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I thought this was needed, as this technically is not my shrine. This shrine was made by a fellow named Nezzer for a site named AtmaGames. If you want more information, check the RPGC Site History. Needless to say, AtmaGames no longer exists, but we were contacted in the last few minutes by Nezzer, asking if he could host his FF4 HT Shrine on RPGC. Of course, we consented, since we were in need of a FFIV HT Shrine, and Nezzer's was complete. Well, after we consented, Nezzer disappeared off the face of the planet. It came to my attention, however, that I had a copy of Nezzer's FF4HT Shrine on my Hard Drive in an old AtmaGames backup. So I formatted the shrine and put it up in his name. I did not only post it because RPGC needed a FFIV HT Shrine. Orakio offered to make us one instead. I posted it up because Nezzer did a damn good job on the shrine, and I think it deserves to be seen by RPG fans everywhere. This will always be Nezzer's shrine, even though I might make a few updates and corrections to it, and if Nezzer ever happens to come by here and find this, he is always welcome to retake control of it. I'm merely a shepherd.


Zeppelin lost his net access for the summer, so he left the shrine with another former Atmagames member, me.


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