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Bowser's Keep

Make your way through the keep until you reach the room filled with Terrapins. Jump and dodge you way through them, and at the door you fight four of them. One punch is enough to take one out, so you shouldn't have much problems. In the room with the chandeliers, you can find Bowser and the Princess tied up. When you fight him, aim for the chain called Kinklink. Hit it a few times and it will lose grip of the chandelier. Just when Mario is about to get the Princess, a giant sword appears and lands in the keep! This sends Bowser and Toadstool in different directions. Mario ends up back at his house...

Mario's Pad

Talk to Toad and save your game before revisiting Bowser's Keep. The giant sword that landed in the keep destroys the bridge! Now what will Mario do? Go back to his house and talk to Toad. He mentions that you should visit the Chancellor at Mushroom Kingdom. Go to the exit and Mario bumps into Toad. He teaches you about Items and Timed Hits and he gives you 4 Mushrooms. Exit the area and head to Mushroom Way.

Mushroom Way

This is a good area to practice your skills in battle. Along the way, you can find Toad trapped by an enemy. Free him by fighting the enemy and doing so gets you a reward. If you need to rest, visit Mario's house. At the end of the area, Toad is trapped by the Hammer Bros. Before fighting them, build your levels to 2 or 3 and then take them on!

BOSS: Hammer Bros. HP: 50

You face two of them. Two Jump specials can take one out, so use them one of 'em. The remaining Brother will use "Valor Up" which increases his defense. Use any FP leftover on the Jump attack, then bash him with normal ones. If your HP gets low, use a Mushroom.

EXP: 6 Coins: 20 Items: Flower Jar

Once you defeat them, a Hammer is left on the ground. Equip it to boost Mario's attack by 10, then head into the kingdom.

Mushroom Kingdom

When you enter here, go to the Item Shop for some things and talk to the people. Then go to the castle where Toad is waiting for you and follow him to the Chancellor. The Chancellor gives you a Map and tells you to go to the vault. Talk to the guard and he teaches about Coins, Flower Points, and Mushrooms found in treasure boxes. Exit the castle, and a crocodile steals a coin from someone. Talk to the person he stole it from to find out that it's Mallow from Tadpole Pond. Mario joins him to get the coin back from Croco. Go to the shop, and get the armor for Mallow. Then talk to the guard who keeps jumping. He says he saw the person who stole the coin and then Croco runs out of the kingdom. Go and follow him to Bandit's Way.

Bandit's Way

You chase Croco throughout this area. This is the first area where you use this level up trick! Go where there is a star in a treasure box, but don't use it. Save before using it, then you can open the box and get the star. Once you are done using the star, die in battle. Then you appear back where you saved, but with all your levels and EXP! Also the star will still be in the box. So you can do this as much as you like. Use the trick here until your levels are at least 4. In the last area, Croco goes into hiding. Sneak up behind him three times and you fight him.

BOSS: Croco HP: 320

He has a weakness to fire, so use Mario's Fire Orb to cause some damage. When you hit him with fire, he doesn't attack for a turn or two. Have Mallow stay in Defend and have him heal, and use items when needed. His bomb attacks cause 10+ damage, so watch out! When his HP is low, he uses "Weird Mushroom" which recovers 60 HP. Eventually, Mallow punches Croco and gets the coin back.

EXP: 8 Coins: 10 Items: Flower Tab

Mallow now has his Frog Coins back! You also find a Wallet left behind by Croco. Hop on the Warp Trampoline and go to Mushroom Kingdom.

Mushroom Kingdom

When you get back, a dark cloud has appeared the area and Shysters are scaring everybody! Defeat the Shyster chasing the man near where you came in and give him his Wallet. He gives a Flower Tab in return. For another Tab, enter the house to the far left from where you came in and beat the Shysters inside. The family gives you the item. After eliminating the Shysters, go into the castle. Save Toad and he goes into the next room. Beat the enemies there and next room after that. Then you get another Flower Tab and he tells you that the Chancellor is still in the throne room! Go back to the Vault and take the items there. Go into the nearby room and talk to the person there. He gives you a Wake Up Pin. Now, build your levels to about 5 or 6 and then head to the throne room. There you meet Mack which is the person causing the havoc around here. Since he doesn't want you to stop him, you have to deal with him!

