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Chapter 5: After the Battle
      After the introduction scene to Chapter 5, Usagi decides to make sure everything's okay at her home. Exit the Maison aparment buildings. Now would be a good time to exchange all of your rare items for a lot of Yen by getting on the bus in front of the Maison Apartments and going to the Infinite Academy. Head west around the Infinite Academy and then north into the collector's shop. Talk to the man behind the counter to automatically exchange any items you might have and then leave. Head back to the bus stop to go to Harumi, then go back onto the bus stop to go back to Maison Apartments. Head west two screens from the front of Maison Aparments. Enter Usagi's house and walk up the stairs to the right. Head west and enter the south door for a scene and an eventual boss battle.

Boss Battle: Kishal
Recommended Level: Lv 35
Recommended Party Members: Sailor Moon, Sailor Saturn, Sailor Pluto

      I think this battle might have been intended simply to give Sailor Moon 20,000 EXP that she missed while she was kidnapped. For some reason, this boss is hardly difficult and can be defeated in only a few rounds. Use Time Stop and attacks with Pluto, Death Reborn Revolution with Saturn, and Moon Spiral Heart Attack with Sailor Moon. Kishal uses an attack called Illusion which has the potential to confuse your entire party, but it usually won't work, leaving you free to beat him for a while.
      After the conversation, exit Usagi's house and head east one screen. In Juuban, buy some items to prepare for the journey. If you chose to go sell your maniac items at the Collector's Shop, you'll have plenty of cash to buy Toilettes and Bath Medics. If you have any money left over, purchase some other items as well. Once finished, head east to the Hikawa Shrine. Head to the usual meeting room and watch the scene, and after a teleportation you will meet up with an old friend of Mamoru's. Then, you will watch a rather long scene involving the Oppositio Senshi. You are supposed to bring the Inner Senshi with Sailor Moon and bring the Outer Senshi with Sailor Chibimoon, but you can split the party up any way you like. Because of the story, I will provide a strategy for that party as well as my suggested one: With Sailor Moon, bring Pluto, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus. With Chibimoon, bring Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, and Mars. This way, you will have a team of healers and a strong attack as well. After choosing either party, you will watch a scene. Save at the Luna-P ball.

      Head north and enter the Dark Castle. If you brought Mars along, you will need to heal or revive her almost every battle. Be sure to put her into the back row if it becomes too much for her to survive. Her fire attacks will do severe damage even from the back row. You can have Sailor Moon heal with Healing Pressure. If you need supplies, from the start of the castle, you can head west and then north to meet a travelling merchant. The enemies here drop some great items, so if you fight them for a while you should have quite a few. If you are at at least Level 45, are completely healed, and have items that you may need in a difficult battle, then you can continue up the north path in the center and touch the statue to be teleported.

      You can't take the north path, so head south, then east, then north. When you get to the doorway there will be a scene. This is your warning to heal up, and then head north through the doorway. Be sure to organize your party properly so they don't get destroyed during the battle. I put Venus and Jupiter in the front (Clust formation), Moon in the middle, and Mercury and Mars in the back. After the scene with Sailor Moon and then head up to Shingo to begin the boss battles.

Boss Battle: Nergal x1, Marduk x1
Recommended Level: Lv 45
Recommended Party Members: Sailor Moon, (Sailor Mercury), (Sailor Mars), (Sailor Jupiter), (Sailor Venus)

