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Chapter 4: Hostility and Friends
      After the scene in Usagi's room and the seemingly uplifting message, you will appear in the street with Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibimoon in your party. Head east two screens and then north into the Maison Apartment Building. Go up the elevator and then into the first door on the left (right next to the Luna-P ball). After the scene you will have to take 3 more senshi with you. At this point the team isn't too important, but I recommend Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Chibimoon will activate the Time-Space door and take you to try and see Sailor Pluto. Once you have arrived, head south and save at the Luna-P ball. In this area, there is an incredible jump in the strength of the monsters, so if you were to fight them you would gain levels rather quickly, but they also cause a lot of damage. Be sure to use Saturn and Chibimoon to restore your characters with Pink Sugar Revolution and have all other characters attack. Any link attacks that attack all characters is fine. When you are ready, try to go through the Time-Space door to fight a boss.

Boss Battle: Nergal x1
Recommended Level: Lv 15
Recommended Party Members: Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibimoon, (Sailor Uranus), (Sailor Neptune), (Sailor Saturn)

      Create the Victory Formation and put Uranus and Neptune in front, Chibimoon in the back, and Saturn and Moon in the middle. Have Saturn use Death Reborn Revolution, Uranus and Neptune both use Deep Shaking, Moon use Moon Spiral Heart Attack and Rainbow Moon Heart Ache, and have Chibimoon use Pink Sugar Revolution each round. With this strategy, Nergal will fall quickly and you can continue.
      The weakling Nergal will retreat for now, opening the Time-Space door and allowing you to enter. So do so, and continue down the hall. In the next room, if you walk in front of either chest you will be teleported to a different room. To get all of the treasure, first, just walk down the middle between the two holes in the floor. Then, walk down the right side of the chest on the left and open it from the right side. Then, walk directly right and open the other chest to get the Playing Cards and GarnetPin. Then, walk directly to the left and use the teleportation in front of the left chest. Take the item in that room and buy any healing items you may need from the merchant. I recommend getting as many Toilettes and Bath Medics as you can buy and then getting the C.Parfait in the Chest in the center of the room. Then, head south and exit. You will be in the third room again. This time, walk in front of the chest on the right to enter a room which contains two chests. On the left is the Original Card and on the right is the S.Cake. Head through the north door.

      From the entrance, go west and get the chest that contains a F.Cream. Head north to get the G.Earrings in the chest, and then east to get the SpecialDish. From here, head south (without stepping on the green mass) and get the H.Berry in the chest. Take note that stepping on the Green masses will teleport you to different places: the one near the center to Juuban High School, and the one at the top to the next area. Use the one at the top and head north to the chest and the Luna-P ball. Get the Fragrance in the chest and save your game. Head east and get the C.Burger from the chest. Then, continue east and get the Red Pupil from the chest and equip it on Neptune of Chibimoon (for a stronger attack or defense, respectively). Then, walk up to the north wall, then go east, then go down to get the chest which contains the Life Crepe. If you are below Level 20, level all of your characters up for a little and then save at the Luna-P ball. When you're ready, walk on the space to the left of the chest at the end of the hall to go to the next area. After a short scene, you fight the boss Dimention T.

Boss Battle: Dimention T.
Recommended Level: Lv 20-22
Recommended Party Members: Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibimoon, (Sailor Uranus), (Sailor Neptune), (Sailor Saturn)