BOSS: Mack / Bodyguard HP: 480 / 30

This guy isn't that hard. Use Mallow's Thunderbolt to get rid of his minions for a little while, then have Mario use Super Jump on him once if you have it. Have Mario do regular attacks while Mallow heals/uses items. His Bodyguards come back eventually, but now as soon you get rid of them, they come back so just ignore them.

EXP: 12 Coins: 20 Items: None

Once you beat him, you get a Star Piece which you learn more about later. Mallow suggests going to his Grandpa in Tadpole Pond, but first head back to the Item Shop to get the item Mallow wanted earlier with his Frog Coin. Then leave and head to Kero Sewers.

Kero Sewers

This area introduces swimming and using pipes. Enter the pipe and save your game. This area is confusing, so listen carefully. From the Save Block, go into the nearby pipe in that room. From that one, go down and enter the pipe there. From there, go right and jump over the Rat Funk that's on the ledge and enter that pipe. In that room, hit the "!" Switch to drain the water. Go back through the pipe you came and enter the pipe that was underwater. Now you should be in the area that was above the "!" Switch. Enter that pipe and you land right in front of Belome. Before fighting him, build your levels to about 7. If you search the pipe near the underwater one, you can find a treasure box with enemy in it called Pandorite. Beating him will get you a Trueform Pin which will help against Belome. Equip the pin with Mario, and go fight Belome.

BOSS: Belome HP: 500

Beat him like the other bosses. He's weak to Thunder, so use as much as you can. At one point in battle, he uses the "S'crow Funk" attack which turns Mario into a scarecrow if you don't have the Trueform Pin equipped! Then he swallows Mallow, turning the battle into a one-on-one fight. Use Mario's normal and special attacks and use a Mushroom if his HP is low. Eventually, he spits Mallow back out, ending the battle.

EXP: 15 Coins: 40 Items: None

When you beat him, water comes gushing out...sending the team into the Midas River mini-game. Two caves on the waterfall contain a Flower in them. After completing the waterfall, you go the barrel jumping event. You don't need to collect a lot of coins for now, but you can if you want. For more info on this mini-game, check out the "Mini-Games" section. After beating that, the guy there gives you a Noknok Shell, so equip it now and head to Tadpole Pond.

Tadpole Pond

Go straight ahead and step on the stone block to talk to the tadpole. Then Frogfucius comes. Go across the pond to his sanctuary and talk to him. He explains about what happened at the keep earlier and about someone named Smithy who causing the trouble around the world. Then he says that Mallow isn't a tadpole and now he must search for his real parents. Afterwards, talk to him again and hand over the Cricket Pie from the Mushroom Kingdom. He gives you Mallow's first weapon, the Froggie Stick. Before you go, head over to right to visit Melody Bay. Toadofsky needs your help with his music, so play this tune :


Playing this melody will get an Alto Card, which can get you more items in the Juice Bar in this area. Now leave and go to Rose Way!

Rose Way

In the first area you use the yellow tiles to move around. Going to the upper-left area, you can get a Frog Coin in a Treasure Box. Use the tiles to go to the upper-right area. After passing through there, use these tiles to get to the lower-right section. Here you can find Shyguys on top of Treasure Boxes. Four of them contain 5 coins while the other one has a mushroom in it. If you exit and come back to this section, the chests are refilled! In the next area, you find Bowser and his Koopa Troop. Bowser can't get back into his castle, but he's trying to find a way. Continue on and enter Rose Town.

Rose Town

Looks like someone is busy shooting arrows at the townspeople. But these arrows freeze the person they hit! Enter the Inn to find a kid playing with his toy Mario, Bowser and Toadstool dolls. Mario decides to play with him. Gaz ends up shooting Mario with the gun from the Geno doll, causing Mario to collapse and waking up in bed. Meanwhile, a spirit takes control of the Geno doll and leaves the town. Gaz says he saw Geno go into Forest Maze! Before you go, visit the shops and buy some supplies. In the corner of the town, a man is left out of his house. Jump on his head and go in the house and hit the "!" Switch. If you want, you can take the 2 Flowers in the boxes. The man tells to go Left, Left, Straight, Right in the "maze" area of the forest. Now exit and go to Forest Maze.

