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Taruba/Bachular Graveyard


Image Description
Friends (Randar/Enny/Dina)
Items being sold by the Wise Woman
Objectives that need to be met before continuing to the next area


Location Description
E2 Winkle: Write down your password! Strike the upper rock twice to reveal hole.
B5 Randar
D4 Enny. Strike skull once to reveal hole.
B2 Dina. Strike the farthest upper-left grave twice to reveal hole.
E3 Life Potion, price: 2,000 gold. Kill kill one enemy to reveal hole.
A2 Life Potion, price: 3,800 gold. Enter from the left side of A1 and strike the grave surrounded by crosses once to reveal hole.
A6 Life Potion, price: 4,200 gold. Kill 2 red bats to reveal hole.
C4 Bible, price: 1,000 gold. Kill 2 blue crows to reveal hole.
D1 Bible, price: 2,000 gold. Kill 2 red bats to reveal hole.
A4 Bible, price: 4,000 gold. Kill 2 red frogs to reveal hole.
B1 Bible, price: 5,000 gold. Kill 2 pigmy skeletons to reveal hole.
C3 Green Mea, price: 1,000 gold. Kill 4 enemies to reveal hole.
D2 Ramurasu's Pendant, price: 25,000 gold. Must come back later with ASCENT BOOTS to obtain this. Strike skull in center island 3 times to reveal hole.
A3 Valley Sword, price: 12,000 gold. Strike the cross above the river twice to reveal hole.
A3 also contains a way into the last area in the game, Haidee Forest. Once you obtain the AQUA BOOTS, you can follow the river to the left.
C1 Bachular's Dungeon. Strike the uppermost cross circled on the map 3 times to reveal the hole.
B4 Crystal, price: 8,000 gold. Once Bachular is defeated, a hole appears for you.
B7 (B7 is not on map, but can be seen on Fosbus Swamp Map)
Once Bachular is defeated, the entrance to Fosbus Swamp is revealed. (A path is revealed in the stone)

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