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The Programmer's Room

In Giott castle go to the weapon/armor shops and go through the middle of the two shown here.
In the next room you can watch a drunken dwarf dance. When finished, head right to a brown patch and this is where you go through the hidden passage down the stairs.
This is the main room where you can find the various programmers. The strangely colored chocobo is the director.
In a door to the right of the room you can see all of the music and sound effects makers.
These are the various monsters you will randomly encounter. If you attack this one, it will slap back. You can't kill it but after a few moments it disappears leaving you with 100 exp and a Maiden's Kiss.
Here is a giant looking fellow and you can't kill him. Don't know much more about this one.
Go down the stairs into another room and check the left part of the bookshelf. Here you find the very anticipated Porno Book. The person in the left bed has some interesting stuff to say so talk to him too.
If you want to see it, go into your item screen and go to it. You'll see a message. This ends your tour of the programmer's room.

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