      Use the following attacks with each character: Deep Shaking with Uranus and Neptune, Pink Sugar Revolution with Chibimoon, Moon Spiral Heart Attack and Rainbow Moon Heart Ache with Moon, and either Death Reborn Revolution with Saturn or Pink Sugar Revolution depending on how your characters are holding out. Dimension T. is quite an easy battle, although he can cause a bit of damage to whoever is in the front of your group.
      After a somewhat long scene with the gathering of all the Sailor Senshi, you will be in the hallway of the Hikawa shrine with Sailor Moon only in your party and your next destination will be the book store to get the Moon Book. Head down the hall and exit the south door. Go through the room to the south and exit, and then hea east and down the stairs. In the street, head west until you reach the next screen. Go south down the street at the second intersection, and then east and south. Then, continue south until you see the Game Center. The book store is the building just to the west of it. Go inside and talk to the old man behind the counter. After leading you around the store, he will offer the book for 300 Yen, so buy it. Then, backtrack your steps to the Hikawa shrine. When choosing your team, I recommend a team of Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto. Mercury does a lot of damage to the enemies in here if put in front, Jupiter and Moon can heal with Spiral Pressure, Saturn is rather strong as well, and Pluto just needs to be leveled up. If you can't tell, I always keep a group of senshi capable of healing the entire party, since it comes in handy when used each round.

      Once on the ship, be sure to equip any party members with any accessories that you might have gotten along the way. Use the cluster formation and put Mercury and Saturn in the front, Pluto in the back, and Moon and Jupiter can be either in the middle or the back. Equip the Red Pupil on Mercury. From your starting location, head north and up the stairs. Purchase any items you may need (especially toilettes!) and then go east and get the toilette from the chest. Then, head west and get the ABracelet (Equip it on Neptune if she is in your party). Head back south and then west, save at the Luna-P ball. Then, head east and enter the mirror to the north.

      This room is an excellent place to gain levels, and I recommend gaining all of your party members to at least Level 26. You can head back to the merchant and buy healing items if necessary, and you gain upto 900 experience per battle! Mercury can defeat the entire enemy party in one hit with Mercury Aqua Mirage, so use that every battle. Because there is nothing but what seems like the same room repeatedly, you'll have to follow a certain path. Basically, keep taking the left doors to the north. The right ones all lead to a black altar of some sort. Once you reach the room with only a single door, heal up, and then continue through and going left. You will have to fight four battles in a row:

Boss Battle: Cooan
Recommended Level: Lv 26-28
Recommended Party Members: Sailor Moon, (Sailor Mercury), (Sailor Saturn), (Sailor Mercury), (Sailor Pluto)

      The only attacks Cooan will use is a scratch and Dark Fire which damages your entire party. Sailor Pluto is extremely vulernable in this battle because of her lower level and naturally low HP, so keep healing every round. Death Reborn Revolution is extremely handy in this battle, so use that and everyone else's strongest attack (Make whoever is in the back row between Moon and Jupiter use Healing Pressure). Pluto's Time Stop actually works well in this battle and can freeze Cooan for a few rounds while you pummel her.

Boss Battle: Beruche
Recommended Level: Lv 26-28
Recommended Party Members: Sailor Moon, (Sailor Mercury), (Sailor Saturn), (Sailor Mercury), (Sailor Pluto)

      Beruche will use an attack called Dark Water which damages your whole party and a scratch attack as well. She, basically, is a stronger version of Cooan, and thus, not much more difficult. Use the same strategy as before, healing every round and using Time Stop to beat her without recourse.

Boss Battle: Karaberas
Recommended Level: Lv 26-28
Recommended Party Members: Sailor Moon, (Sailor Mercury), (Sailor Saturn), (Sailor Mercury), (Sailor Pluto)

      In striking similarity to her predecessors, Karaberas uses an attack that hits all party members as well as a single-attack. The only difference is that her stats are slightly stronger. Be sure to use the same strategy as before and you are sure to win.

