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This Walkthrough is by Cless Alvein and Ezboarder, and may not be distributed without the permission of the owners

City, Section 1, Morgue

You start out in a morgue, in Section 1 of a city. You see some doctors carry you and put you in a drawer, taking you for dead. You climb out sluggishly, and realize you don't remember a thing. Examine the drawer for a piece of paper if you wish, but it's not necessary. Look on an operating table near the bottom and take the Scalpel that's on it. Open both of the refridgerators to your left and get a Slap Patch that's in it. Remember one thing, do NOT use this Slap Patch unless you really need it, as it will get you information later on that you might not be able to get otherwise.

City, Section 1, Main

Go out of the morgue and you'll see a red-haired punk. He'll start talking to you. In the conversation, you'll learn about Hitmen and Firearms. Then, finish the conversation and follow him to the next screen.

City, Section 1, Southwest

Keep following him down the stairs.

City, Section 1, Dark Alley

You will be shot at by a Orc Assassin, run and get a Beretta Pistol. After you get it, equip it and use it on the Orc Assassin. You should kill him without too much difficulty and after the Orc Assassin dies, he'll leave behind a Leather Jacket. Equip this also.

Go to the end of the alleyway and you'll see a pair of glowing eyes. Go near it and a dog will come out. You'll learn about Dog . Now get out of the alley.

City, Section 1, Main

Near the center of the Main Section of the city, there will be a fence, and a dog in it trying to get out. Open the gate to the fence, located at the northern end of the fence, and the dog will bound out, dropping a Dog Collar. Pick it up and head Southeast.

City, Section 1, Southeast

Enter the apartment that you see when you enter this section.

City, Section 1, Small Apartment

Enter the first door and you'll see a man lying on the ground. Examine his body and Jake will see that he is familiar. Get the apartment Key and read/get the Memo for further story.

City, Section 1, Southeast

Go back to the Main Section.

City, Section 1, Main

There is a little alleyway that goes north-east. Go through it.

City, Section 1, Northeast

Go in the first apartment you arrive at. This is the apartment that you lived in.

City, Section 1, Your Apartment

Examine the key. You'll see that is has a reference to apartment 6. Examine the room doors until you see room 6. Go to the menu and use the key on the door. It will be opened. Open the filing cabinets for some Nuyen and also Sassie's Number You will see a pair of Shades on a small counter. Get it and use it. You will notice a videophone at the northwest part of the house. Listen to the message recorded on it. Then, use the bed to take a nap.

The Save and Exit options should be obvious about what they do. Now, throughout the part getting here you may have fought a few guys, and a message that says "1 Karma" may have appeared. What is Karma you ask? Karma is really another word for Experience Points. When sleeping you may use Karma and distribute Karma points to attributes, magic, or skills. Each time a skill goes up by a level through distribution of Karma points, it gets stronger, and takes 1 more point to reach the next level. Some skills, like Firearm or Computers can only go up to level 6, while others, like Body, can go on much further. Note that you can use your Karma while sleeping.

Now that that's done, your HP is back to full and you can return back here anytime to replenish HP. Exit the room for now.

City, Section 1, Your Apartment

Exit the apartment.

City, Section 1, Northeast

Go back to the main section through the narrow alleyway to the southwest.

City, Section 1, Main

Go back to that Southwest section that the punk lead you to before, just one screen over.

City, Section 1, Southwest

Here, instead of heading down the Dark Alley, go north and then east, to reach the Northern end of the city.

City, Section 1, North

Here, there is an opening to The Cage.

City, Section 1, The Cage

Talk to the immense bouncer. He will tell you that you can't get in without a Ticket. Exit The Cage.

City, Section 1, Southwest

Head back west until you see the bar at the left. Enter the bar.

City, Section 1, Grim Reaper Club

Talk to the bartender and he'll give you your usual, although you don't really know what it is, for now. He gives you some Iced Tea . Take it. If you ask him about Hitmen, he'll give you some information about Shadowrunners. He'll also fill you in on Deckers and Hiring. Now end the conversation, and talk to the busy man to the right of the bartender. He tells you all about Heal and Street Doc . Now, go back to the bartender and you'll learn Datajack .