Forest Maze

Throughout this area are Mushrooms, you can pick up some to use in upcoming battles. But some come to life and attack you! Here's another neat trick. When you enter here, go to the first Wiggler. If you can jump on him 10 times (Not in battle), you get one Frog Coin along with 10 coins! Keep going through the forest until you reach an area with a bunch of tree trunks. Enter the one at the far end and jump on the sleeping Wiggler. Now you have access to another area. Keep going until you reach a Save Block. Now save your game and enter the maze area. If you follow the directions you were told at Rose Town, you can find a hidden entrance to a treasure room. BUT follow the directions from Mario's perspective! For more info on it, check the "Secrets" section. Follow Geno through this area. After following him, you should be where the guy shooting the arrows is. Before you go in there, build your levels to least 8. When you enter, one of Bowyer's Flunkies finds a Star and Geno comes in. They fight and Mario and Mallow decide to help Geno out.

BOSS: Bowyer HP: 720

Use Geno's special attack for now while Mario should use normal attacks and Mallow does the usual. Then Bowyer has trick up his sleeve...when an arrow hits Y, X or A, you can't use that command! Geno is pretty weak at this point, so watch his HP level.

EXP: 20 Coins: 50 Item: Flower Box

Now, Geno explains about the Star Pieces and Star Road. He joins you to get all the stars back so he can repair Star Road. Before spending 50 coins on a weapon for Geno, go to Rose Town and talk to Gaz. He gives the Finger Shot for him. Now head to Pipe Vault.

Pipe Vault / Yo'ster Isle

Going through this area allows you to reach Yo'ster Isle, home of the Yoshis! Here, you can play a Goomba Thumping game. You can play if you want a Flower Tab or Jar. Beware of Chompweeds in the area, you lose 2 coins each time you are hit! Once get through here, you get to the island. Mario meets his old pal, Yoshi. Talk to him and hop on. Now, you need to race Boshi. Talk to the pink Yoshi near where you came in and he gives you some Yoshi Cookies. Talk to Boshi so you can race him. To gain speed in the Mushroom Derby, you need to alternate A and B to the beat of the music. After beating him, all the Yoshis are able to race together and Yoshi gives you 3 Yoshi Cookies. Time to move onto Moleville. For more info on these two games, check out the "Mini-Games" section.


As usual, hit the shops and buy supplies. Go to the mountain to see Bowser and his very small Koopa Troop. Then talk to the moles at the mountain. They say that a star crashed into the mountain and trapped two kids! Go inside and enter the coal mines. Hop on the trampoline inside and Mario faints. Croco then steals all your coins! Chase him through the area. Before fighting him, fight his minions and after each battle you get a Flower Tab. When you are ready, keep chasing him and run into him.

MINI-BOSS: Croco HP: 750

He isn't that difficult. Mario and Geno should use normal attacks while Mallow goes into Defense and heals. Geno's and Mario's normal attacks usually inflict about 50 HP, so this battle shouldn't take long. Croco's bomb attacks can cause a fair amount damage, so watch what you do. After sustaining about 340 HP damage, Croco steals your items! When he does that, have all 3 characters attack him.

EXP: 10 Coins: 50 Items: None

After the battle, you get back your items and coins. He leaves behind a Bambino Bomb. Go deeper into the mine and talk to the mole. Mario gives him the bomb, and it blows up the wall. You can find another star here, so use the trick to build your levels to 10. Save your game at the block and enter the room. Here is where you find Punchinello. To fight him, jump on him or approach from the side, otherwise he knocks you back.

BOSS: Punchinello HP: 1200

Have all characters attack him with normal attacks. When the bombs come in, just ignore them and concentrate your attacks on Punchinello. Each time he takes a certain amount of damage, he increases the sizes of bombs which causes more damage when they hit you. After you beat him, he makes a big bomb fall that ends up landing on him!

