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Tips and Secrets

Gargoyle Shops

In the Lost Forest, Magic Dungeon, More Magic Dungeon, and very rarely in the Ordeal Mansion, you'll encounter shops run by Gargoyles. Each shop has 9 different items for sale. To buy an item simply pick it up. The gargoyle will then block then exit, so talk to it, and you can buy the item. If you drop an item in a gargoyle shop, you can talk to the gargoyle to sell it.

The main thing to do in shops, however is steal the items. If you want to actually steal an item, and have it be recorded in your exploration log, you'll need to remove an item from the shop without paying for it, and make it to the next floor down. The easiest way to remove the item without paying for it is to kill the gargoyle, so it doesn't block the exit. Normally the gargoyles are friendly and you can't attack them, so you need to make them hostile first. The way to do this is simply damage them or change their status. Any spell or warrior skill that does damage or changes status will do the trick, as will various staves, herbs, and scrolls. If you want you can just throw something at it.

However once a gargoyle becomes hostile it will attack you, and gargoyles are VERY tough (500 HP, 200 attack, and 2 attacks per turn). Do not mess with them unless you have a +99 sword and shield (preferably Loto sword and shield). In addition once you leave the shop with an item, more gargoyles will be summoned and chase you down. Generally taking the easy way out is not the best way to steal. After you leave the shop, you won't be able to exit either. Thieves can't use an outside scroll, spell, or skill.

There are other methods of getting items out of the shop that work much better. The best is to use an ItemPull scroll, this will cause items on the floor, including those in the shop to be pulled right next to you. Try to use this next to the stairs down. You can then pick up the items you want and leave. The gargoyles will still be summoned, but you should be able to go down the stairs before they find you.

Another method is to chew a Warp herb after you've picked up the items you want. You'll be warped out of the shop, and the gargoyles will be summoned, but hopefully you'll be closer to the stairs down. You can also try tunneling your way out of a shop. However, the ItemPull method is probably the safest, most reliable method.

You can also try using a BigRoom scroll. This will cause the gargoyle to guard the stairs down to the next floor, rather than the exit of the shop (technically the stairs down are the new exit for the shop). Then you can pick up the items you want, and get rid of the gargoyle, who will be standing on the stairs. You don't need to kill the Gargoyle though, a warp herb or disperse staff can get rid of it long enough for you to exit. However, this method is not technically stealing, and won't show up in the exploration log.

One last word about stealing. If you pick up an item in a shop, then exit the dungeon before going to the next floor, you won't have the item when you get to town. Stealing isn't quite that easy.

If you don't plan on stealing then you need to be careful in a shop. If you break an item, the gargoyle will expect you to pay for it. If you don't have enough gold then your out of luck. Be very careful of traps, Land Mines can destroy items, forcing you to pay for them. Warp traps can warp you away, and if you're carrying an item, the gargoyle will consider you a thief. Rocks can cause you to trip, and drop items, which may land outside of the shop, at which point the gargoyle will come to attack you. Sweep the shop for traps so this won't be a problem.

Infinite Clone Trick

To clone an item as many times as you want all you'll need is a Clone Pot, two Vacuum Scrolls, and of course the item you want to clone. If you don't have two Vacuum Scrolls you can use a Blank Scroll instead. First put a Vacuum Scroll into the Clone Pot. Second put in the item you want clone. Third read the other Vacuum Scroll on the Clone Pot. Now you'll still have a Clone pot and two Vacuum Scrolls, but now you'll have two of the item you want. Just repeat this process as many times as you like.

Start as a Warrior or Mage

It's possible to start from the beginning of the game (at Odd Field) as either a Warrior or a Mage, rather than a standard Merchant. To do this you will need to have a save where Torneko is the class that you want to start as. Make sure the save with that memory card is in slot 1. At the screen that lets you continue or start a new game, choose to view the Exploration Log. When you exit the Exploration Log, the game will reset. Now start a new game. You will look like a Merchant while in town, but in the dungeons you will be a Warrior or Mage.

Disappear Trick

The Disappear shield skill can make any dungeon very easy. To do this all you need is a shield, and a sword that can use Bread Drop. Disappear makes you invisible so that all monsters will ignore you, the drawback is that you use 1 belly every 2 turns. If you have Bread Drop however, you can rob enough bread from monsters in order to keep Torneko well fed. You should probably keep a few extra breads in case you run into an area with no monsters. If you can find a Leather shield, or have a shield with the 50% hunger ability, it reduces your food intake to 1 belly for every 3 turns making it even easier. This trick can make the Sword Dungeon and More Magical Dungeon extremely easy.

Backing up Your Saves

It's always a good idea to back up your save onto the memory card in slot 1. That way if something unfortunate happens you can restore your save. However the best use for backing up saves is the interruption points in dungeons. If you use one your game will be saved, but you will exit the game. However you can only reload this save once. To get around that problem copy your save on memory card 1 into memory card 2. Now reload the save, and continue playing. If you die then delete the save in slot 1 and copy your backup save in slot 2 into slot 1. Now you can reload and try again.

Sacrifice trick

To do this trick all you need to do is disperse into a dungeon as far down as you can go. Once there case Sacrifice, if it fails, try again. If it works you can then make your way down to the next floor and try again. By doing this you can slowly disperse down further and further and eventually make it to the bottom of most dungeons. You'll also get lots of XP, and therefore spells from all the monsters you kill so this is a good way to get all the spells in the spell list in your Exploration Log. This works especially well in the Mage Dungeon, as well as the Ordeal Mansion. You can't disperse below floor 50 of the Magic Dungeon, and you can't disperse into the More Magical Dungeon at all, and of course, you can't be a Mage in the Sword Dungeon.

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