Now, go to the tired man at the southern end of the bar. He'll keep saying he's tired. Give him the Iced Tea. He'll then give you information on Grinder and Maria if you ask him about Tickets . Interrogate further about Grinder and you'll obtain knowledge of Lone Star.

Now you've done everything at the Grim Reaper Club. Go out.

City, Section 1, Southwest

Go down and south until you come to just before where the stairs leading to the Dark Alley is. There should an apartment there. Go in it.

City, Section 1, Businessman's Apartment

The Businessman is in the second door of this building. Go in and talk to him about Hiring and he will tell you about Negotiation . If you talk about Lone Star the businessman will say that he's got a fake ID badge available for sale for 150 Nuyen. If you ask about Firearms he will sell you Grenades for 100 Nuyen each. I suggest you stock up some Grenades, but you have to buy the Lone Star Badge for 150 Nuyen. Put the Lone Star Badge on, and exit the apartment.

City, Section 1, Southwest

Head back to the Morgue.

City, Section 1, Main

Go into the Morgue.

City, Section 1, Morgue

Hehheh. Stupid people. They apparently don't recognize you after you've put on some dark sunglasses. Anyway, talk to the one that's not busy and ask about Grinder. He'll then promptly unlock the filing cabinets for you. Open and examine both, you'll obtain a Credstick and Tickets . Now get out of the Morgue.

City, Section 1, Main

Head Southwest.

City, Section 1, Southwest

Surprise, surprise! You're in the Southwest section of the city after going southwest! Anyway, go into the building with the thin brown door, the one you see as soon as you enter the screen. The big tall building. Enter it, and go in the first door you see. Pick up a Paperweight here on one of the tables. After you get the Paperweight go out of the building.

City, Section 1, North

The gate to the Cemetery is just north, so keep going until you see some iron gates. Open then and go in.

City, Section 1, Cemetery

In the cemetery there are some Ghouls that give you good Karma. I suggest you put some Karma into Firearm and Body points before moving on. Sleep at your apartment if need to. Anyway, pry open crypt doors using the Scalpel that you picked up earlier in the Morgue. In one of these crypts you will find an Indian Shaman, who is in great pain, and cannot speak unless you apply the Slap Patch on him. Now aren't you glad that you saved that Slap Patch instead of using it?

Talk to him and learn about Shaman. You'll also learn about Magic Fetish and obtain some. After he vanishes, go back out of the cemetery. Before you do that, though, there will be a Ghoul Bone near the gate. Pick that up before you leave.

City, Section 1, North

Go north and on into The Cage.

City, Section 1, The Cage

Now that you have a Credstick, call Sassie, whose number you obtained on that piece of paper. Sassie will tell you about Calls . Ask her about it, and you'll get Glutman's Number. Call him, and talk to the secretary, to learn about Cage, and how Glutman's always there.

Since you're already at the cage, give the Tickets to the bouncer and go on in. You'll see the red-haired punk that you met earlier. He'll tell you about Ghouls. Then, find Shady Character, and talk to him. This will be Glutman. He'll take you away into The Yard.

City, Section 2, Caryards

Talk to various people for information about Caryards, Matrix , King, and Drake.

There is a little kid at the south of the Caryards who will sell you Slap Patches if you ask about Heal

To the southeast, there will this be a bit of empty space. Take this opportunity to level up your stats and skills.

Warning: This is a path you do not have to take. Instead of fighting you can always buy yourself out of this picklement.

Remember that you can save at the bed, as well as regain your health and use Karma. Now to the northeast of the Caryards is an arena, where a chubby man will ask you if you want to fight. Say yes and you will be taken to the arena for your first match. Also remember, you can stop after you've finished a fight and go to the bed, recover/buy more Slap Patches and continue where you left off. There is no rush.

