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The following information comes from Phoenix 1911's wonderful FAQ for Secret of Mana. Everything is used with permission of the author.

If you fly around with Flammie to the corners of the world, you will see a FACE somewhere! It's... obscure, yet funny. On the World Map, it is in the upper-right corner.

You can get back in Potos! This is possible after you get a second party member. It's simple--hug the guy blocking the entrance and repeatedly press Select. The two (or three) characters will each press, move a pixel forward. Ultimately, you'll be HOME! It's not tremendously exciting, though. Don't save if you don't have Flammie, because it can be nearly impossible to leave using the same method.

The girl has these wicked stat-up spells (e.g. Defender); it is very possible to keep these effects permanently! Go to any inn or save point and cast the spell. Immediately save, reset, and load up your game. The system will have "forgotten" to undo the spell and you'll be lastingly stronger!

When an enemy is about to cast a spell upon you, you can completely evade any damage to you by casting a curative spell at the right moment. The healing animation will appear, instead of being damaged. Yeah! This is great in boss battles, and especially the last one...

To get the last, "missing" Sword's Orb, you'll have to follow a certain sequence of actions (I've gotten the info from JD Cyr's FAQ). Remember that this is a glitch and THIS CAN HEAVILY SCREW UP YOUR SAVE-GAME DATA. DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK:

  • Load the game you want the last orb on.
  • Fly over the Ice Country and land on one of the small islands behind it; not on the Ice Country itself.
  • You should appear in front of Neko; if not, restart. Create a save-game.
  • Reset (L + R + Start + Select).
  • Start a new game, and play on 'til you fight Mantis Ant.
  • When the fight begins, hold the reset button combo for about five seconds.
  • Load the original save log (the one at Neko's).
  • Fight and whoop Mantis Ant's ass, claim the Sword's Orb, and fly off!

One other thing I've noticed is that when you are on your way south from your first visit to the Water Palace, sometimes the event where the Girl saves the Boy from the goblins won't trigger. I'm not entirely sure why, but I remember reading somewhere (and I can't remember whether it was in an FAQ or on a messageboard) that the event only triggers if you talk to all of the soldiers before talking to Dyluck just before the entrance to the Water Palace. I will give credit to whoever had this idea as soon as I manage to find the source it originally came from.

Update: Well, looks like the Gamefaqs boards lost a few threads, so I'm lost as to who made the post that first keyed me on to this problem. However, a couple people have emailed me about this scene. In order to trigger the goblin stew ordeal, after leaving Potos do *not* read any road signs and talk to three of the five (counting Dyluck) soldiers in front of the Water Palace to trigger their march off to the Haunted Forest. If you do not do this, you must recruit the girl by rescuing her from those wretched Werewolves in the Haunted Forest. I hope this clears things up, as missing this scene used to drive me absolutely crazy!

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