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Odd Field
Job : Any
Floors : 3
Items Found : Bread, Flame herb, Herb, Joy herb, Bang scroll, Thunder staff, Bronze shield, Leather shield, Club, Copper Sword
Cursed Items : No
Traps : No
Save Points : No

This dungeon is very easy and introduce's you to how the game works. Each time you descend a floor it gives you some advice, be sure to pay attention. If you lose 8 times, Nina will give you a Metabble Shield and Metabble Sword. If you can't beat the dungeon with those, then you probably shouldn't be playing this game.

Job : Any
Floors : 6
Items Found : Bread, Herb, Life herb, Strength herb, HearAll scroll, See-All scroll, Iron Arrows, Silver Arrows, Leather shield
Cursed Items : No
Traps : No
Save Points : No

In this Dungeon you will find a lot of arrows lying around. If you find a Life or Strength herb be sure to eat it.

You'll need to rely on your arrows to defeat the monsters in here. Remember that Iron arrows do the most damage, Silver arrows and Wooden arrows do less. Silver arrows will however go through walls and enemies, so they can hit multiple enemies.

As long as you stay at a range, most of the monsters are relatively easy. Phantoms can do a lot of damage at level 1, so stay away from them. Pillow Rats can also do heavy damage, but luckily they won't advance Torneko making them easy to shoot with arrows. If you find a Leather shield it can help reduce the damage slightly.

Castle Dungeon
Job : Any
Floors : 6
Items Found : Bread, Herb, Life herb, Blowback staff, Panic Staff, Sleep Staff, Thunder Staff
Cursed Items : No
Traps : No
Save Points : No

Chew a Life herb if you find one, extra HP is always helpful. Try and save herbs for the lower floors when the monsters can do higher damage. This dungeon focuses on staves, you'll find plenty of them, and you need to rely on them, your regular attack won't do much damage. Remember that if a staff has no uses you can still hurl it for one last effect.

Blowback staves aren't very useful, they can kill the wimpy monsters, but otherwise they're mostly useful for knocking away monsters so you can run. The Panic staff can be quite helpful, it will allow you to attack the monster without it attacking you, sometimes it can also cause a monster to attack another monster. Sleep staves can be very helpful, allowing you to easily kill the monster while it sleeps. Disperse staves can be used to get rid of a monster temporarily. Thunder staves are the best however, they do enough damage to kill any monster in this dungeon in one hit.

The two monsters to watch out for are Derangers and Demighouls. Derangers can be very annoying as they can warp you away. Demighouls can split into two if you hit them and they don't die. Even if they are asleep or confused they can still clone themselves. Try and save your Thunder staves for them. Otherwise try and kill them in corridors, where only one can attack you at a time. If possible try to get another monster behind the Demighoul so that it can't split.

Cemetery Dungeon
Job : Any
Floors : 6
Items Found : Bread, Antidote herb, Blinding herb, Dance herb, Herb, Ironize herb, Life Herb, Panic Herb, Paralyze herb, Sleep herb, Strength herb, Super herb, Warp herb
Cursed Items : No
Traps : No
Save Points : No

In this dungeon you'll need to rely on the many herbs that are lying around the dungeon. Dance, Panic, and Sleep herbs are all useful for defeating monsters while they are incapacitated. Ironize and Paralyze herbs are mostly useful for running from monsters. Warp herbs can also get rid of a monster for a short while until it finds you again, or you can chew one yourself to get out of a bad situation. Strength and Life herbs should be eaten immediately to help make Torneko more powerful. Herbs and Super herbs are of course used for healing. Make sure not to chew bad herbs though.

The only two monsters that should be a problem are Bigshrooms and Hammermen. Bigshrooms can reduce Torneko's strength. Be sure to use an antidote herb to restore you strength, if you use a Strength herb it will only restore 1 point, rather than increasing your max strength. If a Hammerman charges up, simply step back a step and then attack, that way you won't get hit by a brutal hit. Herbs are only one use items though, and you may need to attack some monsters normally, try and save the herbs for tougher monsters like Mummymen or Iron Ants.