Round 1:

Gang Member
Difficulty: 3/10

Round 2:

Heavy Dude
Difficulty: 4/10

Round 3:

Heavy Dude
Difficulty: 4/10

Round 4:

Difficulty: 5/10

Round 5:

Difficulty: 5/10

Round 6:

Samurai Warrior
Difficulty: 8/10

The reason the Samurai is so tough; he's the first enemy you encounter with an automatic weapon.

Round 7:

Ferocious Orc
Difficulty: 7/10

He looks really tough, but he rarely ever does more damage than a Heavy Dude or a Mage.

Round 8:

Gang Leader
Difficulty: 10/10

This is easily the most difficult fighter in the Arena. He's extremely fast, but when he's close to you, he starts circle-strafing you, therefore, you lose your targeting on him. If that wasn't bad enough, he's also packing a machine gun!

Round 9:

Troll Decker
Difficulty: 9/10

Round 10 and above:

Difficulty: 8/10

If you've been able to fight up to the Ferocious Orc, then The King shouldn't be a problem. Ask about King at your next fight and the guy will allow you to challenge The King. If you can't beat The King, improve on your body and Firearm skills until you can. He shouldn't be too hard. After you beat him you will be free to leave. Before you do, ask the Arena Manager about Negotiation and he will teach you it for 1000 Nuyen. This will help you make better deals. Try to train your Negotiation to a high level, at least 3.

HOWEVER, there is a second option. You can save up Nuyen until you pay The King what he wants, and leave the Caryards that way. You can buy Negotiation, train it, THEN talk to The King. It will make getting out take less money. However, killing The King is more profitable in terms of Nuyen and Karma points.

City, Section 2, Street

When you exit the Caryards, just hustle all the way down the street until you are blocked by two shops. Go into the one that's right in front of you.

City, Section 2, Magic Shop

Talk to the Shaman behind the counter. Ask about Talisman and the Shaman will give you his phone number in case you have problems with something. Before leaving though, buy a Stake for 2000 Nuyen. It will save you a trip back here later on, once you have a sidekick. Exit and enter the other shop.

City, Section 2, Gun Shop

Neither the dwarf, or the woman browsing have anything worth saying, so just check out all of the cases of guns. Most of the guns in there are either worse, or the exact same as the Beretta, so don't waste your money on those. If you have about 16000-20000 Nuyen, buy the Shotgun. If you're just below that, go back to that small area next to the Caryards. If you're way below, like 3000 or 4000 Nuyen below, just buy the Ruger. It's a little weaker than the Shotgun, but the enemies become extremely difficult and powerful from here on in, so you'll need all the firepower you can get. Once you have a gun, leave the shop and walk back down the street. This time, duck down that side alley you saw coming this way.

Note: If you are forced into buying the Ruger pistol, do not go back and buy the Shotgun once you have 15000 Nuyen. Guns only sell for half the money you paid for them, so you would be losing money if you upgraded every chance you got.

City, Section 2, Side Alley

Kill that Hitman overhead. Any Hitman will give you 30-50 Nuyen. This one doesn't regenerate though. Give him some air holes, then be on your merry way down the alley. Go up the stairs to see the doctor.

City, Section 2, Street Doc

CAUTION: Before going to this street doc, make sure to have at least 2300 Nuyen.

As soon as you walk in, the doctor will give you a little spiel about his business. Talk to him and ask about Examination . Pay him the 500 Nuyen. All is not well though. Apparently, someone attached a Cortex Bomb to your computer, to most likely protect something. In 30 hours, Jake's head will pop like a balloon! But wait, the street doc recommends a doctor named Maplethorpe, over in Section 3. If anyone can remove the bomb, it's him. He's expensive though, like 2000 Nuyen expensive, which you may have a tough time with, considering there are few enemies in Section 3 that will drop money. Don't despair though. Run to the Eco-Rail system as fast as you can.

