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The enemies in this list re-appear throughout the game, a bit stronger than before. They usually drop more items then, and sometimes have a different color. The basic strategy for each enemy is the same tough.

Name Difficulty Obtain Description/Strategy
Bubbles Easy Nothing Stay at a safe distance, and shoot it a bit. After a while, it will stop spitting out bubbles.
Cruel Man Medium 50-100 Nuyen Just a souped up mage. Nothing you'll lose any sleep over.
Dog Easy Dog tags Roll over... sit... no wait... play *BANG!* dead. Good boy. (1 shot = no more Taco Bell Dog)
Drake Easy 11 karma Ridiculously easy for a final boss. But because it's the final boss and all, he can still dish out some damage. When you enter the room, immediately cast armor on you and (if you have one) your shadowrunner. Then run up to Drake, and use the Jester Spirit. It starts spitting at Drake, rendering him immobile. Then get out your summon spirit, and use it at its head. Don't stop to look after your shadowrunner. Just keep on using summon spirit. After a few seconds, he'll die. And your armor should still be intact (if it's lvl 6). God, what a pushover. My pet lizard is more difficult! (And I don't even have one!)
Ferocious Orc Easy-Medium 50-100 Nuyen Just shoot. They have high HP though, but you can handle them. Or I don't want to have anything to do with you. Ever.
Gang Leader Hard Nothing If you're lucky, you'll last a few seconds. Use that time to shoot him, and try your hardest to keep the trigger on him. He's a speedy little dev0l.
Gang Member Medium 70-100 Nuyen Take these out first. The molotovs can really smart, and the melee attack is fast. Fortunately they don't move much, so just make them eat lead!
Giant Rat Easy Nothing Aw, come on! It's a rat for goodness sake! How hard CAN it be? Just shoot it until it dies.
Ghoul Easy Nothing, but they give good karma. Try to shoot it from the second it appears. It moves in for melee attacks, and dissapears after a few seconds.
Jester Spirit Medium-Hard Jester Spirit, 7 Karma. Shadowrunners are a nuisance here. Run up to his platform, and cast invisibility on yourself (and your shadowrunners). Then just shoot the mask, and keep replenishing invisibility when it runs out. When it says something to you, switch to talking, and call it Laughlyn. Sticks and stones my ass.
Heavy dude Easy-Medium 10-30 nuyen Shoot it from afar.
Hitman Medium 30-50 Nuyen Run around and shoot it.
Mage Easy 10-20 Nuyen Just stand there and pop a cap in his ass. Goes down fast. Some use the powerball spell tough. Which hurts. A lot.
Massive Orc Medium-Hard 40-100 Nuyen Big, stupid, and terminally unwashed. These things take a long time to take down, and do some nice damage to you. Not that much of a problem, unless in groups. Just shoot the bastards.
Naga Easy 4 Karma Stay at a distance, and powerball it. It dies ridiculously fast. Shooting it in the face also helps.
Octopus Medium 2000 Nuyen, Pool of ink You shouldn't have too much trouble with this guy. He has a lot of HP though. If you have Kitsune, summon the spirit! And let a fighter shadowrunner (gotta love the dwarf) shoot it. While you do your thing, and blast it to pieces with your sawed off shotgun! Yeah!
Orc Assasin Only one enemy. Ridiculously easy. Leather armor Pick up the gun, and pump him full of lead. If you die, you really suck :p
Peephole VERY easy Nothing. Just shoot the bastard. 1 or 2 shots usually kill.
Poison Ooze *coughwusscough* Nothing Shoot it once. It's dead. Go you.
Rat Shaman Hard 3000 Nuyen If Kitsune is in your party (which she should be, or you're a moron) heal her with Jake while she keeps on summoning dog spirit. When/if her mp runs out, switch to shooting. And alas, the shaman is no more...
Samurai Warrior Hard 100-200 Nuyen Shoot at it. A lot. Don't bother running. Have slap patches ready.
Scientist Easy 100-150 Nuyen There are 3 kinds of Scientists: The kind which do nothing, they die after 1 shot. The kind which throw bombs, they can dish out some fair damage, but die after 3-4 shots. And the kind which operate Sentry Guns. This last kind can take a lot of shots to go down, and dish out a lot of damage with their Sentry Guns. Overall tough, all scientists are easy.
Sentry Gun Hard Nothing Can YOU say "lawnmower"? Good grief, Sentry Guns can dish out hella much damage in no time at all. And they are indestructable! The only way to shut them down is to kill the scientist which operates it. The best strategy is to cast invisibility on yourself, sneak up on the scientist, and kill him, because the Sentry Guns turn around to face you when you're not invisible so it's hard to get a good shot at the scientist...
Slimey Toxic Waste Easy Nothing Do not fight it. Capture it in your green bottle. It's immune to damage.
Sniper Easy-Medium 20-50 Nuyen Like a hitman. Only not.
The King Medium Nothing At first, he'll run around shooting you. Retaliate with hot lead. Eventually, he'll run off the screen and you'll lose your targeting bead on him. Once he runs off, don't follow directly, or he'll ambush you. Instead, run to the top of  the arena. Next, slowly creep right along the top until you can just see the King appear from the right edge of the screen. Once you see enough of him, target him and open fire. The reason this is so easy, is because when he is on the edge of the screen, he won't return fire. So all you need to do is stay alive until he runs. Hail to the King indeed.
Troll Decker Hard 15-180 Nuyen Get powerball. Train it until level 6. Immediately start powerballing him. Pray you'll survive long enough to get 3-4 hits in. He's hella tough.
Vampire! Easy 5000 Nuyen He throws a few bats around and makes a fool out of himself. Use the strobe at close range, then the stake at him 3x. He'll die, and give you 5000 Nuyen. Just make sure you question him about the Jester Spirit first though.

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