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Monsters are either bothersome denizens of Elven Hollow or spawn of the Shadow King. Merlin will have to use his abilities overcome them.

Name Artwork Image Description
Ahnts Ahnt Ahnt The Ahnts are large termite-like creature who have burrowed beneath Elven Hollow to form a maze of twisted passages. They are tough bugs and take a beating before curling up. The front of an Ahnt is the business end and it's best not to mess with one up close.
Anenemy Anemeny Anemeny The Anenemy is tentacle creature found in the flooded caverns. It has a stinging touch.
Dark Dwarf Dark Dwarf Dark Dwarf The Dark Dwarves are bigger cousins of the Meanies. They fight with pick axes and explosives and can throw them quite a distance. They have created a vast labyrinth of puzzles to guard their mines and have invented machinery to help them process raw ore and extract magical gems.
Dog & Cat Fish Dog and Cat Fish Dog and Cat Fish The Dog and Cat fish constantly chase each other through the flooded caverns. They are mostly harmless unless Merlin gets caught in their wake. (If Merlin is too close when they pass he will spend precious moments and air spinning about helplessly.
Hammer Head Hammer Head Hammer Head The hammer head shark is a nuisance that swims up to Merlin and bops him on the head, forcing the air from Merlin's lungs. If you don't hurry back to a Mermaid, it could be disastrous.
Hedge Monster Hedge Monster Hedge Monster Meanies may infest a bush an attempt to shred victims in a thorny embrace. It's best to keep away from these guys and blast them from a distance.
Meanie Meenie Meenie The Meanies are small creature who live to inflict harm. The Meanies are crafty little guys and are not above biting, kicking or scratching an opponent. Meanies can combine together, with the help of the Shadow King's magic, to create larger monsters. When destroyed these monsters break into Meanies who run for cover but can't resist kicking an opponent in the shin if the opportunity presents itself. The spread their corruption by infesting innocent objects. Try attacking any object that attacks Merlin. It is almost certainly infested with the little brats and attack it is the only way to banish them.
Oinkmer Oinkmer Oinkmer Oinkmers are pig-like monsters created by the Shadow King by grouping Meanies together. Oinkmers have sickly pink skin with wart and moles and are not very bright. They will fall for the same tactic over and over.
Piranha Piranha Piranha These disgusting little fish tend to hide out in abandoned grottos. You may easily mistake a piranha grotto for a Mermaid home, so be careful!
Shroom Goons Shroom Goon Shroom Goon These guys are some nasty fungi. They creep up to a victim and beat him with their hood.
Snarl Shoots Snarl Shoot Snarl Shoot The Snarl Shoots ensnare Merlin and scratch him with their thorns.
Stone Knight Stone Knight Stone Knight This animated statue follows Merlin's every move and refuse to let him pass. If only he could be distracted...
Troll Troll Troll Ill-tempered and aggressive, the trolls are one of the nastiest enemies to fight. When Merlin' gets too close, the trolls reach out and strangle him. Trolls are tall burly characters with purple skin, black wiry hair, long noses and pointed chins. They walk around like zombie until they see a potential victim.
Vile-ette Vile-ette Vile-ette When you get too close to a patch of innocent looking Vile-ettes, they reveal their true nature and spring forward to take a bite from your shin.