City, Section 2, Eco-Rail

Just run straight up. Stand on the red mat, and you'll automatically enter the rail-car. You can skip the cut-scene if you want.

City, Section 3, Eco-Rail

If you took the right rail-car, you'll end up in Daley Station. As soon as you exit from the loading dock, two Ferocious Orcs decide to kill you. Kill the one near you, the the farther one. When you kill the farthest one, he drops the Iron Key and says something about watching your back because the Rust Stilettos always finish a job. (Note: Don't be scared of the Rust Stilettos. It's not a special enemy, just a really stupid gang. :P)

Grab the Iron Key, then run down the stairs. Oh look, another Dog Acolyte, who doesn't tell you much. After his little opener, all he does is grrr, woof and bark. He'll run once you finish speaking. Follow him out of the station.

City, Section 3, Street

Run down the street until you reach an intersection. Go north and you'll be in a large plaza. Keep going north until you cross a road with moving cars (note that the cars do damage to you). Once you are across, run east, taking out the Snipers lurking in the grass. You should reach another large building with another plaza in front. Just run into the building. Many Hitmen and Snipers are looking to kill you, which they will if you stay and fight.

City, Section 3, Dr. Maplethorpe's


Once you enter. Talk to the secretary who will ask for your 2000 Nuyen. Once you enter, talk about Cortex Bomb. He'll then remove. Learn about Head Computer and Matrix Systems . If you have enough money, purchase the skill software containing Leadership for 3000 Nuyen, then train it up to level 5 or 6. Go back the way you came and hop the Eco-Rail to Section 1.

City, Section 1, Glutman's Office

Run over to Glutman's office. Just ignore the secretary and go for the computer. Jack in with your Cyberdeck. Be warned that in the Blue Area, there are little things named IC's that will damage you. A hint for starting out would be to go right, then up. Carefully make your way through. Once you reach the two databases, download the files, then get out. Read the message, pocket your 1000 Nuyen and make your way back to Sector 3.

City, Section 3, Street

Run the opposite way you did to go to Dr. Maplethorpe's. Kill any hitmen, then run into the nearby club, the Wastelands.

City, Section 3, Wasteland

Kill the orc who comes running in on the catwalk. Proceed along the catwalk, walk down to the dance floor and talk to the bartender. Learn about Ice . Your next stop is the alley that's just north of the Wasteland club, home of the Rust Stilettos. If you have the money, invite along one of the three deckers, Norbert, Anders or Frogtongue. It doesn't really matter which one. If you think you can do it alone and want to save your money for Leadership, or don't have enough (:P), go for it.

City, Section 3, Rust Stiletto Hideout

  Battle your way through the alley, until you reach a dead-end, with a sliding door. Use the Iron Key on the door and enter the hideout. As soon as you enter, shoot the Gang Member you can see. After you kill him, get into vision of the Ferocious Orc and kill him. Enter that room and kill the other Ferocious Orc. Watch out though. A Gang Member is hiding in the back corner. Kill him and the back door will pop open, with two Ferocious Orcs entering, then the door closes. Kill the orcs, then pick up the Crowbar, all of the money and enter the next room. If you're going to survive this last room, you're gonna need full health and a whole load of Slap Patches. As soon as you enter, target the gang leader in the upper-left corner. He packs a machine gun and does a lot of damage. Once you kill him, he'll blab on about how "Drake will get you," and "You're dead Armitage!" Ignore it, and kill the Gang Member who should be clubbing you to death. Once you kill the Gang Member, the rest is easy. Although, it is highly recommended you use a Slap Patch on yourself once you have below 25 HP. Damage will come fast. Don't bother healing your partner. He'll be able to take care of himself. If you run out of Slap Patches, run to Section 2 for a snooze. The enemies in any part of the hideout will not regenerate. At this point, Heightened Reflexes becomes available from Dr. Maplethorpe.

City, Section 3, Street

Leave the hideout area. Once you reach that familiar 4-way intersection, head south, the west and you'll see two people having their way blocked. Talk to a Cruel Man and he'll ask you if you want in. Pay him the 50 Nuyen and enter the Jagged Nails, yet another club.

