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Name Stats Price Location
Daze Ring DFP+8, MGR+4 2500G Treck Cave
Power Ring ATP+10 1200G Old Cave B2
Water Ring Increases effectiveness of Water Spells 6000G Old Cave B3
Sonic Ring DFP+1, AGL+5 4800G North Tower
Monster Ring Increases the # of Random Battles 1200G  
Ghost Ring Deal more damage to Ghosts 1440G Haunted Cave
Fly Ring Deal more damage to Flying Creatures 1960G Dais Key Cave
Flash Ring Increase effectiveness of Lightning Spells 3000G Dais Tower
Emerald - 200G Ruan
Opal - 100G Ruan
Flame Ring Increase effectiveness of Fire Spells 8000G Old Cave B4
Frost Ring Increase effectiveness of Ice Spells 7000G Old Cave B5
Blue Ring ATP+10, DFP+8 4000G Blue Tower
Green Ring ATP+4, DFP+7, INT+4, AGL+10, MGR+4 4000G Green Tower
Red Ring DFP+1, INT+10, AGL+5 4000G Red Tower
Blast Ring Increase effectiveness of Explosion Spells 10000G Old Cave B6
Yellow Ring DFP+20, MGR+20 5000G Arus Cave
Purple Ring ATP+10, DFP+11, INT+4, AGL+2, MGR+5 6000G Tower of Grief
Undead Ring Deal more damage to Undead creatures 960G Tower of Light
Sea Ring Deal more damage to Sea creatures 4400G Tower of Light
Wave Ring ATP+30, DFP+22, INT+15, AGL+5, MGR+15 30000G Gayas Island Cave
Hi Power Ring ATP+40 6000G Ullup Island Cave
Hi Daze Ring DFP+40, MGR+10 9600G Elba Island Cave
Mach Ring DFP+4, AGL+11 10800G Loire Island Cave
Engage Ring Items cost less 6000G Cave of the Purple Newt
Diamond Ring Items cost more 7200G Medan Mines
Heavy Ring ATP+80, WGT+120 4000G Aisen Island
Dragon Ring Deal more damage to Dragons 3800G Oil Cave
Mind Ring INT+30, MGR+10 6000G Forfeit Island
White Ring ATP+40, DFP+21, AGL+4 10000G Glasdar Cave
Black Ring ATP+10, DFP+7, AGL+10, MGR+40 12000G Glasdar Cave
Gloom Ring Increase effectiveness of Instant Death Spells 6900G Glasdar Tower
Gloom Guard Protects against Instant Death Spells 3600G Glasdar Cave