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This is a list of all the booty to be found in the SMRPG universe. If you have trouble locating any of these items, please don't hesitate to ask.

* Also, please note that this does NOT contain Hidden Treasure Boxes. If you want Hidden Treasure Boxes, go to the Hidden Treasure Box section (imagine that...)

Mario's Pad
Items: 4 Mushrooms, Dry Bones Flag

Mushroom Way
Items: Honey Syrup, Flower Tab, Hammer
Chests: Coin Block x2, Flower, Recovery Mushroom

Mushroom Kingdom
Items: Map, Mushroom, Pick Me Up, 10 Coins, Flower Tab x3, Cricket Pie, Star Piece, Frog Coin, Beetle Mania game
Chests: Coin Block x2, Flower x2, Recovery Mushroom x2

Bandit's Way
Items: Wallet, RareFrogCoin
Chests: Recovery Mushroom x2, Invincibility Star, Flower

Kero Sewers
Items: Trueform Pin
Chests: Flower, Invincibility Star, Recovery Mushroom, Coin Block, Cricket Jam

Midas River
Items: NokNok Shell, Flower Tab x2, Frog Coin x5

Tadpole Pond
Items: Froggie Stick, Alto Card, Tenor Card, Soprano Card, Frog Coin x10

Rose Way
Items: Recovery Mushroom x2, Flower
Chests: Coin Block x4, Frog Coin, Recovery Mushroom

Rose Town
Items: Flower Tab, Finger Shot, Greaper's Flag, Lazy Shell (weapon), Lazy Shell (armor)
Chests: Flower x3 (or Flower, Coin Block x2)

Forest Maze
Items: Mushrooms (Infinite), Star Piece
Chests: Recovery Mushroom x3, Frog Coin, Flower (chests vary sometimes...)

Pipe Vault
Items: Flower
Chests: Flower x2, Coin Block

Yo'ster Isle
Items: Big Boo Flag, Yoshi Cookie x3 (win more by winning races)

Items: Flower Tab x3, Bambino Bomb, Shiny Stone, Carbo Cookie, Frog Coin, Star Piece
Chests: Invincibility Star, Coin Block, Flower, Recovery Mushroom

Booster Pass
Items: Flower, Frog Coin
Chests: KeroKero Cola, Flower, Frog Coin

Booster's Tower
Items: Flower Tab, Chomp, Frog Coin x4, Amulet, Elder Key, Room Key, Bright Card
Chests: Masher, Recovery Mushroom, Zoom Shoes

Booster Hill
Items: Flower (up to 8, just keep climbing the hill)

Items: Flower Tab, Flower Jar, Frog Coin

Star Hill
Items: Star Piece

Chests: Invincibility Star, Flower, Recovery Mushroom, Max Mushroom, Frog Coin

Sunken Ship
Items: Flower x2, Recovery Mushroom, Royal Syrup, Safety Badge, Frog Coin x5, Star Piece
Chests: Coin Block x5, Recovery Mushroom x2, Frog Coin, Safety Ring

Seaside Town
Items: Flower Box, Shed Key, Beetle Box

Land's End
Items: Max Mushroom, Royal Syrup, Fire Bomb, Frog Coin x8, Flower x4, Troopa Pin
Chests: Frog Coin x3, Recovery Mushroom, Invincibility Star, Coin Block x2

Monstro Town
Items: Temple Key, Jinx Belt, Quartz Charm, Ghost Medal, Attack Scarf, Super Jacket

Bean Valley
Items: Frog Coin x4, Seed
Chests: Flower x4, Frog Coin x2, Coin Block, Rare Scarf

Grate Guy's Casino
Items: Star Egg

Nimbus Land
Items: Red Essence, Feather, Flower Jar x2, Flower, Signal Ring, Castle Key 1, Castle Key 2, Fertilizer
Chests: Recovery Mushroom, Flower x3, Invincibility Star

Barrel Volcano
Items: Frog Coin x4, Star Piece
Chests: Flower x4, Coin Block x2, Invincibility Star, Frog Coin

Bowser's Keep
Chests: Recovery Mushroom x2, Star Gun, Rock Candy x4, Fright Bomb, Royal Syrup x2, Ice Bomb, Fire Bomb x2, Max Mushroom x2, Flower x5, Red Essence, Super Slap, Kerokero Cola x2, Pick Me Up x2, Sonic Cymbal, Drill Claw, Coin Block

Items: Rock Candy, Star Piece
Chests: Ultra Hammer, Recovery Mushroom x3, Flower x2, Royal Syrup, Max Mushroom

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