      This battle is extremely difficult, especially since the multi-target attack can knock out so many senshi each round! If you chose the team recommended above, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus are extremely susceptible. Have them defend each round so they don't get knocked unconscious, and in the mean time have Sailor Moon use Healing Shower until her EP runs out. If you have any Nakayoshi's or Lipsticks, have Sailor Mercury use them on Sailor Moon each time she loses enough EP so that you aren't wasting any (For example, if she is missing 4EP, use a Lipstick, and if only 2 EP, use a Nakayoshi). If you are lazy, you can simply use a Cologne or Toilette when Sailor Moon runs out of EP. Once in a while, use Healing Pressure to heal your entire party of the damage they may have received while defending. After you have used Healing Shower for 6 rounds, have Sailor Moon use Rainbow Moon Heart Ache and deal some serious damage. Have Mercury restore her EP each round, and if EP restoration becomes impossible, use healing items with Mercury and regular attacks with Sailor Moon. If you becomed charmed, use Bath Medics. This will definitely make for a prolonged battle, so to shorten it, simply have Mercury use a Fragrance each round and cut the amount of uses of Healing Shower in half. After many rounds, you will win. If you brought any Senshi besides Uranus, Mars, Jupiter, or Venus, have them use attack or heal during these battles.
      Without giving you a chance to recover, you will face Nabu and Ishtar!

Boss Battle: Nabu x1, Ishtar x1
Recommended Level: Lv 45
Recommended Party Members: Sailor Moon, (Sailor Mercury), (Sailor Mars), (Sailor Jupiter), (Sailor Venus)

      In order to survive, you can use the same strategy as the previous battle. Watch out for Ishtar's attack that does heavy damage to one member. Be sure to heal any status ailments, especially those that effect Mercury and Moon. If you want to make the battle go faster, use Healing Shower 12 times instead of only 6 and Sailor Moon will be a force to be reckoned with!
      And immediately after that, Sin!

Boss Battle: Sin x1
Recommended Level: Lv 45
Recommended Party Members: Sailor Moon, (Sailor Mercury), (Sailor Mars), (Sailor Jupiter), (Sailor Venus)

      This battle is significantly easier than the previous ones. Eventually, you may need to use an item to restore everyone's HP, but if you use the same strategy as the previous battles you should be able to win. The most important thing to watch out for is for her petrification attack which could end the battle quickly. Be sure to heal that ailment immediately!
      After a short scene, you will play as Chibimoon in Crystal Tokyo. Take a few steps north for a short conversation. Then, proceed to level up your entire party to Level 45 to prepare for the multiple boss battles that lie ahead. From where you begin, if you head south so that you are between the two green fences and then head west, there is a shop called "Canna" that you can enter and save or purchase accessories. Just east of this shop is one also labeled "Canna" that sells other various foods. Southeast of this one is yet another shop that sells Crystal food. Just west of here is another shop which sells some useful items such as Bath Medics. Take note that each shop has a Luna-P ball, so be sure to save after each boss battle. Once you are on Level 45 and have a lot of items (You should have quite a bit of Yen by now), head north and towards the center until Anshar tells you you can't proceed. From here, head west, then south, then west, then north, and then east. Organize your party so that Neptune and Uranus are in the front, Saturn is in the center, and Pluto and Chibimoon are in the back. Examine the giant Dark Crystal to begin the boss battle with Eudial.

Boss Battle: Eudial
Recommended Level: Lv 45
Recommended Party Members: Sailor Chibimoon, (Sailor Uranus), (Sailor Neptune), (Sailor Saturn), (Sailor Pluto)

      Finally, a digression from the usual difficult battles! The only worry here is the Fire Attack which hits all party members. Be sure to heal every round, especially for Uranus! Time Stop is really handy here, as well as Death Reborn Revolution and Pink Sugar Revolution. Eudial takes a lot of damage each round, so she should fall quickly.
      After this battle, heal up and head east. After heading directly east, make any final healings you may need and head towards the 2nd black crystal. Mimett will appear and challenge you.

