21 Nectar Wendel area beaches
Throws claws at you
spider.gif Spider 18 27 - Silver Cave
Throws Webbing, Poisons You
hoppingbug.gif Hopping Bug 3 21 - Silver Cave
Hops around
mimic.gif Mimic Chest 2 35 - Silver Cave
Hops around; causes dark
werewolf.gif Werewolf(2) 50 40 Cure Potion Airship area
Slashes at you; hops
waterdemon.gif Water Demon 2 11 - Airship area
Throws tridents
porcupine.gif Porcupine 41 35 Candy, Gold Bag Airship area
Throws quills; causes dark
carrot.gif Carrot 37 36 - Airship area
Goes under and below ground; throws spikey faces at you
cloud.gif Cloud 30 18 Ether Airship area
Shoots lightning bolts; dissapears and reappears; causes dark; damaged by magic
magiceye.gif Magic Eye 32 26 Ether Airship
Stays still and shoots rings at you; causes stone; rings cause moogle
ghost.gif Ghost 48 46 Ether, Wisdom Stone Airship
Disappears and reappears; causes dark; damaged by magic
scorpion.gif Scorpion 54 10 - Desert
Whips its tail at you; poisons you
basilisk.gif Basilisk 42 50 Ruby Desert
Causes stone
lizard.gif Lizard 50 43 Fang Desert
Dashes at you
snake.gif Snake 60 43 - Medusa's Cave
Dashes at you; poisons you
shadow.gif Shadow 84 84 Ether Medusa's Cave
Disappears and reappears; causes dark
bitinglizard.gif Biting Lizard 44 51 - Medusa's Cave
Dashes at you
mummy.gif Mummy 32 20 Flame Medusa's Cave
Causes stone; damaged by magic
bat.gif Bat 124 40 Crystal Davia's Mansion
Dashes at you; damaged by magic
flame.gif Flame 82 60 X-Cure Davia's Mansion
Disappears and reappears; causes dark; damaged by magic
blackwizard.gif Black Wizard 68 58 Blizzard Davia's Mansion
Throws fireballs; disappears and reappears
mole.gif Mole 76 32 - Area near Journey Cave
Slashes at you; poisons you
monkey.gif Monkey 93 71 - Area near Journey Cave
Dashes at you
mechfish.gif Mech. Fish 52 55 - Area near Journey Cave
Dashes at you
face.gif Face 105 82 X-Ether Journey Cave
Dissapears and reappears; causes moogle; shoots shots that cause stone; damaged by magic
spring.gif Spring 70 33 Ruby Area near Golem Cave
Bounces around, causes moogle
titan.gif Titan 90 81 Cure Potion Area near Golem Cave
Throws boulders
minotaur.gif Minotaur 98 48 Cure Potion Golem Cave
Throws axes
glaiveknight.gif Glaive Knight 140 70 X-Cure Dark Castle
Attacks with a sword; causes dark
glaivemage.gif Glaive Mage 115 75 X-Magic Dark Castle
Disappears and reappears; causes moogle; throws fireballs that cause stone
ant.gif Ant 127 100 Flame Ish Area
Shoots fireballs
venusflytrap.gif Venus Fly Trap 94 93 Silence Ish Area
Shoots curvy waves
armadillo.gif Armadillo 66 63 Stamina St. Ish Area
Rams you, damaged by Morning Star
seahorse.gif Seahorse 12 79 - Ocean
Hangs out in the ocean and shoots fireballs
snowman.gif Snowman 100 105 - Icefield
Slides around the snow
walrus.gif Walrus 110 107 Blizzard Icefield
Jumps around; shoots icicles
wolfhead.gif Wolf Head 127 125 - Icefield
Jumps around; poisons you
rabbit.gif Rabbit 118 125 X-Ether, Elixir Ice Cave
Jumps around; causes moogle
cyclone.gif Cyclone 177 154 - Ice Cave
Spins and dashes at you; causes dark
eye.gif Eye 215 10 - Ice Cave
Disappears and reappears; slowly floats around; causes stone; damaged by Morning Star
captainduck.gif Captain Duck 128 128 - Ice Cave
Attacks with sword
flappyears.gif Flappy Ears 146 145 Thunder Ammonite coast
Flies around; poisons you
jumpinghand.gif Jumping Hand 140 151 Opal Ammonite coast
Jumps around; causes moogle
tortoise.gif Tortoise 126 163 X-Cure FloatRocks
Throws tridents; damaged by Morning Star
wasp.gif Wasp 240 140 - Undersea Volcano
Damages you on impact
digger.gif Digger 240 185 X-Ether Undersea Volcano
Goes under and below ground; causes dark; damaged by magic
mirror.gif Mirror 237 210 Unicorn Cave of Ruins
Disappears and reappears; shoots images of you
snail.gif Snail 200 190 X-Cure Cave of Ruins
Causes dark
oneeyedmage.gif One-Eyed Mage 205 185 Thunder Cave of Ruins
Shoots beams; damaged by Thunder
fuzzy.gif Fuzzy 245 245 - Dime Tower
Dissappears and reappears; causes moogle; shoots rings that cause moogle; damaged by magic
angryduck.gif Angry Duck 168 215 X-Cure Dime Tower
Attacks with sword
gauntlet.gif Gauntlet 190 105 X-Ether Dime Tower
Disappears and reappears; causes stone
evilsword.gif Evil Sword 205 200 - Dime Tower
Stabs you
ninja.gif Ninja 240 10 Elixir, Samurai Armor Tower of Gemma
Disappears and reappears; jumps; throws shurikens
demonhead.gif Demon Head 175 210 X-Ether, Samurai Helmet Tower of Gemma
Disappears and reappears; causes dark; damaged by magic
elephant.gif Elephant 254 125 Aegis Shield Tower of Gemma
Charges at you; throws boulders

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