City, Section 3, Jagged Nails

Enter the Jagged Nails and talk it up with the locals and ignore the two deckers standing near the back. Learn about Kitsune . Get next to wall and try to talk to Kitsune when she comes close. She'll teleport to the other side. Talk to her again. Ask about Dog . She'll give you some Enchanted Leaves. Ask her if she'll work for you. She's steep, at 3000 Nuyen, but an excellent person to watch your back. If you don't have enough for her and/or Leadership, I would recommend Kitsune first, because you'll need someone to watch your back soon. So save up, if you don't have enough. Once you've done this, run back to the 4-way intersection. Head east, then south, to the docks.

City, Section 3, Docks

Explore the docks and warehouses. Beware though; the Mages here use Powerball. First, head south to find a boat driver and learn more about the Docks . Once you're done chatting with him, explore the warehouses. The one nearest the dock entrance holds an entrance to the Matrix, with 2000 Nuyen inside. The farthest one leads to a fight with an Octupus, who drops a Pool of Ink (needed for the spell Freeze ), 3 Karma and another 2000 Nuyen. The middle warehouse is empty, until you enter the ring in the middle. The spirit of Dog appears. It asks you to show your loyalty to Dog by killing the Rat Shaman, who lives in the sewers under the Section 3 cemetery. Once you know your mission, he'll depart. You should too.

City, Section 3, Cemetary & Sewers

From the marketplace next to the Eco-Rail station, head south down a road all paved. You come into a back alley, which brings you to the entrance of a cemetary. Ignore the Ghouls and run through the opening in the wall, which leads to the sewers. There isn't much here except Rats. From the entrance, just head straight north, to the far end. In the next room, some Rats will throw things at you. Kill them first. Run to the end, then turn right, through to the next room. This is where the Rat Shaman is. First, kill off his Rat friends, staying out of his magic range. Once they're all dead, go after the Big Cheese himself 8P. He attacks using the Powerball and Freeze spells. You shouldn't need to heal, unless he casts Freeze on you a lot. Once he's dead, a mask will rise from the body. You learn about Jester Spirit. Once you're done, leave the sewers and head to the Dog Warehouse at the Docks for your reward: The Powerball spell. You can also talk to Dog and learn more about the Jester Spirit.

City, Section 3, Jagged Nails

You'll have to come back here to get into the Dark Blade club. If Kitsune happened to die in the sewers or any other place, she'll be back, dancing. Talk to her and ask her about the Jester Spirit . She'll mention Dark Blade. Head over to the Club Manager at the large desk and ask about Dark Blade. He'll then tell you about Vampire . Next head over to the other Club Manager, behind the small desk. Ask him about Vampire and he'll tell you about Strobes. Go back to the first Club Manager. Ask him about Strobes and he'll give you them to use. Head to the phone and call the Shaman. Ask him about Dark Blade and he gives you their phone number, so you can learn their intentions before meeting them. Hang up and call the number of the Dark Blade. You'll speak to a man named Johan. Ask him about your Magic Fetish . He tells you to drop by the club and that the gate will be open.

Note: If Kitsune did die with you, don'r bother re-hiring her. It's a waste of money, especially since things are going to become more expensive.