Boss Battle: Petz
Recommended Level: Lv 26-28
Recommended Party Members: Sailor Moon, (Sailor Mercury), (Sailor Saturn), (Sailor Mercury), (Sailor Pluto)

      This is the strongest of the four sisters and the one that will give you the most difficulty. Be sure to use the same attacks, and if anyone gets hurt, use Healing Pressure or Healing Spray. Time Stop works wonders in this battle if Pluto is kept alive; it can freeze her while you recover or simply pummel her with attacks for a few rounds. Don't hesitate to use a toilette when you run out of EP.
      After these battles, head north to the mirror and examine it. Pick yes to teleport to Luna, and after a scene and a teleportation to the past, you will be in Sariel Village choosing party members. A good party at this point would consist of Moon, Chibimoon, Saturn, Pluto, and Venus. You haven't chosen Venus in quite a while, so don't have her feel left out (Okay, so a fifth member is optional). When you are ready, head to the Sariel shop and buy any healing items you may need. The next battle with Rubius is quite difficult. When you are ready, head east out of the village. Then, head east, south, east north, and then northeast at the fork. After the confrontation, you battle Rubius

Boss Battle: Rubius
Recommended Level: Lv 27
Recommended Party Members: Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibimoon, (Sailor Venus), (Sailor Saturn), (Sailor Pluto)

      Moon Spiral Heart Attack will be a life saver in this battle. It does an enormous amount of damage for some reason, so be sure not to use the MoonCup1. Also, since Chibimoon will heal your party along with either Venus/Moon for Rainbow Heart Shower or with Saturn for Pink Sugar Revolution. If your party is seriously injured, use Rainbow Heart Shower, but if you are simply healing each round to keep your HP at its maximum level then use the weaker Pink Sugar Revolution. For this battle, I put Saturn and Venus in the front, Moon in the middle, and Pluto and Chibimoon in the back. Pluto is only good for her Time Stop ability for now, and Chibimoon will be using front-line members for healing, so they work well in the back. Since Pluto's attack power will be low where she is, you can make her use EP restoration items such as toilettes or any other healing item. Rubius will use lots of status attacks, including those that confuse your entire party, so be absolutely sure you are ready to heal them or deal with them. This is quite a difficult battle, but if you heal constantly from both HP damage and status ailments, and attack fiercely, you'll be able to win. If you're cheap, you can simply use toilettes every couple of rounds when Rubius' Time Stop effects wear off. Then, use Time Stop again and keep pummeling him while he can't attack you. There is no guarantee, however, that Time Stop will work.
      When the battle's over, continue northeast and enter the cave. Save at the Luna-P ball and then board the Ark. Head east into the room and then watch the scene.

NOTE: You can now do the optional quest!

     After you have control of the ark, fly to the north pole (Its a map of Earth, you can check it with X. The place you want to go is the place on the northwest white island.) The enemies here are strong, and for the next boss battle you should be at Level 30. The best strategy, if you still have the same party as I suggested, is to use Crescent Revolution twice, Moon Spiral Heart Attack, Pink Sugar Revolution, and Time Stop. You should be able to win each battle without having to worry about EP (with the exception of Sailor Pluto), and its worth it for up to 1100 EXP per battle! Gain a few levels in this area, even going as far to switch members around to make sure everyone is at Level 30, and when you are ready, head east.

      Head southeast down the trail, and when you get to the first "lake," go down the west side and get the chest for a Life Can. Go back up and then head south east along the top wall of ice. Head past the opening to the north and get the chest that contains a BathMedic. From here, head directly west and you should come to a Bentou Set. From here, go as far south as possible and then go east along the bottom wall of ice to come to an ATiara in the chest. From here, walk around the "lake" just west of the chest so that you are going northeast. Continue in this direction until you get the chest containing the Confetti. By the way, equip the ATiara if Uranus is in your party. From here, head directly north, past the open chest, and through the opening in the north wall of ice. Head alone this path until you reach the next screen.

      From this place, head east and then north and go get the chest on the west side of the castle to receive a Fragrance. Head back to the east side and save at the Luna-P ball to the front east side of the castle. Then, try to enter. Head west and enter the north door. Head down the hall to the west and then up the stairs. From here, head east down the hall and get the HolyWater in the chest. Return to the main hall and enter the east door to the north. Go up the stairs, head east down the hall, and enter the door to the north. Get the chest in the northwest corner of the room for a Fragrance. Head east and watch the scene, then head back south and get the Filamis and White Rose in the chests. Exit the castle.