Boss Battle: Mimett
Recommended Level: Lv 45
Recommended Party Members: Sailor Chibimoon, (Sailor Uranus), (Sailor Neptune), (Sailor Saturn), (Sailor Pluto)

      Mimett isn't much harder than Eudial. Be sure to use Time Stop in the first round and pummel her with Death Reborn Revolution and Deep Shaking. Have Chibimoon use Pink Sugar Revolution each round and have Pluto heal or attack, depending on which is needed most.
      Now that Mimett has been defeated, it is time to secure Crystal Point number 3, which is located (from this place), east, south, and then west at the first fork. Head west until you can't anymore, then head south until you can't anymore. Walk up and behind the crystal and

Boss Battle: Tellu
Recommended Level: Lv 45
Recommended Party Members: Sailor Chibimoon, (Sailor Uranus), (Sailor Neptune), (Sailor Saturn), (Sailor Pluto)

      If you have Uranus in your party during this battle, make sure she defends each round or she could be defeated in one hit. If you are noticing that any other Senshi you brought die, such as Venus, Mars, and Jupiter, also make them defend each round while any remaining senshi attack. Tellu isn't much harder than the previous two bosses, but she can become difficult if her status ailment attacks are successful. Be sure to heal those immediately with Bath Medics and don't hesitate to you a BentouSet or a Toilette now and then.
      After this battle, heal any abnormal status ailments and HP and then head directly east to the fourth crystal point.

Boss Battle: Viluy
Recommended Level: Lv 45
Recommended Party Members: Sailor Chibimoon, (Sailor Uranus), (Sailor Neptune), (Sailor Saturn), (Sailor Pluto)

      Viluy is just like Tellu, only with a slightly stronger attack and a slightly weaker Defense. Have Uranus defend each round and have everyone else use their strongest attacks. Neptune can use Deep Shaking, while Pluto uses Time Stop, Saturn uses Death Reborn Revolution, and Chibimoon uses Pink Sugar Revolution. Have Chibimoon use a Cologne when everyone inevitably runs out of EP.
      After this battle, save and heal any abnormal status ailments and HP. From this location, head west until you can head south, and head south, then west, and go near the final crystal point.

Boss Battle: Cyprine x1, Purichol x1
Recommended Level: Lv 45
Recommended Party Members: Sailor Chibimoon, (Sailor Uranus), (Sailor Neptune), (Sailor Saturn), (Sailor Pluto)

      There are two witches in this battle which means twice the difficulty of every other battle thus far! Uranus will undoubtedly be hurt easily in this battle, so be sure to have her defend each round as well as Jupiter, Mars, or Venus if you brought them. Use the same strategy as before, and try to use attacks that hit each member of the enemy party. Be sure to use Pink Sugar Revolution each round and use Bath Medics whenever necessary; they use a lot of status ailments against you! If you use this strategy, you should be able to defeat them after a little while.
      You finally secured all of the Crystal Points! Save immediately and then head north through the center of Crystal Tokyo to enter the Crystal Palace. If you have the puzzle completed, enter the archway just left of the stairs. Head right down the hallway, then north down the hallway, and enter the door to the north. Talk to the pink merchant and he will give you 10 Angel Pins for completing the Puzzle. For now, don't equip them on any of your party members. Head back to the beginning of the Crystal Palace (if you haven't gotten the puzzle completed, start reading here:) and head up the stairs. Then, head through the curtains to the north. Keep heading up the stairs and eventually you will meet with Anshar and have to battle him.

Boss Battle: Anshar
Recommended Level: Lv 45
Recommended Party Members: Sailor Chibimoon, (Sailor Uranus), (Sailor Neptune), (Sailor Saturn), (Sailor Pluto)

      Anshar is incredibly easy. He has an attack called Whirlwind Cut, but it hardly does any damage to any of your party members. It will take a few rounds to beat him, but if you are patient it can be done. When I ran out of EP after using my normal attacks, I simply used regular attacks to pummel him to death and didn't need to heal once.
      After the battle and the scene, you will have to choose a new party. I chose Jupiter, Venus, Uranus, and Pluto and put them in the cluster formation with Moon in the middle, Jupiter and Uranus in the front, and Pluto and Venus in the back. When you have chosen your party, head north through the time gate. Then, continue north to the next screen and continue north some more until you see the scene with Tuxedo Kamen. From here, step on the spot in front of the right chest and then head to the green orb at the north end of the room. Head north and save at the Luna-P ball and then head east and step on the square just southwest of the chest all the way at the end of the hall. Then, head north to confront Apsu after a short scene!

