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Think of this as a "training stage." Its main purpose is to teach you all you need to know about controlling Spike.

The First area has you jumping logs. Pretty simple. When a log is about to hit you, just press 'B' and jump over it. Jump 15 logs and move on (if you're scared of the logs, don't be, they cause EXTREMELY minimal damage)

In the second area, you'll have to use your spin attack. Press 'Y', and watch Spike spin. Your objective here is to destroy 30 rocks. The small rocks take 2 hits, and the large ones take 4 (but in turn, the small rocks only give 1 exp. point, while the large ones give 3). Just don't spin too many times in rapid succession, or else Spike will get dizzy, leaving himself vulnerable

The third area has you master your Hat Throw attack. Simply hold 'Y' until your hat floats above your head, and then release. Your hat will shoot out, and then come back to you. You can get your hat to follow you, and it will kill the Balloon Animals with 1 hit (remember: you can't hit the balloon animals with your spin attack, and they can't hit you at all ^_^). Destroy 15 and move on

The fourth area has piranhas attacking you. Just use your spin attack (you can't throw your hat), and kill as many piranhas as possible. If one of them latches onto your face, spin your way free.


This will be your first boss in the game, and it's the old man's cane! Don't worry, it's not too hard. Spin attacks work the best, but if you have some distance between you and the cane, feel free to let your hat fly too! It can attack you by swinging at you, or by shooting shots in all directions. For the latter attack, you can simply jump to avoid. When you beat it, you will gain the ability to use magic.


Shop if you'd like, and head north to Dracuman's Castle. You'll see it's over-run with Killer Cloves(!). Weirdness aside, you might want to fight these little critters to build up your money and experience. When you're ready to go into the castle, jump onto the bridge and examine the door, but there will be no way to get in...go back down to the bridge, and you'll get a phone call from Prof. Steam. He will tell you he left the key with your pet Cid. Go left of the door, and Cid will come up, and tell you that a Clove took the key, and it is now to the area right of the door. Go over there, kill the Clove, grab the key, and enter the castle.

Once you're in the castle, you'll be assaulted by Zombies. These are more dangerous than the Cloves, and have fire breath (but unfortunately, don't give any more Exp). Anyway, head north as far as you can go, then go right. Go up the staircase, and continue on until you are on a balcony-like structure. If you try to go right, you will see a save point, but you can't reach it because there's a wall in the way. So go left as far as you can, and you'll see another Easter Island guy. Walk up to him and he'll kick you ALL the way back to the right, and through the wall. You'll be at the save point. Use it.

Head right, and go down, and you'll be in a room full of scantily-clad catwomen! Unfortunately, these women are out to get you, and are actually pretty tough, so proceed with caution. When you get back to another balcony, head left until you reach a springboard. Jump on it, and Cid will assist you to the next area. Just continue on and you'll encounter a fearsome foe in battle armor named Metal Muncher. It has a lot of vicious attacks and a lot of HP, so you might want to think twice before attacking it (if you want, you can slip by). If you do want to attack it, use your hat and try to keep your distance. When you beat it, you'll win yourself 4 measly exp points, and some tomatoes and coins (usually).

Go to the next room, and it will be filled with Feline Fighters and smoke-spitting Killer Cloves. Go to the next room and you'll climb some stairs. You'll end up on the catwalks way above the castle. Continue across them and you'll find another staircase and a door. The door is locked, so go up the other staircase. More catwalks, but then you'll fight a giant spider! The spider is on its web, so it can't reach you, and you can't reach it. So to damage it, you'll have to throw your hat. But to damage you, it throws these weird puffs of smoke (or something). Anyway, be patient and fight defensively and it won't be that bad. When you win, your HP will be refilled, and the key will drop to the room filled with the Feline Fighters and smoke-spitting Killer Cloves. Run and get it, and then go back to the locked door and enter.

You'll end up in a balcony, where Feline Fighters are throwing the rug at you. They can't hurt you, so you might as well kill some for some easy Exp. On the far right of the balcony, you'll see that there are three exits to the south. Take the far right exit (the other two just lead to each other). Keep going until you reach another booby-trapped balcony. Go as far right as you can and go through the door and pick up another key. Then go through the next door on the left. Continue through but beware. The Feline Fighters can now throw bombs and latch onto you, causing heavy damage. Yikes! Anyway, when you reach room with the suction vents, jump through the far left vent and you'll encounter your mom. Talk to her and she'll refill your HP and give you a Transport Card. Continue on until you're out of the vents.

