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Character Picture Description How to get him/her
Jake Jake's brain was burned when a group of people ganged up on him and, thinking they killed him, left him to the morgue. Using Jake, you wander around, figuring out his mission and bits of his past... You start out as Jake, as he is the main character and you can never lose him, unless you die, of course, but then it's game over.
Kitsune A powerful magic caster, Kitsune helps you in your quest and believes in the power of Dog, although she is more of a cat-girl :) She has various attacking and defending spells as well as a very large magic point number. She has fairly low HP, though. Kitsune never parts with you once you've hired her, unlike the other shadowrunners who have a time limit, unless she dies. Jagged Nails, she's on the topmost part. She's dancing, and you have to talk to her and she'll come down, and perhaps join you.
Steelflight A decker and a good fighter, Steelflight is excellent with a gun. He can help you a lot, he has a lot of hit points, but unfortunately he cannot use magic. Jagged Nails, talk to the seemingly red-haired person at the right, and ask about hiring to get him.
Spatter Spatter is relatively low on hit points, like Kitsune. He posesses some magic, but is still not as good as Kitsune. Why hire this guy when you can get Kitsune, who is a lot better? Jagged Nails, talk to the mage on the right, right beside Steelflight.
Frogtongue He is one of the better fighters, with a solid amount of hit points. He is a good ally to have along. Standing in a corner to the left in Wastelands.
Jetboy Do not hire Jetboy. He only has 30 Hit Points. He has a low attack, and has no magic whatsoever. If you're looking for a cheap damage absorber, hire him, but otherwise, don't. Wastelands, to the right, standing with Anders.
Norbert A hyperactive dwarf, Norbert holds his reputation as a competent fighter, with 60 hit points and packing a Uzi gun. He is a good ally to have in the game. Wastelands, underneath Jetboy.
Anders Anders is like a stronger version of Jetboy. He's still not very strong, but he's okay at damaging and has relatively high hit points for such a cheap cost. Wastelands, to the right, beside Jetboy.
Dance With Clams An okay mage, posessing very low hit points and not that much mana either. You probably won't want to hire him in the later parts of the game. He sells not that cheap either, for 1000 Nuyen Bar in City, Section 2.
Orifice A very cheap medium fighter, he can come in handy for the low price of only 300 Nuyen. Bar in City, Section 2.
Jangadance An okay mage, having low hit points and not too many spells. But, he's one who you'd hire early on, so don't be disappointed too much in the later parts of the game. Club in City, Section 1.
Hamfist A cheap and low hit point fighter, early on he can help you tremendously, especially with his low cost of 300 Nuyen. Club in City, Section 1.
Akumi With 200 MP, 70 HP and every spell at her disposal, she is the best mage of the game. Akumi even has her very own sprite! *gasp!* She isn't as fun to have around as Kitsune tough. After all, Kitsune is a foxgirl ^-^. Akumi joins pretty late in the game. To get her, you have to get her number first. It's in a data file obtained somewhere in the Aneki building. Then, call her. She costs a whopping 10000 Nuyen, but she's worth it. She'll meet you at Daley station. Daley Station

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