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PKT Paladin - Offered help from the beginning, and really started the final push to get the shrine done. Made the cheats page, the girl's magic page (and images). Sent a zip full of old shrinage attempt stuff. Made the enemies-light page from the full version, found and wrote up all the stat information, filled in some missing monster locations, and captured images for traps and status effects. Thanks, man.

Hiryuu - Pointed me towards Zach Keene's enemy list, and probably so many more things that it's hopeless to try and remember them all.

Sinistral - for sending over a zip full of materials from Excalibur's shot at making an SoM shrine.

Mr. Saturn - for wandering into the chat one day and nonchalantly supplying the boss weakness info, one of the bigger stumbling blocks remaining towards getting the shrine finished at that point.

Rirse - for poking me in #rpgclassics for years on end to work on this shrine. Expect reciprocal nagging from me in response concerning your own future endeavors.

All the former SoM shrine maintainers - for taking enough hits from the curse that it hasn't had the strength left to deter me from finishing my attempt.

Zach Keene of The Vault of Arcane Lore, who produced an excellent enemies list (among other great and detailed work), which I have used within this shrine with permission.

Axen, author of an Armor and Weapons FAQ, from which I drew information regarding the status-effect defenses of several pieces of equipment. I believe I have his permission to use this information, but hotmail went and wiped out my saved messages some time ago, so I lost my records of correspondence with him, and he did not reply to subsequent inquiries.

Paul D. Shoener III, creator of ManaEdit, a save state editor for Secret of Mana which was absolutely instrumental in the creation of this shrine.

Phoenix 1911, for allowing me to use information from his Secret of Mana FAQ for the secrets/miscellaneous page.

Daniel Karlsson (, who let me use a scan of the world map he has.

Pyremon Infernos, who promptly sent in a suggestion for beating the final boss after the official release of the shrine.

"Fred," for keying me in to how the scene where you get cooked by goblins is triggered.

J.C., for various useful corrections and catches.

All those good folks who have offered me help on the shrine throughout the years, most of whom I've refused due to pride or expedience. Booken, you get special mention here.

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