EXP: 0 Coins: 0 Item: None

After the battle, you find another Star Piece. Go through the hole in the wall and you find Dyna trying to push a trolley car. Mario gets it going and you start the mini-game. Just complete for now. For more info on this mini-game, check out the "Mini-Games" section. The cart drops through the roof of the home of Dyna. Exit the house and the Snifits mention of "The princess from the sky". That might be Toadstool... Exit Moleville and go to Booster Pass. Also, if you want the Tenor Card at Tadpole Pond, go to Melody Bay and play this:


Booster Pass / Booster Tower

When you enter here, examine the second bush for a Frog Coin. In the second area of Booster Pass, you can find a Flower in the corner. There is a hidden switch in the second area if you want to eliminate the enemies in the holes. At Booster Tower, you find Bowser there. And Toadstool is at the top of the tower! When Bowser leaves, try to open the door and leave. Then he comes back and knocks down the door. He lets you "join" his Koopa Troop. Enter the tower. The tower isn't very difficult to navigate, but there are some goodies that can be missed. If you go straight ahead into the room from the start you can find a teeter-toter with a Bob-omb on it. If you jump on it from high above, the Bob-omb sends Mario into the air and you can get the Masher weapon. When you find the "!" switch, hit it and a cave appears at Booster Pass. In there, you find three boxes containing a Flower, Frog Coin, and a Kerokero Cola. Some point in the tower, you run into a room with the pictures of the Booster generations, but they are mixed up. Flip the pictures in this order: 4-5-3-6-2-1. Doing so gets you the Elder Key which unlocks the nearby door. In that room, you get a weapon for Bowser, the Chomp. In the room with the coins on the floor, there is the Room Key. Be careful where you walk because you can run into a battle with an enemy called Fireball. Get the key and unlock the door. Inside is a treasure box with the Zoom Shoes. Once you reach the final room, try to open the door to rescue the Princess. Mario can't open it and Booster is coming, so he hides behind the curtains. Booster wants his Mario doll and he can't find it, so he makes the Snifits search behind the curtains. If you don't get caught, jump up to get the doll back to him. He then gives you an Amulet as a reward. If you get caught three times you must fight him! Try not to get caught because this is a very hard battle.

BOSS: Booster / Snifits (Optional Boss) HP: 800 / 200

When you start the battle, to damage Booster you have to take out the 3 Snifits. Stick to normal attacks on the Snifits because they usually Silence your party. Booster has a weakness to jump attacks, so have Mario use Super Jump on him when you can. His Loco Express attack can cause 70+ HP damage to an ally, and his Spritz Bomb can cause 45+ HP damage to one ally!

EXP: 22 Coins: 145 Item: Mushroom

Afterwards, head the balcony and you run into Knife Guy and Grate Guy. Here's another boss!

BOSS: Knife Guy / Grate Guy HP: 700 / 900

Each of them a weakness. Grate Guy is weak to thunder, while Knife Guy is weak to fire. So focus your attacks on one of them and keep doing that. Then they stand on each other. Still do the same and one of them should disappear soon. Then finish off the other one.

EXP: 30 Coins: 25 Item: Flower Jar

Then Mario runs to Booster Hill.

Booster Hill / Marrymore

On Booster Hill, you chase Booster and Princess to Marrymore. Each you reach the Princess, she gives you a Flower so try to get a many as you can. For more info, check out the "Mini-Games" section. When you reach Marrymore, go to the shops as usual. At the Hotel, if spend a certain amount of times at the Suite, you can get some good items. The catch is that each you stay there, it costs 200 coins! Talk to someone near the chapel and Raz and Raini come flying out! It turns out that Booster is inside ready to marry Toadstool. Enter the chapel from the back and go through the room to the Snifit. He's going to warn Booster, but he can't knock the door down. Run at the same time with him at the door to open it. In the next room, run at the same time with Bowser to open the door. When you get inside, Toadstool's wedding gear lands in different spots around the room. Get the shoes, ring and brooch from the Snifits and the crown is found on Booster's head. While you do this, candles light up. If you collect everything and talk to Booster when there two pairs of candles, the Princess will kiss Mario. Otherwise, Bowser and Booster will kiss Mario! The chefs aren't too happy that you are taking away the bride after making that big cake. So it's another fight...

BOSS: Bundt / Raspberry HP: 800 / 600

Ignore Torte and attack the cake. The cake moves and after it moves a few times, Torte gets scared and runs off. This when the cake attacks the party. Bundt is weak to jump attacks, so you know what to do. Have Mario use his Jump attacks, while the other two use normal ones. After a while, the top of the cake vanishes and you must fight Raspberry. He is no different from Bundt besides attacks. Then the Snifits come in and Booster eats the cake.

