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Traversing the Five Lands:

Character/Contact Screen:
You and your companions will appear in the Character/Contact Screen outside of battle. The moving background represents your character's point of view in the Five Lands. Your foe will be seen in the upper screen when in battle. Messages will also appear in this screen.

The magical fairy who ensures messages are seen by all.

Map/Menu Screen:
The red/white square is your present location in the Five Lands. Use your map as a reference. One move of the red/white square equals one square on your map. 

Experience/Strength Meters:
The upper blue bar next to a party member's name is the experience meter. As you battle evil creatures, your experience will grow...and your experience meter will become white. When your experience meter becomes fully white, you will gain a level.

Your strength meter starts out white. As you suffer damage, the white will decrease. If your strength meter turns fully blue, you will die. you gain in experience, you will gain in strength.


$: The amount of Guilders your party has. Guilders are the monetary unit of the Five Lands. You will need them to purchase weapons, healing herbs and special items.

POT: Herbs. Use herbs to heal yourself and your party after combat.

FANG: Fangs are valuable in the Five Lands. They can be sold for guilders...or traded for certain items!

C: Character points are evidence of your worthiness in combat. Some villages will not admit you if you don't have enough character points. Be careful who you slay, or your fame could decrease! If you lose too many of these in battle, your hired blacksmith may leave as well!

Game Menus

Basic Menu 

Heal:   When you and your companion's strength has been depeleted in combat, you may use this command (if you have herbs) to regain strength.  You can buy more herbs from the healer in town.

Status:   The Status Screen shows the strength and defensive values of you and your companions as well as their equipment usage.

Status Screen 

Attack Strength - the higher the number, the more damage done to your foes.

D:  Defense Strength - the higher the number, the less damage you will take when struck.

Weapons:   If the number in the column next to Arms reaches 0, the weapons will break and you have to find a new one. A visit to the swordsmith before this happens will put new life in your steel! There may even be a blacksmith for hire who will travel with you and fix your weapons after each battle!

Items:   Selecting ITEM will allow you to see and count the various special items currently in your inventory.

Item Screen 

Quit:   This will allow you to save a game, by selecting SAVE in the subscreen, or will let you end the game permanently by selecting the QUIT option again.

Encounter Menu 

The Encounter Menu will automatically be displayed when you come in contact with a friend or foe.  A message will identify what you see. Then you must select an option.

Attack:   Use this option to attack. A subscreen will appear in which you must select the member of your party to attack.

Retreat:   This option allows you to escape. Remember that some creatures will trap you, forcing you to fight for your life! If you are unable to escape, the enemy will get one attack on EACH member of your party. Use this command when you are in dire straits.

Talk:   Use this option to listen to some of the people and creatures you meet in your quest. Some of them may provide you with valuable hints and directions.

Magical:   If you have magical items, this option will allow you use them. Some magic items won't work against certain enemies!

Spell:   This option will show you a list of all of the spells you have learned.

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