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In order of appearance.

Name (Boss) Description Location(s)
These twirly orange guys are found almost everywhere in the first part of the game. They just twirl around and fly straight at you. Easy to kill. Enriku, Izumo, Miwa, Kashima, Kakogen
These swordsmen will jump at you and swing their sword. Just shoot them before they jump. Enriku, Miwa
Archers will stand still and shoot arrows of fire at you. They take a couple of hits to kill, so duck the arrows then shoot. Enriku, Izumo, Miwa, Kashima
These plants will materialize from the ground without warning. They will then shoot balls of fire up in the air. Shoot them before that happens. Izumo, Attaro, Kashima
These guys jump up from water under a bridge. They will continue jumping around hitting you, so shoot them right away when they jump. Izumo
These flying fire monsters will hover above you and drop balls of flames on you. Jump up and shoot it right away, or else it will stay with you. Izumo, Attaro, Kashima
The centipedes will pop up from the ground, or between pits and fly up across the screen and shoot a ball of fire at you. Easy to dodge, but takes a couple hits to kill. Izumo, Attaro
Just shoot these big cats as soon as they jump at you. Attaro
Mysterious Man This boss shoots large white balls that are hard to dodge but do low damage. Just avoid running into the boss himself and keep shooting. Izumo
Jukak This guy drops little rodents that come and attack you, shoot them once and they die. He also shoots three fireballs at you, duck to avoid them. As with the previous boss, try not run into him, as it does more damage. Just keep shooting and he'll soon give up. Attaro
Miwa Guard He flies around the screen spinning and periodically shooting fireballs in all eight directions. Dodge the fireballs and shoot him. As you damage him he gets faster. Again, avoid running into him. Mt. Miwa
Wakahiko This boss starts the battle flying back and forth. He throws boomerangs, that you shoot to destroy. After shooting Wakahiko enough times, his shield goes down, and he drops to the ground. Just a few more shots to defeat him. Mt. Miwa
Fire Boss This is the first boss that can be tough. He'll fly straight down across the screen, then come up again from the bottom, somewhere else. At the same time he shoots 5 fireballs out, be sure to stay far away and dodge the fireballs. It's best to use the Hatten spell and shoot it whenever you get a chance, or use Kannon if you're really lazy. Kashima
These fish heads fly up and down across the screen. Pretty straightforward, easy to dodge and kill. Shimono Sea
You will encounter a bunch of crabs at one point in the game. They fall down from the top of the screen. Shoot them before they hit the ground. Shimono Sea
Sea Dragon. You will only find one of these in the game. It flies around the screen. You have to hit it in the head a few times to kill it. Shimono Sea
These fish drop an egg pouch on the ground that hatches and a little creature will pop out and attack you. Shoot the fish before that happens, and try to shoot the egg before it hits the ground. Shimono Sea
These underwater swordsmen will appear out of nowhere, shoot something at you, then disappear. Shoot them if you can, or just avoid them. Shimono Sea
Princess Asaka The dragon moves up and down from one side of the screen to the other. It will periodically shoot a fireball, that is fairly easy to dodge. The only time you can hit the dragon is when it opens its mouth to shoot a fireball. Just keep moving around and be patient, you could always use some magic like Hatten or Kannon to help. Izumo 2
Giant Centipede This boss will fly from one side of the screen to the other, then come back from the other side. It drops fireballs as it moves, but they are very easy to dodge. You need to shoot the back of the centipede, whenever it flies low enough. This boss is easy to defeat, it just takes awhile. Izumo 2
These swordsmen are just like the ones in the beginning of the game, only stronger. Kakogen
This big green blob will drop from the ceiling in the Kakogen Well. It just sits there and does nothing, but if you don't kill it, it will start draining your strength. It takes a number of hits to kill. Kakogen
These walking dudes may seem innocent at first glance, but when they get close, they will explode. Shoot them before that happens. Kakogen
These little puppies shoot fire out of their mouth. They take a couple of hits to kill. You can also duck to avoid them. Kakogen
Simple fire birds that fly around the fiery pits of Hinokami. They can get annoying when groups of them appear and you don't know where they will appear while you're flying. Hinokami
This enemy consists of four balls. You can only destroy them with a powered up shot. That is why you should always hold the fire button down while flying. Hinokami
Fire Dragon. Like the Sea Dragon, you'll only encounter one of these in the game, and you have to hit it in the head to kill it. Make sure you position yourself properly while flying before it appears, or you'll miss your chance. Hinokami
Keseus Kezeus flies back and forth across the screen, stopping to shoot lightning periodically. You need to hit it in the mouth when it's open, right before he fires. Just stand on the edge of the screen, and duck if he flies over you. Hinokami
Daikok This can be a rather difficult battle. Laser beams are dropping on your head, as well as Daikok firing beams from his eyes. You need to jump and hit Daikok in the eye when it's open. The easiest thing to do is stand still and cast Hatten, if you time it right, you'll hit the open eye with every shot. Hinokami
These jumpy creatures frequent the Pyramid. Just shoot them as soon as they jump at you. Pretty simple, but if you miss, they will continue jumping at you relentlessly. Pyramid
Like the fish heads. Easy to kill or avoid. Pyramid
The axemen will just walk towards you and hack away. They take a few hits to kill. Pyramid
Snake-like ball creature found in the pyramid. You have to hit it in the head first, then it will fly straight at you, then shoot it again to destroy it. Pyramid
Slow moving balls that move around the screen shooting balls of fire at you. Shoot them when you get a chance. Pyramid
This mini-boss guards the War Hammer. It flies around the screen and will shoot three big balls of fire at you. Just keep moving away from it and jump and shoot it a few times. Pyramid
An eyeball on a tentacle mini-boss. It will appear on one side of the screen, shoot a laser at you from its eye, then appear on the opposite side of the screen. Just duck the lasers and shoot the eye when you get a chance. Pyramid
This goat mini-boss just runs back and forth at you. Try to jump over it and keep shooting at it. Pyramid
Demon The Demon is riding an ant-like creature that sticks its tongue out at you, so stay to the left side of the screen. The Demon also shoots some kind of fire ball stars at you at the same time. Try to avoid them and jump up to shoot the Demon. You can hit it anywhere and anytime, it doesn't matter. Pyramid
When you shoot these ogre creatures, they will split into 4 smaller creatures that attack you. It's best to use the Nobota spell so you can kill them with one shot, or just jump over them. Yomotsu
The eyeball just flies straight at you. It take two hits to destroy. The first time you hit it, it grows bigger. Yomotsu
These little monkey guys will jump at you, and keep jumping at you. Shoot them when they first jump. Yomotsu
These owl-like creatures seem harmless enough, until you get close, then they will swoop down and attack you. Jump up and shoot them before you get close. Yomotsu
Thunder God You must destroy the Thunder God to get the Sword of Fury. This thing flies around and drops lightning on you. As you shoot it, it slowly loses pieces. The easiest way to beat it is to cast Kannon a few times. If you take too much time, it will leave and you'll have to reset the game to continue. UnderWorld
Demon 2 This demon holds the Sacred Mirror. It has two parts, a snake-like body and a flying head part. The body can't be hurt, you'll need to hit the head, while avoiding the body. Use Kannon to make things easier. Holy Bridge in the Underworld

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