EXP: 25 Coins: 0 Item: None

With the Princess rescued, head back to Mushroom Kingdom. When you get back, go talk to the Chancellor. Exit the castle and Toadstool comes floating down with her umbrella. She now joins the group! Mallow suggests you visit Frogfucius for where to go next. Talk to him and he says a large star has been sighted at Star Hill. So head on over!

Star Hill

In this area, you can find a Star Piece lying around on the ground. From the start, go left and "talk" to the flower to open the star door. To pass through each area, you must talk to all the flowers. Also talk to the stars with a face on them to see what someone has wished. Two of them involve Mallow and there's even one with Luigi! In the fourth section you can find the star in the upper-right corner. Also if you use a Yoshi Cookie on Mukumuku, you get a Muku Cookie! Then go through the star door and go to Seaside Town.

Seaside Town / Sea

The townspeople sure are acting weird... Talk to the town elder at other end and he says he wants to get a star that fell into the sea. Now head to the Sea! A Shaman is selling some things there, so buy what you need. Here's another time to use the star trick! Use it to build your levels to 13+. Once you get out of the cave, jump into the water and use the whirlpool to get underwater. Go to the sunken ship's mast and go down the top like a pipe. Now you should be in the Sunken Ship.

Sunken Ship

Most of the enemies are undead, so bring Pure Water and use Mallow's Thunderbolt against Dry Bones. Just keep going until you reach an area with a bunch of doors with a Greaper in front of it. In each room is a puzzle and if you solve the puzzle, you get a clue to the ship's password. You need to know the password to continue on.

1st Room : You must make the Paratroopa hit the cannonball so it hits the switch. Lure him to the back and make him go forward.

2nd Room : Hit the switch to stop the Trampoline. When you stop all three, a cannonball comes and bounces on them. You may need to do this a few times to see where you should stop the trampoline so the ball lands on it.

3rd Room : The hardest puzzle! You must make your way through a 3-D Maze. Just jump and walk inside to get around.

4th Room : Chase and collect the coins! If you touch the coin that is laying other coins out, you lose.

5th Room : Hit the switch to fire a cannonball. When it is under the next switch, hit the ball so it bumps the switch. Keep repeating.

6th Room : Jump on the barrel who's color is different from the others. Jump on it again to roll it. Roll it onto the switch and then hit the other one.

With all the clues, you should get the password : PEARLS. In the next room, you hit the switch until the letter you want is highlighted. The order of the switches a U shape, so remember that when entering letters. Then speak the password to the pipe near the door. Before you go, you can fight Dry Bones in the room between the puzzles so you can build your levels to 16+. Mallow can usually wipe out the entire group with his Thunderbolt. Make sure you have Mario, Princess and another character in your party before you enter the door. When you go through, you face a boss...

BOSS: King Calamari / Tentacles HP: 800 / 200 / 260

Before you fight King Calamari, you must fight two groups of three tentacles. All of their weak points is fire. Have Mario use fire attacks while Toadstool heals and the other attacks. The tentacles can throw a character out of battle, causing Fear to that person when they come back - even if they are wearing a Fearless Pin! When you finally reach the squid, destroy the tentacles and attack him. He is also weak to fire. Mario's Super Flame can cause 250+ to him which makes this a very easy battle.

EXP: 34 Coins: 100 Items: None

Near the Save Block in this area of the ship, there is another treasure box with an enemy inside called Hidon. Beating him gets you a Safety Badge. In the water room with the Bloobers, there is a hidden door behind the barrels. Inside is a box with a Safety Ring in it. After that room, you encounter some pirates. Use Thunderbolt to beat them. Head to the upper deck to meet Jonathan Jones. If you want the Star from him, you have to fight him...

BOSS: Jonathan Jones / Bandana Blue HP: 820 / 150

Use Mallow's Thunderbolt to wipe out the minions and then use regular attacks on Johnny. Once he uses "Get Tough!", the battle changes to a one-on-one fight. Mario's Specials don't cause much damage, so stick to regular. When his HP gets lows, use a Mid Mushroom.

