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2-Player Mode
Enter in this code at the title screen: Down, B, Left, B, Up, Y, Right Y. Now you can control Spike's companion by using controller 2!

Generous Gift Flowers
Whenever you encounter one of those flowers that give tomatoes and coins if you beat them up, you'll notice that after a while, they just stop giving. Well, simply leave the area and come back, and the gift flowers will be reset, and you can get more stuff from them!

Cards Are Good
Shunning the use of cards? Well, you shouldn't, because using cards can make a boss battle worlds easier. It could be the difference between life and death!

Refill your HP
If you talk to Professor Steam, he'll refill your HP for free! So will your mom, and if you examine the Tomato Plant at Helious Bain's house, it'll refill your HP!

Lightning Hat
Don't waste your money on useless hats. The Lightning Hat is the best you can get, and if you buy a different hat, you might not have money for the Lightning Hat. Just save your money for the best hat!

Gain your Levels!!!
Each time you gain a level, you gain 16 HP, and your attack and defense double, so it's very important.

Last Minute Shopping
Vampire City will be the last chance you have to shop, so don't forget to buy everything you'll need for the final battle!

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