      Head south west until you exit the screen. Then, head southwest to the village. From here, go up north through the center and try to enter the castle. After transforming, enter again, and the head norht through the door in the center. Then, head north through the curtain and watch the discussion. For now, you can't get the chests, so just exit the castle. Return to your ark and use Y while in it and you will fly to the Silver Milennium on the Moon. Save at the Luna-P ball and then head north. Keep heading north until you enter the castle. From here, head west and then enter the north door. Re-enter the room after watching the scene and search behind the left curtain to find the R.Feather and equip it to Chibimoon. Then, search behind the right curtain for the R.Ribbon and equip it on any member. Then, exit the room and go up the stairs in the center of the room. Head through the curtains, and then through the next curtains. Watch the scene between Neo-Serenity and Endymion, and then exit. Head west and enter through the curtains. In the northwest part of that room are two chests containing a DiBracelet and a Red Rose.

      Exit the castle and then head south back to the ark. Press Y again to fly back to the moon to see the destroyed Silver Milennium. Head north a screen, and then get the chest right on the left for a MoonShard. Then, head north for a scene. Sailor Moon will leave your party and you will be in Sariel Village to regroup and try to rescue her. For the party members, I recommend Pluto and Chibimoon in the back, Neptune and Uranus in the front, and Saturn in the center. Because you have all outer senshi, you will be able to use some devistating maneuvers. Once you have chosen your party, exit the village and return to the cave which contains the Ark Teleportation pad. Once on the ark, press Y to return to the Moon Kingdom.

      Once on the moon, head north a screen. Then, head north all the way to the strange symbol. The enemies in here are incredibly difficult and will take a long time to beat, but they leave an enormous amount of experience as well. Be sure to gain a few levels in here, perhaps at least to 35, before continuing. Once you go even a little bit down you will be confronted with Black Lady and forced to battle her.

Boss Battle: Black Lady
Recommended Level: Lv 35
Recommended Party Members: Sailor Chibimoon, (Sailor Uranus), (Sailor Neptune), (Sailor Saturn), (Sailor Pluto)

      Uranus is extremely vulnerable in this battle, so be sure to heal her just about every round. At the same time, if she uses Deep Shaking with Neptune each round, she'll be a force to be reckoned with. Make sure to have Pluto and Chibimoon heal when they are not using Time Stop or Pink Sugar Revolution, respectively. Make Saturn use Death Reborn Revolution, and if your HP gets too low, don't hesitate to use a toilette.
      After Black Lady is destroyed, head south and take the first path to the left. Then, follow the path northwest and north until you reach the chest containing the R.Choker and equip it on Chibimoon. Then, head directly west and get the Bath Medic. From here, head south and take the fork east. Get the Moon Drop in the chest. From here, head west and take the west path at the fork to reach Sapphire, who will tell you about his wish. Afterwards, just take the Moon P. from the chest and continue West. Be sure you are healed from all status ailments and have your HP restored, because you will have yet another boss battle when you step through the door to the north.

Boss Battle: Sin
Recommended Level: Lv 35
Recommended Party Members: Sailor Chibimoon, (Sailor Uranus), (Sailor Neptune), (Sailor Saturn), (Sailor Pluto)

      As an ironic turn of events, Sin is far weaker than Black Lady. The only thing that needs to be worried about for this battle is the Illusion attack which has a surprisingly high success rate. Keep those Bath Medics handy and be sure to heal often. Use the same strategy as the last battle: Deep Shaking for Uranus and Neptune, Death Reborn Revolution for Saturn, Pink Sugar Revolution for Chibimoon, and Time Stop / Healing Items for Pluto. Her attacks aren't nearly as strong as Black Lady's, so you should be able to stop her with ease.
      Since you worked so hard, you are permitted to save the game and proceed to the final chapter.

Proceed to Chapter 5: After the Battle


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