Go down until you reach a narrow hallway. Go as far left as you can go, and then go up. You'll reach a save point. Save. Then go left and up. Take the first intersection right and grab the key. Then, go back left, and back up. Continue on until you reach a door. Go through the door and fight the boss, Felina.


Felina is very quick, and she has very high defense, so you will have to be quick too. Try to keep your distance and use your hat. The cane she attacks you with causes insane damage (about 16 HP...well not INSANE =), so be sure and fight defensively, and don't take any unnecessary risks. After you get her under 16 HP, she'll refill her HP back to full(!) (it's frustrating, but hang in there, hopefully you have a tomato juice card or two). After she does this, she learns a new attack where she jumps in the air, and tries to land on you. When she's in the air, DON'T WALK IN ONE DIRECTION. Try and switch directions as often as possible. When she lands, she'll be stunned for a couple of seconds. You can use this time to whack her with your cape. When you finally beat her, a scene will follow and Rudy will join you.

When you can control your characters again, shop and talk to Professor Steam. He'll take you to Ratville, but you'll hit a...detour and end up in Rat Mountain


Save. Head as far left as you can, and when you have to go up, go up. You will be in a room full of Scratchers and a Dancing Cactus. Proceed onto the next room. More Scratchers and Cacti, but one Cactus has a nasty trick up its sleeve-it can throw its head and maracas. Go to the northern part of the room, then take the detour right. You will find a weird flower. By beating on this flower, it will give you coins or tomatoes. But when it's empty, it'll send bees out to attack you and disappear. Get the goodies from the flower and return to the left. Then go up.

You'll be in a room where you can either go right or left. Right is a dead end, so head left. When you can go up, go up and then right. You'll find another gift-bearing flower (if you REALLY want an advantage, beat up the flower, collect the prizes, leave the screen, come back and repeat). When you're done there, go back left and down, and continue to the left. A scene will follow. When you can control yourself again, you'll be in a cave. Find the tomato plant and it will totally refill your life. Exit the cave and continue to the left.

You will find some weird ghost-looking guys, and they will try to knock you off the cliff. You CAN kill them, but it will take forever (plus it'll only net you 1 puny Exp. Point ^_^), so just try to ignore them. If they bother you too much, a cape swipe will make them back off for a second. When you reach a dead end, you'll notice some floating platforms to the north, you have to jump from platform to platform (don't fall, or you'll get hurt). You'll also have to jump off weird jellyfish things. Go north as far as you can go, and you'll find a pink Jellyfish. Jump on it and it'll take you to Kalala Desert.


There isn't that much to do in the desert. You can shop and save, but then head north until you reach the pyramid. On the left side of the pyramid there is a gift-bearing flower. Get it if you want.


Here you will encounter Croc.


For whatever reason, Croc seems a bit easier than Felina. Oh well. He has a lot of HP, so this won't be an easy fight. Try and keep your distance, and let Rudy and your hat do the fighting. When his HP gets below 16, he will take a page from Felina's book and refill his HP and learn a new move: a lightning attack. This move's bark is worse than its bite, and if you're behind Croc when he uses it, you'll be safe. When you destroy him, you can move on. (If you want an extra 100 Experience points, destroy his shield after he dies).

The Pyramid goes on. In the first room, there is nothing to do but to find and go down a staircase. The second room is a lot like the first, but there are monkeys throwing exploding bombs at you. You can't hurt them, so just ignore them. If you go to the room to the south, it will be filled with scratchers and another gift-bearing flower. Go back to the monkey room and find the staircase down. Now for awhile, there is only one path to take. But beware, there are Wrap Warriors here that are very powerful. The brown kind just walks around, but the blue kind will charge you and throw its wrappings at you. Proceed with caution. Continue on until you end up at another monkey tree. Go south and you'll be outside the pyramid (but still on it). To the right is a save point. At the top is Root.


Root's no Exdeath, but he's still a tough customer. He has very high defense (being a hardwood and all), so you'll have a long battle (hope you have some tomato juice cards handy). Rudy can't reach him, so you'll have to do all the work. Stand in front of his face and use your cape attack. When he throws leaves at you, jump over them. When he makes Blobs, ignore them. When monkeys appear, dodge them. When he shoots the laser, avoid it. After a while, Root will go down. A scene will follow, and Camelia will join you, and Rudy will leave you. You'll end up in Vampire Town, which leads to Mount Vampra.


