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Extra Stuff

Extra Stuff

- The little blue balls refill 10 strength points and the orange balls refill 10 energy points.

- Every 10 enemies you destroy will drop a ball. It's usually a 50/50 chance for blue or orange, even if your points are full.

- You have the ability to collect up to 999 energy points since the beginning of the game.

- You can return to Kuma at Izumo almost anytime throughout most of the game to refill your strength.

- You can return to Chizu Sea anytime you are in the UnderWorld to refill your strength.

- You don't really need to worry about dying in this game, you can continue at the last action screen you were at. If you were fighting a boss when you died, you will continue in that battle with full strength! (But energy points are not refilled.)

- Almost all bosses leave behind a big blue or orange ball for you to refill your strength/energy, but you have to get it quick before the screen automatically fades out.

- The big blue balls in the pyramid will always be there again when you move off the screen then go back.

- The Kannon spell can get you past almost any enemy situation, except humanoid enemies.

- If you take too long fighting the Thunder God, it will disappear and you will not get the Sword of Fury. Do NOT save the game, you will have to reset the game to continue.


UUd99ddFGIKOijHK+QasssmC - Izumo

0INxxUVWWWY8QT341FNfjlqC - Attaro

l5GrDklGKKMsACHIl19TGN7B - Mt. Miwa

h15umXoossuPfhnMNddxkrZD - Kashima

p9C3PyDEJJLLb9B2WozHm40C - Shimono

jnrk0WnSXZr-PQwXu0+c7NgD - Shimono Sea

uywJ5Zy9gs8m3f-8c+IjuIUD - UnderWater Shrine

DDD7rdt233JNepN28yyZ4I2C - Izumo 2

qqrTzTklJLd9OY-6YoyVfxFD - Kumano Shrine

CCCqL9NuPZrL8GnQ9DLu8A-C - Kakogen

The following passwords all start you with 999 energy:

GKUM9fzT22Io5jJ0SIKt8IcC - Mt. Hinokami

uuwoZJemJKdhSV1QGYYDOc6C - Pyramid

PPXPwSGS78vj29d4EOeVz3eC - UnderWorld

mqurMsh2+fSyDJqZ1NmhrxND - Final Battle

I = upper case letter 'i'
l = lower case letter 'L'
1 = number one
0 = number zero
O = upper case letter 'o'

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