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In addition to the weapons and armor you may find, there are a number of special items that you must find to complete the game.

Name Description Location
Sword of Seven Branches A powerful sword with the ability to wake the Gods. You need to use this sword near the end of the game to wake the Serpent God. Kashima Temple
X-Ray Glasses Allows you to see some things more clearly, especially underwater. This is the one item you do not really need to get. It is only used on the ocean to see treasure beneath the water, instead of just jumping in. Shimono Sea
Lute Once belonged to a humble monk. Find it, and its powers will surprise you. You need the Lute to destroy the Evil Spirits in the Ocean and to calm stormy waters. Shimono Sea
Sword of Kusanagi A magical sword taken from one of the eight tails of the Serpent God. This is used on a few occasions to prove your identity and your power. Most importantly used near the end of the game to direct the Serpent God's power onto yourself. UnderWater Shrine
Harp of Amano Sweet music from a land down under! (No, not Australia). The Harp is used to put guard dogs to sleep. You only use this once, but you need to learn to play it first. Toki Plains in the UnderWorld
Sacred Mirror An object of great power. Only used near the end of the game to absorb the Serpent God's power. Holy Bridge in the Underworld

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