Shop in town (note that there is a new hat to buy), and head right to the mountain. Continue to the right and follow the path. The enemies you'll encounter here are strong, and they don't give great experience either. Just keep going and eventually you'll reach a switch. Hit the switch and you'll end up in a cave.

In the cave you will see spiky things and worm things sticking out of the ground. Don't be fooled. These aren't enemies. If you hit them with your cape, you will be frozen for a second. Just avoid them. Cross the bridge, and head left. Talk to the mysterious stranger, and then exit the cave. You will be outside. Here you will find a save point. Save. Then go into the Ice Palace.


When you enter the Ice Palace, you will be in a hallway full of hopping Snowmen. Fight them if you want, but either way, move on when you're done. Uh-oh, here comes the Freezer in the next room...


There's no way to hurt this guy. Just keep fighting him until a scene occurs. Then you can move on.

Take the left exit. Continue on until you reach the stairs. Go down the stairs. Go straight until you're in an area with conveyor belts. Keep going straight, and when you reach an intersection, turn left. Continue straight until you reach a room full of Snowmen and an intersection (it will be after a room with 2 Crystal Knights). Head right and continue until you reach a save point. Save.

It will appear that there is a dead end, but there are four holes to jump down. Jump down the hole on the left to get the Card of Soup. Make your way back up to the holes and jump down the hole on the right. Continue on and you'll find The Freezer again.


The Freezer will be the same the second time around. Same attacks, same invincibility. But this time you got yourself a trump. You have the Soup Card. Use it and Freezer will no longer be invincible, however, he will still have insanely high defense. I hope you're properly prepared, because this fight will take a while. You can't hit him with your cape unless you jump, and Camelia can't hit him at all. His attacks aren't too hard to avoid if you jump, but this is such a marathon of a battle, you'll probably get hit every once in awhile. The game freezes down when Freezer has a lot of projectiles in the air at one time, so use this to your advantage to help you avoid them. Beat him and you'll return to Vampire Town. Do your last minute shopping and talk to Prof. Steam. After a scene, you'll end up in the Forest of Mazes, with Rudy as your companion, and Camilia has left you.


Every game's gotta have one, right? ^_^ Anyway, head north, talk to Camelia, and go north again. Here you will find a four way intersection. This is the maze. Whenever you go a way, a sound will be sounded. If you went the right way it'll ding. If you went the wrong way it'll laugh. Go the right way and continue on. Go the wrong way and you'll have to start all over. This is the directions to go to continue on: Right, Right, Up, Left, Down, Left, Up. Continue on to fight Moray.


Moray is a weird plant thingy, and he attacks. He seems like he's not too much harder than The Freezer. Only 1 level higher and all...but once you knock out all his life, he'll refill ALL of it, as well as raise his speed...ugh...back to work. Knock out all his HP (again), and he'll finally die, but leave a bouncing ball behind. Kill this ball and it will break down into four smaller balls. Kill each of these smaller balls for four even smaller balls. Destroy these smallest balls for 1000 Experience EACH! That's a potential 16,000 experience points! (not counting the 3,000 you get from Moray)

Continuing on through the jungle, you'll find another maze part =(. To get through this part, head left, up, right, up, up. Go north and you'll reach Von Hesler's Castle.


The first thing you'll encounter is Von Hesler's right-hand woman, Hydra.


Hydra is the toughest boss you have faced yet. She's level 13, and she has several projectiles flying at you from all different directions. At first she'll release two flaming dragons that shoot at you, but when you knock out all of her HP, she'll regain it (seems to be a popular way to defend yourself in this game), plus she'll be stronger. She can now summon dragons to fight for her, and you can kill the dragons if you want, but you won't get any experience for killing them. I hope you have some Tomato Juice Cards left for this fight. Beat her and you'll net 10,000 experience points, as well as the ability to move on. The next thing you'll encounter is...Von Hesler himself!


Von Hesler is a level 15 fighter, is very tough, and shows no remorse even towards his son...He attacks with his cane mostly, and won't go down easily. If you finally do take out all his HP, it will be over...or will it?


While most bosses simply refill their HP when it all gets knocked away, Von Hesler changes his appearance, his attacks, and even gains a level! This is the ultimate fight. I hope you're at level 16, because this is the hardest fight in the game. Even if you are at level 16, this will still be a difficult fight. Hopefully you have a few tomato juice cards left (it's a must), and attack cards seem to work well here too. Not much else to say. If you manage to beat Von Hesler again, the game will be over. Sit back and enjoy the (ahem...) ending.

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