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Jasba/Crawky Forest


Image Description
Friends (Randar/Enny/Dina)
Items being sold by the Wise Woman


Location Description
A7 Winkle: Write down your password!
E3 Randar. Strike red rock on the right once to reveal hole.
B5 Enny. Kill 1 red water spirit to reveal hole.
C3 Dina. Strike the rightmost small tree once.
A5 Wise Woman. Must possess EMERALD RING to give to Wise Woman.
B2 Life Potion, price: 8,000 gold. Kill 2 white porcupigs to reveal hole.
B6 Life Potion, price: 10,000 gold. Strike the left red rock 3 times.
D4 Life Potion, price: 15,000 gold. Kill 2 white potato bugs to reveal hole.
E1 Bible, price: 5,000 gold. Kill 4 white moles to reveal hole.
A4 Bible, price: 7,000 gold. Kill 2 white stone knights to reveal hole.
C5 Bible, price: 10,000 gold. Kill 2 red bees to reveal hole.
C6 Green Mea, price: 1,000 gold. Strike small tree twice to reveal hole.
A3 Purple Mea, price: 5,000 gold. Crush stone at top of screen to reveal hole.
C7 Remedia's Shield, price: 40,000 gold. Crush stone at the bottom-left of screen to reveal hole.
C1 Legendary Sword, price: 50,000 gold. Kill 2 enemies to reveal hole.
B4 Emerald Ring, price: Free! Swing sword 3 times at end of dock on pond.
B4 Crawky's Dungeon. Crush the right stone to reveal hole.
A1 Crystal, price: 30,000 gold. Once Crawky is defeated, a hole appears for you.
D2 Golvellius' Dungeon. Strike the right red rock below tree to reveal hole. Must possess ALL 7 CRYSTALS to enter dungeon.

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