City, Section 3, Dark Blade

From the market area, go south down a paved road with a sidewalk. Run down the street and you should end up in front of a fenced off area. Run through there and follow the path to enter the club. Talk to the Mage and tell about the Magic Fetish and he'll give you Vladimir's location. Head to where Vladimir is and ask him about the Jester Spirit . He asks for the Magic Fetish. Give it to him and he'll tell you about Nirwanda and Bremerton . Now explore the club. You can jack into the computers in Vladimir's  room for 10000 Nuyen and a data file. The right area has a Mesh Jacket you can get off of a Samurai Warrior, as well as a Bronze Key you'll need. The center area holds the entrance to a crypt. Before entering the crypt, go back and hire a Decker. Any will do, as the Decker's main function will be to draw the ghouls away from yourself. Or you could be a coward and run through the crypt, like me 8P. To reach the end of the crypt, go down some stairs tucked into a coffin alcove. Don't go off the stairs though. Snipe the Ghouls, who won't go up the stairs. Once they're all dead, use the Strobe that you were lent by the Club Manager. Vladimir will be blinded. Use the Stake on him while you have the opportunity. He'll then beg of you to leave him alone. Ask about the Jester Spirit and he'll tell you Nirwanda and Bremerton again. He's a really bad liar, suffice to say. Use the Stake again. He'll admit that the spirit's actual name is Laughlyn. He tells you to go away. Now you can pretend you're Buffy Summers and use the Stake a third time, killing him and bagging yourself 5000 Nuyen. Dermal Armor will become available from Doc Maplethorpe once Vladimir is dead.

City, Section 2, Magic Shop

You'll need 9000 Nuyen for this. Buy the Black Bottle and the Blue & Black Potion Bottles for 6000 and 3000 Nuyen, respectively.

City, Section 1, Main

Head to the fountain in the middle of this area and use your Potion Bottles on it. They should fill up with water. Head to the Docks in Section 3 and kill the Octopus if you haven't already. Scoop up the Ink left behind into your Black Bottle.

City, Section 3, Wastelands

Walk across the catwalk and down the stairs. Talk to the man right under the catwalk. He'll tell you to bug off. Instead, ask about Ice and buy a ton of it for a measly 100 Nuyen. Once the deal is sealed, he asks where he should deliver. Tell him the Docks .

City, Section 3, Docks

Go down to the boat launch and grab the Mermaid Scales. Go talk to your friend Dog in the warehouse and he'll grant you the Freeze spell, which paralyzes your enemies by encasing them in a giant block of ice. Go back to the boat launch and kill the orc that is there. He's tough, but don't give up. Once he succumbs, grab the Explosives. Ask the boatman about Bremerton. Pay him the 1000 Nuyen he wants and hop in the boat.

City, Section 3, Bremerton

Since you can't go south at all, go northeast. Ignore all of the doors (they're all rusted shut) and kill anyone who gets in your way. Once you reach the dead end, head up the stairs and run back the way you came. Kill the Dog at the far end for some Dog Tags, a spell component. Use the Crowbar on the door at the end. Once you enter kill the two slime pools oozing around. Hit the switch on the upper level and head through the open door. In the next room, head up the stairwell and through the corridor.

Kill all of the people in the stairwells leading down. Grab the Safe Key. At the bottom, open the Safe and grab the Detonator. Your Explosives and Detonator will combine to create a time bomb. Head back up the stairwell and through to the next room, a 3-way intersection.

Go down and kill the black ooze inhabiting the room. Use the Potion Bottles in your storage to pick up some Toxic Water. Descend down the stairs. Don't hit that first switch yet. Run down the stairs. Trip the second switch. Run back and hit the first switch. Immediately after you trip the first switch, switch it back to off. Run down and re-open the airlock. Enter the room at the bottom. Notice the four dead bodies? =) Use the time bomb on the safe and run into the far corner. Grab the Green Bottle and head back to the 3-way intersection. Note that before proceeding further, head back to the Dog Warehouse. You then have access to two new spells, Summon Spirit and Invisibility.

Back on the Bremerton, head up from the 3-way intersection. From there, head the only way left to go, which is to the right, or aft, of the ship. Go through the first corridor, following it to a T-shaped corridor. Just run straight across. In the next room, trip the switch near the closed door to unlock it. You should be in a catwalk room above water, with two Slimey Toxic Wastes. You can't damage them with your bullets. What you do is get as close to them as possible (they won't attack) and capture each one in your Green Bottle. Once the slimes have been captured, head over to the three switches on the wall and trip the first and third switches, to open the door and set off the mines in the next room. Enter the portal at the end, to reach the Extra-Dimensional Zone.