Boss Battle: Apsu
Recommended Level: Lv 50
Recommended Party Members: Sailor Moon, (Sailor Uranus), (Sailor Jupiter), (Sailor Venus), (Sailor Pluto)

      Apsu is difficult, but if you use a certain strategy she can be rather simple to defeat. Have everyone defend except for Sailor Moon who will use Healing Shower with Venus the first round and have Pluto use Time Stop. Then, when Apsu is stopped, have everyone attack with their strongest Single Technique except for Sailor Moon who should use Healing Pressure. In the next round, have everyone attack except for Sailor Pluto who should use a Cologne. Then, have everyone defend except for Sailor Moon who will use Healing Shower and Pluto who will use Time Stop. Repeat this process until you either run out of Colognes or are too impatient to use this method. If you don't have any colognes, simply have everyone but Moon and Pluto defend and have them use items or attacks to defeat Apsu. Sometimes Apsu uses status ailments to attack, but usually that isn't something you should worry about. If someone has one on them, heal immediately.
      A long scene will take place after this battle. Head west and then north to get the C.Cologne in the chest. Then, head east to get the chest which contains a C.Drop. Head south and exit the room. Then, head south again out of that room. Head south and try to exit the castle and Uranus will stop you. At this point you will reorganize your party to exit the palace. Equip any Angel Pins you have evenly throughout your party and then gain levels in Crystal Tokyo. A good level for fighting the last boss is about 55, and I recommend getting each senshi to that level rather than just the party you will use to win. Now would also be a good time to build some Link Attack Points so they are useful in the final battle. When all of your senshi are at a high enough level, purchase as many colognes as you can and any other healing items you may need. Try to exit again to switch party members and bring Moon, Pluto, Jupiter, Uranus, and Venus. Then, re-enter the palace and head under the archway, down the hall to the right, to the north, and then west until you can exit the south door. Then, head down the stairs.

      Save at the Luna-P ball and then proceed into the basement. Be sure to have this party equipped with Angel Pins and Senshi-Specific Equipment. Double check to make sure you have all the items you may need, and then head east and north into the doorway. After switching members, put Venus and Jupiter in the front of the cluster formation, Uranus in the middle, and Moon and Pluto in the back. When you are finally ready, head through the north door to face the final boss of the game!

Boss Battle: Demon Apsu
Recommended Level: Lv 55
Recommended Party Members: Sailor Moon, (Sailor Uranus), (Sailor Jupiter), (Sailor Venus), (Sailor Pluto)

      Demon Apsu can use an attack that can defeat your entire party in one attack! For the first round, have everyone except for Pluto defend and have her use Time Stop. For the second round, have Jupiter use Sparkling Wide Pressure, Uranus use Space Sword Blaster, Sailor Moon use Healing Shower, and Venus use Venus Love-Me Chain. Pluto, during this round, should use a cologne. After this round, use all the same attacks with everyone but make Pluto use Time Stop again. If you keep using the strongest attacks, the senshi can all do up to 9999 of damage each hit! In addition, Demon Apsu won't be able to touch your party and you can defeat her without any problems! If you win this battle, you will earn the good ending, but if you lose...

Boss Battle: Demon Apsu
Recommended Level: Lv 55
Recommended Party Members: Sailor ChibiMoon, (Sailor Saturn), (Sailor Neptune), (Sailor Mercury), (Sailor Mars)

      Chances are your party members for this battle will be in a random order in a cluster formation, but this boss is far easier than the one you were just defeated by. As a matter of fact, this boss is rather pathetic and will most likely do very little damage regardless of the positioning of your party! Have whoever is in the center and front use their strongest attacks while either Chibimoon or Saturn uses Pink Sugar Revolution each round. After a few rounds this boss will be defeated.


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