EXP: 44 Coins: 50 Items: None

Once you beat him, you get the Star Piece. Now head back to Seaside Town. When you get back, the townspeople are waiting there. But it turns out they work for Smithy! Head over the star the first time he asks, so the real Elder gives you a Flower Box. Follow them and make sure you have Toadstool in your party for the next boss.

BOSS: Yaridovich HP: 1500

Here's another hard boss! Mallow's Shocker works very well against him, it can cause 100+! Have Toadstool heal and Mario use regular attacks. When he uses the "Mirage" attack, have Mallow use Thunderbolt. The one who takes more damage than the other is the fake one. His Water Blast attack can inflict 30+ to each character, so be cautious.

EXP: 40 Coins: 50 Items: None

When you win, you get the Star Piece back and a key is on the ground. Pick up the Shed Key and unlock the shed. Inside are the real townspeople. The Elder gives a reward for saving them. If you kept refusing to give up the Star, you won't get a good item for your reward. Talk to the Elder at his house and he says that a mouse mentioned a star at Monstro Town and you have to get through Land's End to reach it. So exit and head to Land's End!

Land's End

In this area, you get to use cannons. Once you reach the Donut Bridge, jump through the hole in the wall when the cloud comes up. Go through the cave to find the Cricket Jam at Kero Sewers which you can give to Frogfucius later. Exit the cave and go across the Donut Bridge to a desert. Before you go there, you can play the mini-game. For more info on it, check the "Mini-Games" section. At the desert, talk to the mouse for a clue to get to Monstro Town. Go to one of the two areas, and fight the Shogun in the whirlpool. Then enter the whirlpool. Keep doing this until you get to underground. Once there, you can find 2 stars here, so use the trick to build your levels to 18+. One you can find in a box while the other one you must pay 400 coins. When you are done, go through the hole in the wall in room with the Geckits to get to Belome's Temple. At the fortune game, pay 50 and hit them in any order. If you want 100 coins, hit RIGHT, CENTER, LEFT. At the next fortune thing, make sure it reads that Belome is hungry and go down the elevator. Then you have a rematch with Belome! Have Mallow and Toadstool in your party before the fight.

BOSS: Belome HP: 1200

This time around, Belome can clone your characters! So if you put Mallow and Toadstool in, the clones are much easier to defeat than the others. Your regular attacks can cause 100+ damage, so just use them. Once you get rid of Belome, finish off the clones.

EXP: 34 Coins: 20 Items: None

Hit the "!" Switch and enter Monstro Town.

Monstro Town

When you enter here, go through the first door and talk to Monstermama. Go upstairs and talk to the star, it plays a tune which you can use later. Talk to Monstermama again and she calls the Sky Troopas to help you scale the cliff at Land's End. There is a key above on a high ledge here. To get it, keep talking to the Thwomp until it's on the ground. Now go back to the temple and go to the second fortune thing. Make sure it says that Belome isn't accepting visitors and go down the elevator. Give the key to the "Gold Belome" and you can get the following from this vault : 4 Flowers, 8 Frog Coins, Fire Bomb, Royal Syrup and a Max Mushroom. Visit Goomba's Shop before you go to upgrade Bowser's equipment. Now go to the cliff, it's near the entrance to the underground area. Scale the cliff to reach Bean Valley. If you want more info on scaling the cliff, check the "Mini-Games" section. Before you go to Bean Valley, visit Tadpole Pond and play this tune at Melody Bay:


Then you get the Soprano Card. While you are there, give the Cricket Jam to Frogfucius for 10 Frog Coins!

Bean Valley

Nothing much to do here. When you reach the area with the Smilaxes, defeat the upper one and go down the pipe. Go in the corner near the Chomp Chomp and defeat it. Then jump in the corner there. You should activate a hidden passage which leads to Grate Guy's Casino! When you are ready, put Mallow and Toadstool in your party and go to the next area. In that area is another plant, but this one is a boss!

