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* Weapon is cursed!

** Weapon attacks an entire enemy group.

*** Causes Instant Death

Name Stats Weight User Price Location
Knife ATP+13 10 Hero, Lufia, Aguro, Jeran 10 G Alekia, Treck
Dagger ATP+19 26 Hero, Lufia, Aguro, Jeran 50 G Alekia, Treck
Small Knife ATP+10 1 Hero, Luia, Aguro, Jerin 70 G Lyden
Club ATP+28 20 Hero, Aguro 120 G Treck, Lorbenia, Grenoble
Long Knife ATP+24 40 Lufia, Jerin 180 G Treck, Lorbenia, Grenoble
Short Sword ATP+39 30 Hero, Aguro 360 G Guy's House, Lorbenia, Grenoble, Medan
Staff ATP+37 30 Lufia, Jerin 360 G Lorbenia, Greoble, Medan
Broad Sword* ATP+81 75 Hero, Aguro 1200 G Old Cave 3rd Floor
Spear ATP+53 45 Hero, Aguro 780 G Medan, Belgen
Mace ATP+45 20 Lufia, Jerin 600 G Medan, Belgen
Brone Sword ATP+71 40 Hero, Aguro 1400 G Belgen
Long Staff ATP+56 40 Lufia, Jerin 1200 G Belgen
Axe ATP+104 80 Hero, Aguro 3000 G Surinagel, Jenoba
Rapier ATP+66 30 Lufia, Jerin 2400 G Surinagel, Jenoba
Scimitar ATP+90 50 Hero, Aguro 2100 G Dais Key Cave, Surinagel, Jenoba, Forfeit
Elven Bow** ATP+58 38 Jerin 2800 G Jerin
Broad Rod* ATP+50 75 Lufia, Jerin 1200 G Old Cave 4th Floor
Long Sword ATP+115 50 Hero, Aguro 4800 G Old Cave 4th Floor, Jenoba
Luck Blade* ATP+400 80 Aguro 2400 G Old Cave 5th Floor
Artea's Bow** ATP+100 50 Jerin 24000 G Artea
Rod ATP+75 28 Lufia, Jerin 4800 G Elfrea, Ranqs, Odel, Arus, Herat
Trident ATP+128 60 Hero, Aguro 7800 G Elfrea, Ranqs, Forfeit
Morning Star ATP+142 100 Hero, Aguro 9600 G Ranqs, Odel, Arus, Forfeit
Battle Axe ATP+155 85 Hero, Aguro 12000 G Old Cave 5th Floor, Odel, Arus
Glass Robe (Mistranslated) ATP+88 25 Lufia, Jerin 7200 G Odel, Arus Caves, Arus, Forfeit, Bakku
Fry Pan ATP+5 3 Hero, Lufia. Aguro, Jerin 50 G Lyden, Herat Castle
Gloom Pick* ATP+0*** 50 Lufia, Jerin 4800 G Old Cave 7th Floor, Forfeit
Gladius ATP+168 80 Hero, Aguro 15300 G Old Cave 6th Floor, Forfeit, Bakku, Linze
Hammer Rod ATP+98 55 Lufia, Jerin 9600 G Old Cave 6th Floor, Forfeit, Bakku, Linze, Marse
Great Axe ATP+180 100 Aguro 18600 G Bakku, Tower of Light, Linze, Marse
Silver Sword ATP+192 90 Hero, Aguro 24000 G Gaya Cave, Marse, Herat
Silver Rod ATP+112 50 Lufia, Jerin 12000 G Marse, Elba Island, Herat
Buster Sword ATP+217 90 Hero, Aguro 28000 G Old Cave 7th Floor, Herat
Carbo Sword ATP+232 85 Hero, Aguro 33600 G Herat Castle,Soshette, Shaia Lab 4, Epro
Catwhip ATP+121 60 Lufia, Jerin 15600 G Soshette, Shaia Lab 4, Epro
Grand Blade ATP+244 85 Hero, Aguro 38000 G Shaia Lab 4, Epro, Waterway to Oil Cave
Zircon Sword ATP+256 75 Hero 42000 G Arubus, North Cave
Zircon Axe ATP+288 85 Aguro 48000 G Arubus
Zircon Rod ATP+160 50 Jerin 19200 G Arubus
Dual Blade ATP+300 0 Hero - Doom Island (Underwater)
Might Bow** ATP+148 62 Jerin 30000 G Dragon Egg Shrine
Might Sword ATP+380 30 Hero, Aguro 9500 G Dropped by Hydra