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A game as colorful as the Secret of Mana should have a colorful cast as well. As it is...well, I suppose it's not a bad crew for a 16-bit game.

The Heroes

The Boy here fell off a bridge, found a sword, and must save the world. How deep.
The Girl is actually - gasp - a princess! This rebel from Pandora struck out on her own after her daddy the king sent her boyfriend out on a suicide mission.
The Sprite is a little flim-flam artist in the making. I'm never sure whether to call it a he or a she, even though the game leans towards "he." Anyway. The Sprite is a creature of magic who was washed away from its home in a flood and ended up living with the dwarves in Gaia's Navel.

The Support

Jema is a world-traveler who your group will run into several times throughout the game. He always has a pointer to offer as to what you should do next. Listen to him.
Dyluck is the soldier of Pandora the king sent off to fight Elinee, causing his daughter to have a fit and take off. Tracking him down is an important part of the game.
The sage living in the Water Palace, Luka introduces you to the history of the Mana Sword and just what having drawn it from its resting places means to you and the world.
Watts is the dwarven blacksmith who you bring the Mana Sword to for a little refurbishment, and after noting the special properties of that special weapon, not only will he make an axe for you to use, but he'll travel to several places around the world just in case you happen to need a weapon sharpened at the time.
Elinee lives a life of magic alone in the forest. She's not a bad witch. Really.
You save Flammie from monsters near Matango, but not before his mother bites it. After spending some time with the king of Matango, this white dragon will be your vehicle for traveling the skies.
Krissie leads the resistance group within the Empire, and as such you'll run into her a few times as you struggle for control of the Mana Seeds.
I don't like Joch. Sure, he guides you through a large part of your quest, but he lives in a very incovenient place. Jerk.
The Mana Spirits represent the elemental powers of magic in the world. They're a pretty cool bunch on the whole, except for Dryad, who loses points for being a tree. Not a cool tree like the Mana Tree, but a thing little sapling. I mean, come on, who's going to win in a contest - Shade or Dryad? In any case, from left to right, the spirits are Undine, Gnome, Sylphid, Salamando, Shade, Luna, Lumina, and Dryad.

The Villains

Emperor Vandohl leads the Empire in its efforts to control Mana, assisted by his four generals.
One of Vandohl's generals, Geshtar is, in general, a failure at life.
Another of Vandohl's generals. Even if Geshtar is a failure, at least I can remember *his* name. If I didn't take notes, I'd have no idea who this person is. I'm pretty sure it's Sheex. Just call him the "blue-haired guy," though. I do, and trust me, it's much easier to remember.
Fahna lasts a little longer than Geshtar or the blue-haired dude, but still comes up short in the end in her service to the Empire.
Thanatos is where it's at if your interest is in evil. Where did Vandohl dig this necromancer up, anyway? Thanatos is personally responsible for kidnapping Dyluck and turning half of Pandora into mindless zombies for a time.
The Boss and her Boys are a gang of thieves who like to cause trouble for you through the course of the game. Comic relief trouble, that is.

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