BOSS: Megasmilax / Smilax HP: 1000 / 200

When the battle starts, defeat the Smilax. Then Shy Away comes and waters the plant, now there are 2 Smilaxes. Beat them and he comes in and waters them again. Now beat three of them. Now when he waters them, a Megasmilax appears with 2 Smilaxes. They are weak to snow, so use Mallow's Snowy special. With the smaller plants gone, use regular attacks on Megasmilax. When he uses Petal Blast, have Toadstool cure the Mushroom status with Therapy or Group Hug.

EXP: 40 Coins: 0 Items: None

Once you win the battle, a piece of paper with a Seed on it floats down. You can get later, but for now go down the pipe. Then hit the block and climb the magical beanstalk. Now you have to climb vines. In the section with a Flower in a treasure box, climb the orange vine at the top. Climb the vines in the next area, and you can get a Frog Coin, Rare Scarf and two Flowers. Now go back to the area with the Flower and climb the green vine. Climb the vines there and jump on the Trampoline to reach Nimbus Land. When you get there, Valentina has found the lost prince Mallow. A prince with the same as a character in your party...sounds weird... Go to the shops and buy the usual. Now pay a visit to Garro the Sculptor. He has a statue that looks exactly like Mallow! And it turns out Mallow is the real prince! Talk to Garro and he makes Mario look like a statue. So now you can enter the castle and discover the truth. Dodo then puts Mario on a pedestal. Go through the door and open the next one. Dodo now has to polish the statues, but instead he pecks them. When he tries to peck you, jump. If you don't get pecked, you get a Feather in the next room! In the room after that, some Birdos peck at Mario. Now go through the castle until you reach a room with three doors. Enter the left and keep going until you get the room with some people. One person gives you a Castle Key and another one gives you a Flower Jar. Now go back to the three doors and beat the Heavy Troopa guarding the middle one. Unlock the door and a egg is in the next room. Talk to the egg and agree to "play" with it. Another boss!

BOSS: Birdo HP: 777

Keep attacking Shelly until Birdo pops out. Just attack Birdo with regular attacks and you shouldn't have any problems. When she fires eggs at you, have Toadstool heal. When you deplete enough HP from Birdo, her eggs cause more damage!

EXP: 20 Coins: 30 Items: None

Once you win, she gives you another Castle Key. Unlock the door and continue. Go into the next room and defeat the Heavy Troopa. Then enter the next one. Now chase Dodo and Valentina and Mario lands near the hot springs. Make your way back to town. Here's another boss...

BOSS: Dodo / Valentina HP: 1000 / 2000

When the battle starts, Dodo picks up the middle character and that person must fight him. His Multistrike can really do some damage to character, so try to defend often. Once he takes enough damage, the scene shifts back to other characters fighting Valentina. After a while, Dodo comes back. Now, just concentrate your attacks on one of them. Once that person's HP is gone, the battle is over. They aren't very difficult, just keep Toadstool healing everyone.

EXP: 54 Coins: 200 Items: None

Mallow gets hit by the key and now he can see his parents. His parents say that a large star fell into the volcano, but the Czar Dragon lives there! Before you go, visit the room you couldn't open before and the guard there gives you a Flower Jar. You can also get the Lazy Shell Armor and Weapon if you want. To know how to get it, check the "Secrets" section. Here another thing to do, check the house to the far right to find Croco. He drops a Signal Ring, so pick it up. Equip this, and it rings when you are in the area of a hidden treasure box! Go to the hot springs and when you fall off, Mario lands in the volcano.

Barrel Volcano

This area has a good bit of Flowers, so make sure you get them. Most of the enemies here are weak to snow, so bring Mallow along. When you meet Hinopio, go and buy some armor and items. Build you levels to about 23. Then continue through the next few rooms to find the Czar Dragon.

BOSS: Czar Dragon / Zombone HP: 1400 / 1800

He's weak to snow, so use Snowy when you can. Have Mario use regular attacks and Toadstool heal. When summons four Heilos, have at least two characters each defeat one. You can usually get a "Attack Up!" Flower from them. Once you defeat the Czar Dragon, he changes into Zombone. If you have any Pure Water, use it now. Just have your characters use normal attacks and you shouldn't have any problems.

EXP: 50 Coins: 0 Items: None

Once you win, head into the next room for the star. But then the Axem Rangers take it from you. Chase them and at the end, you fight them.

