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The Hero

The Hero is a descendant of Maxim from Lufia 2. He learns mainly healing spells and is a very effective fighter. His fighting power is only matched by Aguro. The Hero is the only character that can use the Dual Blade.

Level Spell
4 Strong
7 Float
10 Drain
13 Poison
16 Statue
19 Stronger
22 Stone
25 Courage
28 Champion
31 Fright
34 Dread
37 Fake
39 Trick
41 Rally
44 Succumb
47 Valor


Lufia came to Alekia long ago when the Hero was still young. She has no relatives and lives with Rome, the Innkeeper. Her speciality is in magic and will become very proficient in it later in the game. Lufia doesn't recall much about her past, but there seems to be more to her than it seems... Lufia will join you when you go to Sheran after returning to Alekia.

Level Spell
1 Flash
1 Awaken
3 Shield
5 Dew
7 Strong
9 Drain
11 Deflect
13 Bang
15 Stronger
17 Absorb
19 Fright
21 Bolt
23 Water
25 Courage
27 Boost
29 Protect
31 Blast
33 Perish
35 Bounce
37 Flood
39 Sunder
41 Thunder
43 Succumb


Aguro is the equivalent to Guy from Lufia 2. He is purely a physical attacker with no magical capabilities. Aguro will join you in Treck during the fight with the Demon Lords.



Jerin is a Half-Elf that serves as a guide for the Lost Forest. She is a bit of a weak phyisical attacker, but she is a rather strong magic-user. She is also the only character that can use Bows which attack all enemies. Jerin also has very high Agility allowing her to attack quickly in battle. You first meet Jerin when you rescue her from the Dais Tower, and she joins you when you try to traverse the Lost Forest.

Level Spell
14 Spark
14 Strong
14 Warp
14 Escape
14 Poison
14 Stun
14 Frost
16 Absorb
18 Confuse
20 Stronger
22 Flame
24 Stone
26 Dead
28 Boost
30 Blizzard
32 Mirror
34 Vulcan
36 Champion
38 Glacier
40 Trick
42 Rally
46 Valor