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Along with his martial arts training at Summit Temple, Kane learned the art of magic. Used carefully and when Kane has enough energy, magic can defeat almost all of your enemies.

To use spells in the Action screens, press the PAUSE button to access the Status screen. Select the desired spell with the D-button and press Button 2. You will return to the Action scene. To use the spell, press Button 1, then push the D-Button DOWN. If you are touched by an enemy while using a spell, the spell will be broken and you will have to use the D-Button and Button 1 again to revive the spell. To cancel a spell or use no spell at all, select ---- and press Button 2.

All spells are available in the beginning of the game, except 'Password', which is given to you at the end of the first action scene.

Name Description Energy Points Required
PASSWORD As the name implies, using this spell will allow the Wise Kangiten to give you a password. You can only get a password in the Adventure screens. 0
HAKUJI A spell to focus your "Ki" energy into a beam of destructive light. A good alternative to your regular shots if you need some quick extra power. 3
INDRA Calls on the Thunder God to storm lightning on your enemies. Honestly, this spell is not very useful. 10
FUDO Calls forth a great ball of fire. About as useful as Hakuji, good to add a lot more power to your regular type of shots, but only if you have the energy to spare. It is very useful in the final battle however. 20
KANNON A kinder spell that returns the waking dead to the underworld. But it is not effective against all evil spirits. Actually, this spell is useful against almost every enemy and boss. A very effective way to destroy enemies without getting hurt. It's cheap to use too. 5
HATTEN Calls on the God of Winds to send a tornado or high winds against your enemies. This spell is useful in many situations and many bosses, since it covers almost the entire screen. Although Kannon is usually more effective. 10
MARS Calls on the God of War to fully restore your strength. 25
MAKIRI Gives you the power to fly! You will need to use this often. Lasts for 30 seconds. 20
NOBOTA A spell that creates a shield impervious to all the enemy's missile attacks. This spell also allows you to destroy enemies that normally spawn into smaller enemies, with one shot. The spell will deactivate when you enter a building or access the status screen. Otherwise it will last infinitely on the current action screen. 30

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