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The Mana Fortress

The final dungeon, the Mana Fortress, can be found hovering in the sky. Approach it with Flammie to land on it. Once on the fortress, you can leave - but only if you return to the outside landing area, where you can summon Flammie. You'll want to bring along four of each of the healing items with you, especially Magic Walnuts. The sprite can also refill its MP by using its MP Drain spell, and I advise you to use it often. For that matter, having the Sprite's magic levels at eight, and the Girl's as well (at least Undine) would useful. I find that leveling up the characters' weapon skills is not as necessary. Do make sure the weapons themselves are upgraded, though, as each upgrade adds attack power and often useful side-effects.
You may notice that not all your weapons are upgraded to 8/8 yet. This is because some of the last weapon orbs are rare drops off of the common enemies found on the Mana Fortress. To max out the power of your weapons, you'll need to obtain the following: 2 Glove's Orbs from Wolf Lords, 2 Axe's Orbs from Fiend Heads, 1 Spear's Orb from a Tsunami, 1 Whip's Orb from a Terminator, 1 Bow's Orb from a Metal Crab, 1 Boomerang's Orb from a Master Ninja, and 1 Javelin's Orb from a Whimper. The Sword is already as high as it will normally go at 7/7, and you'll see why when you reach the last battle. As you might think, it takes a long time to get all these orbs. Not every kill gets you a chest to open, and the orbs themselves are rarely in the chests. You'll frequently get traps in the chests, too. It's up to you whether or not to seek these orbs; they're not necessary (but cool).
Along with weapon orbs, the enemies on the Mana Fortress also drop spectacular pieces of armor. By the end of the game, I suggest you equip yourself as such:
Power Suit (dropped by Whimpers), Griffin Helm (from Griffin Hands in the Pure Land), and Faerie's Ring (dropped by the Wolf Lord).
Faerie Cloak (dropped by Master Ninjas), Faerie Crown (Dropped by Terminators), and Faeries Ring (Dropped by the Wolf Lord).
Faerie Cloak (dropped by Master Ninjas), Faerie Crown (Dropped by Terminators), and Faeries Ring (Dropped by the Wolf Lord).
Preparations complete, make your way through the fortress. It looks more complicated than it is. For the first part, just make your way through stepping on switches where needed. You'll come to a point where you can either head east or whip across a gap to the south. Choose to go south. Eventually you'll see an event. Afterwards, step on the green square to start a boss fight with Buffy, another Vampire. Demolish it with the Girl's Lucent Beam Lumina magic. When it's down, warp out.
Go east, whip across to the north, then take the first path east you come across. After using purple switches to cross a bridge, you'll come to another boss, Dread Slime. Unlike the Lime Slime, this one gets bigger as you hit it. It's possible that it'll grow in such a way that you'll be unable to attack it with weapons after a certain point. Until this happens, hit it with Acid Rain to lower its defense, boost your own attack with Luna magic, and whack away. When it grows too large to continue, finish it off with Shade (it retaliates to magic attacks with its own; if you're high enough level, it's feasible to just use Shade from the beginning).
The next area is straightforward, but the enemies are tough. It may be better for you to just run past most of them, but it's your call. At the end you'll reach the penultimate boss, Dark Lich. He has a lot of HP, but takes an immense about of damage from Lucent Beam. Even so, if you go in with full MP, you'll probably need to use a few Faerie Walnuts to kill him. Just make sure you listen to the fun boss music while you do.
And now the sad part. After the fight with the Dark Lich, you'll be thrown into a fight with the Mana Beast. It's easy enough; for this fight alone both the Girl and the Sprite have a new spell, Mana Magic, under Dryad's section. Have them both cast it on the Boy, who should be wielding the sword, and his attack power will skyrocket. Charge up your sword when the Mana Beast is flying around and out of range, and unleash the attack when it hovers in front of you, and follow up with several swings at 100%. The Mana Magic wears off and will have to be re-cast, but it will only take a few rounds of attacks to beat the beast, and the game.

Pyremon Infernos suggests the following alternate strategy:

"As his initial fly-by attacks and even the giant fireball all count as "physical" attacks and hurt pretty badly, but if you buy three Barrels from Neko, wear them just as the fight is starting. When the Mana Beast sends his fireball, it will not harm you. Then when the barrels are removed, have the Girl cast Lucid Barrier on the party so they are unharmed by the Mana Beast's charging attack and have both Girl and Sprite cast Mana Magic so you'll be ready and charged when the Beast lands in front of you.

Whack him with a fully charged attack, then a few swings to hurt him. Then have the girl cast Lucid Barrier again as the Beast will do a fly-by attack right after he takes flight again. Then cast Lucid Barrier again to protect from the fireball attack, and the charging attack, then Mana Magic again as the Beast will afterward perch in front of you again(he always follows this attack pattern) keep repeating this and you'll get through the fight with a lot less harm done."


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