Extra-Dimensional Zone

First thing in, go to the pool in the center and kill the Naga for 4 Karma. Then just run through the rooms. In the room before you meet the Jester Spirit, shoot the large Bubbles, to keep them from firing bubbles, which harm you.

The Jester Spirit himself is much easier than you might think. Run up to his platform and immediately cast Invisibility on yourself. Keep shooting his mask, replenishing your Invisibility when it runs out. Once he taunts you by saying "Hah! You were a fool to think you could challenge the Jester Spirit!", switch out of your gun and select the option to Talk. Ask about Nirwanda, then ask about Laughlyn. He'll concede his defeat and float down to you. Talk to him again. Ask about Drake and learn about Volcano. Talk him about Volcano, then exit. Select him a third time to pick him up. A portal floats down, which brings you back to the boat launch.

Drake Towers

Before you enter the Drake Towers, it is almost a necessity to have every spell except for Armour, Dermal Armour, Mesh Jacket, at least a Ruger Pistol and Heightened Reflexes from Dr. Maplethorpe. As soon as you step off the elevator onto each floor, cast Invisibility. Shoot everyone quickly and grab all the money. Use your action hand and run it over the screen, checking for computers you can use your Cyberdeck on. You'll find locks on the elevators, data files pertaining to the story and Nuyen.

First Floor: All you'll find is a computer. Jack in and open up the elevator. Head on up to the second floor.

Second Floor: Immediately cast Invisibility and start shooting the Samurai Warriors. After all three are dead, you'll find one computer you can jack into at the far end of the the floor, for a data file and 8000 Nuyen. The second computer with the elevator lock can be found near the vertex of the L-shaped room. You'll find the elevator lock. Head on up to the third floor. Note that on every floor, the left elevator goes up and the right elevator goes down.

Third Floor: There are three computers. One right across from the elevators has all of its routes blocked off, one near the vertex of the L has some trash data and the elevator lock and the last computer near the top of the room has trash data.

Fourth Floor: The two computers contain a data file and an elevator lock each. The computer with the elevator lock is in the lone computer at the top of the room and the computer with the data file is directly across from the "down" elevator.

Fifth Floor: You'll find two computers, one containing a Level 6 Node and the elevator lock, with the other holding 10000 Nuyen and two data files, one of which has Drake's phone number. Call to see what happens ^_^. The computer with the elevator lock is located in the upper corner of the area with no wall near the the room's vertex and the computer with the Nuyen is located at the top of the room.

Sixth Floor: There is one solitary computer, holding just the elevator lock. The computer is at the top of the room near some couches. Note that you need to de-activate the Level 6 Node to reach the elevator lock.

Roof: Destroy the sentry guns. Head over to the helicopter and ask the pilot about Volcano. Head on over.


Before entering the Volcano, make sure you have everything you didn't have before the Drake Towers, as well as an Assault Rifle. You can find an Assault Rifle at the Dark Blade Gun Shop, which is located in a small alleyway on the same property as the Dark Blade Club. Sell your Shotgun to be able to afford the thing, then you are ready to tackle the Volcano.

Quick Tips: There's a lot of computers in here, many of which contain money. It's worth taking notes on which computers are worth going for and which aren't. There are also secret routes you could use to avoid the troll decker sentries.

Sub Level 00: Nobody here but us pipes. Just head over to the elevator.

Sub Level 01: There are two computers on this floor, both of which are located fairly closely together. The computer with the elevator lock is located in a room with two exits in the northern end of the complex. The computer is on the right side of the room.

Once you are out of the computer with the elevator un-locked, you have probably noticed that there's no elevator. It's actually the door that's locked by the IC program that has the "Sub Level 01" sign next to it. The computer that has the IC program has the panel logo of D-G-C on it. This is found south of the elevator door.

