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These are the peaceful inhabitants (or visitors) of Elven Hollow. They are under the oppression of the Shadow King and will help Merlin in his quest.

Name Artwork Image Description
Merlin Merlin Merlin A bit of a rebel, Merlin is just starting on the road to becoming a wizard. Somewhat cocky, he will fight for what he believes in. At first, Merlin just wants to get back to England. But he learns of the Shadow King's plot and becomes determined to defeat the Shadow King to free the land.
Melody Melody Melody Melody is a sheltered young lady who has been raised by her overprotective father. She is reserved and shows only a slight interest in Merlin. Nonetheless, Merlin is charmed by her innocence. Melody is a fair maiden whose beauty and grace show through even in the worst situations.
Lady of the Lake NA Lady of the Lake She the one who gives Merlin the passcode to restore his quest on a Rune Staff. She resides at the rainbow pool and will fashion magical objects for Merlin if he tosses gems into it.
Chime Chime Chime Chime is somewhat bossy and more than a little vocal. Complete with dragonfly wings and pointed ears, she is the proverbial fairy.
Sterm Sterm Sterm Sterm is highly protective of Melody, his daughter. He owns the large mine in he area, though he has not been able to work it since the Dark Dwarves infested it. He is a tall man with a barrel chest and a no nonsense attitude.
Casolari Casolari Casolari Casolari has dedicated his life and given his health to the study of magic. Assuming that magic was the thing of study and arcane ingredients, Casolari is astounded as Merlin is able to perform magic due to his youthful enthusiasm. Casolari is thin and frail with a hunched back and scraggly white beard which hangs to his belt.
Mermaid Mermaid Mermaid Deep in the underwater grotto, the mermaid are willing to assist Merlin in his quest to free Elven Hollow. They will come out of their grottos to fill Merlin's lungs with sweet air.
Captured Elf Captured Elf Captured Elf The Elf can summon the Lady of the Lake to give Merlin a new rune for his staff. If only his hands were free!