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Build Levels Easily
First, go to an area with a star in a treasure box. Make sure you save somewhere close to the area. Now, get the star and hit as many enemies as you can. Then, die in battle and you return to where you saved with all your EXP! You can repeat the trick until you get your levels to where you want them.

Dizzy Mario
At Mushroom Kingdom, you can find a girl running in a circle. If you can manage to jump on her head, Mario will jump off and faint after a while. Not much, but it's sorta funny.

Forest Booty
Remember those directions, Left, Left, Straight, Right from the guy in Rose Town? If you are lost on what he is saying, listen up. At the "maze" area of Forest Maze, follow those direction from Mario's perspective, no from where you are. If you do so, you can find a tree trunk in the room. Go down to find the following in Treasure Boxes : 1 Flower, 1 Mushroom, 1 Frog Coin, and two other boxes containing Coins.

Rare Item Shop
After you save Dyna & Mite, the man from the mine opens an item shop. At different points in the game, he finds new items. He can sell you a Lucky Jewel, Mystery Egg, and Frying Pan. The Frying Pan may sound useless, but it's actually Toadstool's best weapon, Metal Plate.

Star Wishes
On Star Hill, you can find some stars with a face on them. If you talk to them, you read someone's wish. Most of them come from characters in the game like Mallow, Croco, and Belome. There is also one with Mario's brother, Luigi!

Pipe Peeping
Once you beat Jonathan Jones, return to the Sunken Ship. Look into the pipe in the room with Jonathan Jones in it. Now you can look into other areas of the ship.

Shy Ranger
If you want to fight the Shy Ranger (the little guy who runs away in Pipe Vault), equip Geno (level 20+) with the feather. He will be able to get an attack in before the Shy Rangers can run off. You may want to use a Sleepy Bomb to put them to sleep, preventing any chance of escape for them.

Lazy Shell Weapon and Armor
The gardener in Rose Town is looking for the legendary "Seed" and "Fertilizer". You can get the Fertilizer once you beat Valentina. Go to the far right of the town, and you can walk off the ground. Talk to the Shy Away and he gives you the item. You can get the Seed once you beat Megasmilax. Read the piece of paper that floated down and take the Seed. Now go to Rose Town, and go past the Item Shop to the gardener's house. Give him the items and he grows a beanstalk. Climb up to get the Lazy Shell weapon for Mario and the Lazy Shell armor for anybody!

Link Catching Some Z's
Sleep at the Inn at Rose Town. When Mario wakes up, Link is there sleeping! He doesn't talk to you, but if you try, the game plays a familiar Zelda sound.

Samus Catching Some Z's
Check out the Guest Room in the Mushroom Kingdom Castle after getting the 5th Star (She only appears at this time. If you try to progress too much further in the game, she'll be gone)

The Three Musty Fears
When you rest in the bed at Monstro Town, they play a game with you called "Find the Flag". Each of them hides a flag somewhere. And here are the locations.
#1 : Find it under Mario's bed at Mario's Pad.
#2 : This one is behind the wooden flower at Rose Town.
#3 : Find it between the O and A in the word GOAL at Yo'ster Isle.
Rest again at the bed and the Three Musty Fears give you a Ghost Medal.

Raz and Raini's Yoshi Honeymoon
When you first reach Yo'ster Isle, look in the mailbox to find a honeymoon reservation at the island. Return there later to find Raz and Raini on their honeymoon!

Grate Guy's Casino
In the section of Bean Valley with all the pipes, go down the upper pipe. Defeat the Chomp Chomp, and keep jumping in the corner to activate the passage to Grate Guy's Casino.

The Bright Card
To get into Grate Guy's Casino, you need a Bright Card. To get it, return to Booster Tower to find Knife Guy inside. Talk to him to play a game. You guess which hand the yellow ball is. Win this game about 12 times, each loss decreases your win by 1, to get the Bright Card.  Don't sell it because you can NEVER get another one!

Wiggler's Treasure
In Forest Maze, if you can jump on a Wiggler 10 times (Not in battle, though), you get one Frog Coin. You can keep on doing this for more Coins and Frog Coins.

Fireworks Finale
When you get the ending, the mole from Moleville shoots some fireworks. The more you bought from, a different shape appears. Here is what you can get:
0 : Mushroom
1 : Mushroom
2 : Mushroom
3 : Flower
4 : Flower
5 : Star

Booster's Bride Search
When you go to Booster Tower after beating Valentina, you can find her at the balcony with Booster! Who knows what these two are up to...