Sub Level 02: There is one computer to note on this level that contains an elevator lock. When you first set foot in the level, do not head to the door on the left, just head down the catwalk on the right. In the next section, shoot the Scientist immediately. If you walk towards him, he'll toss out a whole bunch of grenades. In the next section, the first door you see contains the elevator lock. Modify the program and find the elevator, which is guarded by a Sentry Gun. Kill the Scientist (you can't hurt the gun itself) and board the elevator.

Sub Level 03: There are five computers on this floor. Two computers contain both a data file and Nuyen, one with only a data file, one with only Nuyen and the elevator lock. Three of the five computers are all located in the same room. From the first room, go through the right door, then up past the Sentry Gun, in a room with two yellow-clad Scientists.North of that is the computer with the elevator lock and the last computer can be found when you go south at the intersection where you went north the first time.

Sub Level 04(Maximum Security): Cast Invisibilty as soon as you step on the floor. Once it's cast, go right and kill the Scientists at the Sentry Guns first, then kill the Troll Decker and the remaining Scientist. Instead of going through the double doors, head down left and kill the first two Nagas. The last Naga has a spell component, Serpent Scales. However, until you pick the Scales up, the Naga with them will keep re-appearing. You can use this trick for lots of karma. Once you have the Scales, go back to the Dog warehouse and chat with the spirit. Then you have Armor.Go back to the Volcano and through those doors on Sub Level 04.

Catwalks: Cast Invisibility to limit damage you'll take before facing Drake. Kill the Troll Deckers in the first room and move on. In the second room, shoot the Scientists lobbing grenades at you. Before going through the door at the end, equip the Armor spell.

Drake's Room: As soon as you enter, cast Armor to deflect falling Freezes. Get close to Drake, then use your Jester Spirit. The Jester Spirit will blow bubbles, rendering Drake immobile. Thankfully you aren't so take this time to blast Drake as much as possible. Once the Jester Spirit wears off, cast Armor or Freeze to avoid damage. Drake should be dead in no time. Enter the room next door.

You'll find a red-clad professor who says his name is Pushkin. He was kept here and was meant to receive a head computer from a man named Raitsov. Tell him about Head Computer and he'll exclaim that you were the courier. I won't spoil story lines for you though ;-). End the conversation and you'll be back at the roof of Drake Towers. Now it's time to to combat the Aneki Building.

Aneki Building

This is it, you're down the homestretch. As soon as you have 70000 Nuyen, head to the Dark Blade gun shop and purchase a Full Bodysuit and the Assault Cannon. Until then, make do and get ready for the final area.Note that on each floor, use the same procedure as the Drake Tower: Invisibilty, then fire.There's also lots of computers filled with cash and two computers have data files.

Before you enter, a man will ask you for a pass. Ignore him and run for the building. Or shoot everything that moves and laugh.

Floor 1: Just log into the computer and get the elevator un-locked.

Floor 2: There are two computers on this floor. One has a datafile and a Level 3 node, the other contains the elevator lock. The computer with the datafile is located to the right of the elevators, up against the far wall, near the bottom corner. The other computer is to the left of the elevators.

Floor 3: Two more computers on this floor. One contains 12500 Nuyen, 25000 Nuyen and a datafile, the other contains the elevator lock. The computer with the Nuyen is in the right block, in the top left corner next to a drawing board. The computer with the elevator lock is located in the left block, on the top right corner of a glass partition splitting the top part in half.

Floor 4: Yet again, there is two more computers on this floor. One with 25000 Nuyen is in the right block on the right middle side. The computer with the elevator lock is in the left block, in a small cubicle in the top left corner. The computer is the one on the right.

Floor 5: This is the last floor. Two more computers are up here. One contains a whopping total of 80000 Nuyen and the other contains your goal, the AI computer. The computer with the 80000 Nuyen is in the right block, on the right middle side. The AI computer is in the left block and it is the large machine on the left middle side. Modify the two gray blocks and jack out. Congratulations, you've kept the Matrix safe. Sit back and watch the credits to find out what happens for yourself.

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