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Items are devices that Merlin uses to aid his quest. All of them work well when used in combinations. They can be used by pressing the Y button and toggled through with the L and R buttons. A direct selection can be done by bringing up the Inventory Screen by pressing Select.


These items work right after Merging picks them up. They some are dropped by monsters while others are scattered around.

Name Artwork Image Location Description
Heart Heart Heart Dropped by monsters or lying about. Refills one heart container.
Heart Containers Empty Heart Empty Heart See Heart Containers. Increase health capacity by one heart.
Shamrock Shamrock Shamrock Dropped by monsters. Collect twelve for full healing or invisibility.

Magical Water

Waters from various springs in Elven Hollow have different properties. They can be stored in a bottle when it is used by a spring with a bottle sign.

Name Image Location Description
Clear Water Bottle with Cerulean Water Tulip Pond, Mermaid Fountain (Hedge Maze) Heals three hearts.
Blue Water Bottle with Blue Water Daisy Pond Makes Merlin invincible for a short time.
Rainbow Water Bottle with Rainbow Striped Water Rainbow Pond Heals one heart.


Gems possess magic which the Lady of the Lake can use to fashion magical items. Using gems beside the rainbow pool causes Merlin to give the gem to the Lady of the Lake by casting it into the pool.

Name Artwork Image Location Description
Red Red Gem Red Gem Northeast corner of mine. Creates Bubble Wand.
Orange Orange Gem Orange Gem East of the rainbow pool. Creates Stun Dust.
Yellow Yellow Gem Yellow Gem Southeast corner of Elven Hollow. Creates Balloon.
Green Green Gem Green Gem Southeast corner of the Dwarven palace. Creates Mirror.
Blue Blue Gem Blue Gem Statue in front of Dwarven Palace. Creates Air Bubble.
Indigo Indigo Gem Indigo Gem By the rainbow pool. Creates Shooting Star.
Violet Violet Gem asdf Refine the Raw Ore. Creates Match Stick.


A gardener's delight, flowers can be used to create magical items [when used with a Wooden Heart].

Name Artwork Image Location Description
Tulip Tulip Tulip Tulip Pond Creates Silver Star.
Daisy Daisy Daisy Daisy Pond Creates Golden Comb.
Rose Rose Rose Hedge Maze Courtyard Creates Snowflake.
Golden Foxglove Foxglove Foxglove Past the red shroom goons. Creates Hourglass.
Daffodil Daffodil Daffodil Past the gate after Spyder. Creates Lightning Bolt.


These are the normal items that Merlin will use without special circumstances.

Name Artwork Image Location Description
Air Bubble Air Bubble Air Bubble Blue Gem Use the air bubble to double Merlin's air supply when he is underwater.
Balloon Balloon Balloon Yellow Gem The balloon will allow Merlin to attain new heights. There are no adverse effect to using the balloon, though Merlin will fell rather expansive for a time.
Bottles Empty Bottle Empty Bottle
  1. Behind the first Meanie Tree.
  2. Northeast corner of the Hedge Maze.
  3. West of the broken vertical track in the mine.
These useful containers can be filled at the "Bottle" signs. Tasty bottled water can help heal Merlin or even make him temporarily invulnerable.
Bubble Wand Bubble Wand Bubble Wand Red Gem Merlin can use the Bubble Wand to blow bubbles. Bubbles will encase Meanies and float away with them.
Cave Herring Cave Herring Cave Herring Southwest corner of flood cavern. A potential pet for a lonely person. But remember, fish need water or they dry up!
Dwarven Key Dwarven Key Dwarven Key Entrance of the Dwarven palace. Resets a "Lock" of a pillar puzzle to the most completed one and return Merlin to most recently crossed reset mark.
Fish Bowl Fish Bowl Fish Bowl Gift from Casolari. A convenient place to hold a herring.
Golden Comb Golden Comb Godlen Comb Rose & Wooden Heart. Merlin is at his most charming when he's all prettied up. Most enemies will be awed by Merlin's good looks when he uses this magic grooming device.
Hour Glass Hour Glass Hour Glass Golden Foxglove & Wooden Heart. Quite a powerful tool, the hour glass will stop time, occasionally with unpredictable results. Use it wisely. The hour glass only works beyond the Rainbow Gate.
Key Silver Key Gold Key Silver Key
  1. West section of the Hedge Maze.
  2. After Bloop.
Useful when confronted with a lock.
Lantern Lantern Lantern Southeast path from plank bridge north of daisy pond. This lantern burns forever, doesn't require oil or magical power. Very convenient for an explorer.
Mirror Mirror Mirror Green Gem One of the more effective tools Merlin can collect, the mirror will generate a cloned image o f Merlin that enemies will be attracted to.
Rainbow Gem NA Rainbow Gem Use all other Gems. Opens the Rainbow Gate.
Raw Ore Raw Ore Raw Ore After the Underground Palace mine cart. Is this ore what the Dark Dwarves are looking for? If only it could be refined...
Reflection Crystal Reflection Crystal Reflection Crystal Southeast corner of Elven Hollow The Meanies were at their worst when they created this device. It can capture the reflection of fairies and trap them over a mirror or poll. A trapped fairy will be very grateful to anyone who can find her reflection and free her.
Spring Srping Spring Gift from Casolari. While Merlin can explore most areas in this world, he will find some placed inaccessible. Use the spring to vault over chasms.
Stun Dust Stun Dust Stun Dust Orange Gem This bag of dust will stun most enemies, making other weapons and items more effective.
Wheel Wheel Wheel Overturned cart in front of the mine. "The squeaky wheel gets the grease." Well, this one doesn't squeak, and it doesn't turn. Maybe if you can get it loose, you can use it somewhere else.
Wooden Hearts Wooden Heart Wooden Heart
  1. Behind three blue shroom goons.
  2. In the trolls' field.
  3. In the vile-ettes' field.
  4. In Spyder's egg sac.
  5. Behind three red shroom goons.
  6. Behind the gate after Spyder.
Tokens of fairy magic, they are ecologically sound and environmentally friendly.
Wrench Wrench Wrench In front of Sterm's cottage. "A tool for gripping and turning or twisting the head of a bolt, a nut, a pipe, or the like, commonly consisting of a bar of metal with a fixed of adjustable jaws." You know what this is for. Now find where to use it.