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Spells List

1E= 1 Enemy, 1G= 1 Enemy Group, 1A= 1 Ally

Name Effect Character Target MP use
Flash Lightning Lufia(1) 1E 2
Bolt Lightning Lufia(21) 1E 7
Thunder Lightning Lufia(41) 1E 12
Spark Fire Jerin(14) 1G 6
Flame Fire Jerin(22) 1G 10
Vulcan Fire Jerin(34) 1G 15
Dew Water Lufia(5) 1G 5
Water Water Lufia(23) 1G 10
Flood Water Lufia(37) 1G 15
Bang Explosion Lufia(13) All E 10
Blast Explosion Lufia(31) All E 15
Sunder Explosion Lufia(39) All E 20
Frost Ice Jerin(14) All E 9
Blizzard Ice Jerin(30) All E 13
Glacier Ice Jerin(38) All E 18
Perish Death Lufia(33) 1E 4
Succumb Death Hero(44), Lufia (43) 1G 8
Drowsy Sleep Lufia(26) 1G 4
Fright Sleep Hero(31), Lufia(19) 1E 4
Drain Lower DFP Hero(10), Lufia(9) 1E 3
Dread Lower DFP Hero(34) 1G 5
Deflect Silence Lufia(11) 1G 3
Bounce Silence Lufia(35) 1G 5
Absorb MP Drain Lufia(17), Jerin(16) 1E 1
Fake Incrase AGL Hero(37) Party 4
Trick Incrase ATP Hero(39), Jerin(40) 1A 5
Confuse Confusion Jerin(18) 1G 3
Bravery Increase DFP Hero(22) 1A 4
Courage Increase DFP Hero(25), Lufia(25) Party 5
Shield Protects against Spells Lufia(3) 1A 2
Protect Protects against Spells Lufia(29) 1A 5
Mirror Deflects Spells Jerin(32) 1A 3
Statue Turn into Stone Hero(16) 1A 3
Strong Heal Hero(4), Lufia(7), Jerin(14) 1A 3
Stronger Heal Hero(19), Lufia(15), Jerin(20) 1A 5
Champion Fully recover HP Hero(28), Jerin(36) 1A 8
Boost Heal Lufia(27), Jerin(28) Party 15
Valor Fully recover HP Hero(47) Party 35
Poison Remove Posion Hero(13), Jerin(14) 1A 3
Stun Removes paralysis Jerin(14) 1A 2
Revive Revives a party member Jerin(26) 1A 10
Rally Revives Hero(41), Jern(42) 1A 30
Stone Removes Statue Hero(22), Jerin(24) 1A 5
Waken Remove Sleep Lufia(1) Party 4
Warp Warp to visited town Jerin(14) n/a 8
Escape Leave dungeon Jerin(14) n/a 8
Float Hover over damage squares Hero(7) n/a 2
Elf Warp to Elfrea Jerin n/a 1