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Bosses are the master works or most powerful creatures under the Shadow King's services. Merlin will need to use all his skills in order to defeat them.

Name Artwork Image Description Strategy
Meanie Tree Meenie Tree Meenie Tree These trees are infested with Meanies! Try to hit them with the Shooting Star, but don't get too close! Drink some blue water (from the daisy pond) if possible. Then get within range and use the Shooting Star on it.
Thunder Pig Thunder Pig Thunder Pig One of the Shadow King's more effective creations, the Thunder Pig rules the oinkmers with an iron hoof and a sharp cleaver. Dodge the cleaver and get within Stun Dust range. Dust it, then hit it with the Shooting Star. Repeat.
Bloop Bloop Bloop One of the Shadow King's less successful creations is Bloop. The Shadow King was hoping to create a shape shifter but instead got a blob of jelly with an attitude. Bloop is used by the King to guard prisoners of little treat such as a befuddled old wizard. Use the mirror to distract it. When it divides into four pieces use the Stun Dust on them, the strike with the Shooting Star, Silver Star, or Match Stick. The last piece turns red and moves very fast, and if one survives Bloop regenerates.
Flying Eyeballs NA Flying Eyeballs These floating eyeballs are quick creation of the Shadow King. Use the Mirror to distract them, then attack with the Shooting Star.
Spyder & Offspring Spyder Spyder Spyder is an arachnaphobic's worst nightmare. She is quite agile and cunning. Spyder send forth dozens of her children to weaken and trap anyone unwary enough to approach. Both Spyder and her offspring are impervious to most attacks. Use the Snow Flake until Spyder and the egg sac are frozen, then attack with the Silver Star. Aim for the egg sac then concentrate on Spyder when it is destroyed. When struck with the Silver Star, Spyder freezes and the egg sac releases a bunch of spiderlings. During the battle always use the Mirror to distract them.
Cinder Cinder Cinder Cinder guard the pass from Elven Hollow to the Shadow King's Palace. Cinder is basically lazy and will attempt to toast any intruders. She is arrogant and may be overcome due to her overconfidence. Cinder can only be affected by magic which hits her from behind. Use the Hour Glass to freeze time. Run behind Cinder and use the Lightning Bolt. Wait for Cinder to turn around. Repeat.
Shadow King Shadow King Shadow King Shadow King Demon The Shadow King has gained power trough his use of Meanies to corrupt the land. He is determined to bent the world for his own purposes, and become invincible. Only an outsider may hope to defeat him. See Final Battle.