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Cards with their names in italics are rare. All attack cards are equal to your current strength, hit several times, and make you invincible while casting.

Angel Card
A guardian angel will attack the monsters in the area. An angel will swarm an enemy, causing damage. Grab Bag
Animal Card
Weak monsters will turn into harmless animals. Turns certain enemies (check enemy list to see which) into stuffed animals. Grab Bag
Bat Card
A group of bats will attack the monsters in the area. A circle of bats swarm an enemy, causing damage. Grab Bag
Big Tomato Card
Restores some of your hit points. Restores 16 HP. Dowson's Shop (20 G)
Companion Card
Your fellow fighters will gain extra power. Your companion goes loco and begins viciously attacking the enemies on screen. Grab Bag
Fire Card
The Forces of Fire will be summoned. A circle of (smiling...) fire will circle you and damage enemies. Grab Bag
Flying Hat Card
Lets you hide inside your flying hat for awhile. You can hide in your hat making you invincible. You can still move around, but you can't hurt enemies. Grab Bag
Ice Card
Traps your enemies in blocks of ice. Stagmites of ice appear under the enemies, attacking them. Grab Bag
You will become invisible for awhile. Gives you temporary invincibility. Grab Bag
Lightning Card
Bolts of lightning will strike your enemies. Lightning strikes an area around you, damaging the enemies. Grab Bag
Quake Card
The earth beneath your enemies will shake. From up in the sky will drop (no, seriously...), and these petrified pisces will damage the enemies. Grab Bag
Soup Card
Soup will appear from above. Removes The Freezer's invincibility. Ice Palace
Time Card
Weak monsters will be frozen in time. Freezes all enemies for awhile (works only on legitimate enemies, and doesn't work on bosses). Grab Bag
Tomato Juice Card
Restores a lot of your hit points. Restores 80 HP. Dowson's shop (100 G)
Transport Card
Returns you to Professor Steam. Teleports you back to Professor Steam. Grab Bag, Spike's mom in Dracuman Castle

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