BOSS: Axem Red / Axem Black / Axem Yellow HP: 800 / 550 / 600
Axem Pink / Axem Green / Axem Rangers 400 / 450 / 999

Looks like someone finally made fun of the Power Rangers! :) First attack Axem Pink because she heals the others. Then fight the others in this order : Green, Yellow, Black, Red. Most of their normal attacks can cause 30+, so make sure you heal a lot. Once you defeat them, they use the Blade's cannon. It fires the Breaker Beam which causes 100+ to each character! Use normal attacks and heal each round.

EXP: 17 Coins: 0 Items: None

After beating them, you get the sixth Star Piece. Go back to Nimbus Land and talk to King and Queen Nimbus. You can now use the Royal Bus to reach Bowser's Keep. Now go the section near Garro's house and get on the bus.

Bowser's Keep

If you bring Bowser here, most of the enemies run away from battle or they become confused! You may want to fight some Gu Goombas for a Max Mushroom if you want some. When you meet up with Croco, buy supplies and save your game. In the next room, there are six doors. You must complete 4 of them to move on and you can choose Action, Battle, or Puzzle. I would choose Action and Battle because you can get some goodies along the way and some weapons at the end. After completing the door puzzle, you run into Magikoopa in the next room. He isn't that hard. After winning, he helps by creating a box with unlimited coins and healing you of all damage. Enter the door on the left to find Croco. He sells the best armor for your characters, but each one costs 100 coins! Now enter the other door and go past the next room to a chandelier fight with Boomer. Before you fight, bring Geno and Toadstool along.

BOSS: Boomer HP: 2000

Just do the usual, Mario and Geno attack and Toadstool heals. He changes color to replenish his HP, but he lowers his defense. Keep attacking him and you shouldn't have any problems.

EXP: 19 Coins: 9 Items: None

Then the Chandeli-Ho takes you up to the sword...

BOSS : Exor / Right Eye / Left Eye HP: 1800 / 500 / 300
Neosquid 800

Your target is Exor, but to do any damage you must get rid of his protection. So attack the Eyes and Neosquid until they are "knocked" out. Now attack Exor. After a while, they return to normal, so keep attacking them. You don't need to knock out everything, but you can cause more damage to Exor if you do. Have Geno use Geno Boost to make the fight easier. Toadstool's healing is very helpful for this battle. Once Exor's eyes start to flash, the team gets sucked into Gate.

EXP: 34 Coins: 0 Items: None


This the last area of the game. You can find an Ultra Hammer for Mario, but it lowers his attack by 10 if have the Lazy Shell equipped. Make your way through the area until you reach a boss called Countdown. You can build your levels to about 25+ if you want, then fight him.

BOSS: Countdown / Ding-A-Ling HP: 2400 / 1200

Focus your attacks on Countdown so you won't have to put up with his magic. Do the usual, have the two characters attack and Toadstool heals. The attack you need to worry about is the Fear Roulette from Ding-A-Ling which can instantly kill an ally! Once the clock is done, go after the Ding-A-Lings.

EXP: 20 Coins: 0 Items: None

As you continue through the factory, you can find the "Machine-Made" versions of some bosses. They sometimes drop a good item after beating them in battle and they are a great way to earn EXP! Once you reach the room with the machine-made Yaridovich, fight him. After you win, the block he was on disappears. When you jump down the hole you face another boss.

BOSS: Cloaker / Domino HP: 1200 / 900

Each of them is strong in an area. Cloaker is strong with regular attacks while Domino is strong in magic. For now, keep attacking Domino and then Cloaker runs to Earth Link. Focus your attacks on the snake instead of Cloaker. Do the same thing for the past bosses. Both of their attacks can cause 50+ to someone, so watch what you do. You should really worry about the snake's Carni-Kiss which causes 150+ to an ally! Once you defeat Earth Link, Cloaker goes down with him.

EXP: 40 Coins: 0 Items: None

Now you can head into the Factory. Now is a good time to build your levels to 30 because the Yaridoviches give you 60 EXP and 50 Coins. I'll let you do the rest of the game because it's just a series of bosses. In the Factory, you'll fight the Clerk, Manager, Director, Factory Director and Gunyolk. Then to the final battle with Smithy. Use everything you know against the bosses and good luck!

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