Culex, The Dark Knight Of Vanda
Go to Moleville and purchase a Fireworks. Now trade the Fireworks at the little mole's Pur-Tend Store for the Shiny Stone. Use this stone on the sealed door in Monstro Town. You'll end up in a battle with Culex, an homage to the Final Fantasy series. If you beat Culex, you'll get the Quartz Charm.

Dream Cushion Gift
When you rest at Nimbus Land a few times, use the Dream Cushion. Sometimes Mario dreams that Toad is a monster. When this happens, Toad appears by your bedside and gives you a free Red Essence.

Unscroll the Future
There is an area in Belome's Temple where you must get your fortune read. This is not random. The order you hit the Belome statues' tongues will determine your fortune
Left-Center-Right: Receive Yoshi's Cookie or Mushroom
Left-Right-Center: Receive Yoshi's Cookie
Center-Left-Right: Fight three Chows
Center-Right-Left: Fight three Chows or one Shy Away
Right-Left-Center: 2/3 chance of getting 100 coins, 1/3 chance of getting Frog Coin
Right-Center-Left: Receive 100 Coins

8-Bit Mario
There's a room in Booster's Tower with a curtain in the corner. Go behind the curtain and come back out to become 8-bit Mario! Play around like this for a while, listen to the music...remember back to better times... When you try to leave the room, you'll get changed back into your regular self. You can only do this once...

Jumping Contest
Talk to the Chow at Monstro Town and he says he will give you a prize for jumping 30 times using the Super Jump. When you do get over 30 Super Jumps, you'll win the Attack Scarf. If you can manage 100 jumps, you'll get the Super Suit.

Look The Other Way Prize
At Grate Guy's Casino, keep talking to Grate Guy to play the Look the Other Way game. If you win this game 100 times, you get the Star Egg, an item that attacks all enemies and never gets used up.

Jinx and Jagger
Go to the Dojo in Monstro Town. Here you will find Jagger and his sensei Jinx. Defeat Jagger to fight Jinx. Defeat Jinx three times to win yourself the Jinx Belt!

Baby Yoshi
Yo'ster Isle will be home to a baby Yoshi later in the game. If you keep feeding it Yoshi Cookies, you can get some great items (like Yoshi-ade).

Unlimited Coins
Once you beat Magikoopa, he creates a Gold Treasure Box. Everytime you hit this box, you'll get a coin. You can hit it infinite times.

Suite Sweets
Resting at the Suite at the Marrymore Hotel can get you some valuable items. But each stay costs 200 coins. Here is what you can get:
1 Stay - Flower Tab
3 Stays - Flower Jar
5 Stays - 1 Frog Coin

Marriage Mania
During Booster and Toadstool's "wedding", you'll need to college Toadstool's wedding paraphrenalia. How quickly you do this determines your reward. Do it with only 2 candles lighted to receive a kiss from Toadstool. If more than 2 are lit, Booster and Bowser will kiss Mario.

Damage Deduction
If you really want to conserve HP, you can select the defend command in battle. Then, when you're being attacked, do a timed hit and voila! 3/4 damage!

Treasure Box Hunt
Sometimes when you jump straight up, you'll hit an invisible treasure box. Some of these boxes have great items in them. If you have the Signal Ring equipped, a tone will sound if there's an unfound treasure box in the room. Even if you find all 39, there will be no reward from the Pandorite in Monstro Town...

The Mystery Of The B'Tub Ring
Here's what to do with the B'Tub Ring: Get the ring and the Mystery Egg from the Rare Item Shop. Equip the ring on Toadstool. Enter a battle and have Toadstool use the egg 10 times. It will now turn into the Lamb's Lure. Now you need to use the Lamb's Lure 48 times. Then it will change into the Sheep Attack. The Sheep Attack can turn all enemies into timid sheep that run away. Enemies defeated this way yield no experience or coins.

Unlimited Yoshi Cookies
When the baby appears on Yo'ster Isle, just talk to him for 3 Yoshi Cookies. Any time you run out, just talk to him again for 3 more!

Yoshi Cookies
Yoshi Cookies are an often overlooked item. Using them can cause your enemies to turn into an item. You get to keep the item, and the enemy gets defeated!
NOTE: When you use a Yoshi Cookie and Yoshi fails to transform, he drops a Yoshi Candy. On some enemies you may need to use it a few times to transform the enemy.

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