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Final Fantasy IV

This shrine is based on the J2E translation of FFIV for the Super Famicom (the so-called "hard-type"), and the information is also applicable for the Playstation version of the game (which has a different translation), and the Wonderswan Color version of the game. The game released in America as FFII for the SNES was more like the easy-type version. Basically, the US version had several character abilities and items taken out. Also, the difficuly was toned down a bit, as well as a few other things. FFIV was then released for the GBA with several new features.

This shrine does not cover the differences found in FFII US, FFIV Easy-Type, or FFIV GBA.

June 24, 2002

I created maps for the Underground and the Moon. May the peasants rejoice.

June 14, 2002

Nezzer's FFIV shrine is alive and well! I've added a few things to it though to make it better than ever!
  • Completely revamped Enemy section, using Lord Skylark's list as a base, while adding extra infro from Cidolfas' FAQ.
  • More accurate equipment stats from Cidolfas' FAQ.
  • Locations of the items, weapons and armor (from Cid's FAQ and Sky's enemy list).
  • Levels characters learn spells.
  • What equipment each character can equip.
  • Several spelling/grammar corrections.
  • Shopping list based off Cid's FAQ.
  • Status ailment page based off Cid's FAQ.
  • Updated names to be more accurate with J2E's patch.
  • Added the world map Cid had posted at the FFCompendium, but he seems to have forgotten who he got it from. If you are the creator, e-mail me so I can give you credit.
  • Some other minor things.
Shrine was originally created by Nezzer

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