Mt. Fiery
Job : Any
Floors : 10
Items Found : Bread, Big Bread, Various herbs, pots, scrolls, staves, shields, and swords
Cursed Items : No
Traps : Yes
Save Points : No

This is the first dungeon that you can bring items into. If you have them, be sure to bring in a sword and shield. This is also the first dungeon with traps. The main trap to be concerned with in this dungeon is this land mine, stepping on it reduces your current HP by 1/2. Try swinging your sword before stepping to reveal traps. This is also the first dungeon with save points.

The first three floors should pose no problem. On floors 4 to 6 the Flames can be pretty tough, and remember not to throw anything at them (such as herbs, staves or arrows) because they will burn up with no effect. If a Brunie charges power step back and then attack. The last 4 floors have some tougher monsters. To fight Iron Turtles alternate between attacking and stepping back, since they move at half speed they will never get to attack if you do this. As Watch out for Goopis, they can grab your feet so that you can't move and then call for help from Stone Men, be sure to kill them fast. Of course Goopis can't move making them easy to attack at a range.

Lost Forest
Job : Any
Floors : 12
Items Found : Gold Bags only. In the shops you can find various items of all types except rings.
Cursed Items : No
Traps : Yes
Save Points : No

This is the first dungeon with Gargoyle shops. You'll find lots of gold lying around, and you'll need to buy items in the shops. You'll even need to rely on shops for bread, as well as a sword and shield.

You can bring in two items, you should have a decent sword and shield from Mt. Fiery, so bring them in. If you are really having problems, try to save up 50,000 gold and put it in the bank, the Banker will give you a Joy ring. The Joy ring gives you 1 XP for each step you take, this can get you to high levels very quickly.

There are many traps in this dungeon, but the main one that will give you a problem is the poison arrow trap, combined with the Bigshroom's poison you can easily find yourself with 0 strength. At 0 strength even a +3 sword won't do much damage. This is why I recommend having a Scale shield (or a shield with the Strength maintenance ability melded). Of course you should make sure to check for traps before you step as well.

As before floors 1 to 3 are easy, use them to level up. Floors 4 to 6 have some mean monsters Pillow Rats have high HP and do high damage, try to avoid them or kill them at a range. Bigshrooms can poison you so kill them quickly as well.

Floors 7 to 10 get a lot tougher. The Iron Turtles are here, so make sure to step back every other attack to avoid them from attacking you. Stay away from Dance Vegi, their dance attack can prevent you from attacking for a while, if you start dancing just run away till it wears off. Yetis always come in groups of 4, but they will sleep until you attack one of them. If you can't kill them in one hit, then leave them alone.

Floors 11 and 12 can be very nasty. The Horks can rust you shield, the Shaman can curse your equipment, and Skeletors like to knock your shield off. The biggest problem however is the Berserkers, they will attack anything, including monsters. Every time they kill a monster they go up a level and get tougher. A leveled up Berserker can kill Torneko in one hit. Another problem is that every monster here is a zombie. When you kill them, they may leave a grave, and if another monster wanders near the grave they will come back to life. Because of this, try to kill the monsters individually while no other monsters are around, that way they won't get right back up. If you run into a Zombie and have a Zombie-X sword you can kill them very easily.

Toro Ruins
Job : Any
Floors : 12
Items Found : Various types of all items except rings
Cursed Items : No
Traps : Yes
Save Points : No

Toro Ruins can be fairly difficult, it has 15 floors and some pretty tough monsters at the bottom. You can find traps of all different varieties, so it is wise to swing your sword to find traps.

You can bring in 5 items, so make good use of them. You should bring in a good sword and shield. If you deposit 30,000 gold in the bank you'll get a Melding Pot which you can use to make a good sword and/or shield. Make sure your shield has the 50% Hunger Growth ability as well as Rust-Proof (meld with a Leather shield to get this), Strength Maintenance ability can be useful as well. Good sword abilities include all the 2x damage abilities as well as 3-Space Sweep. But just make sure to get your weapons as strong as possible.

If you deposit 50,000 gold you'll get a Joy Ring. This can make the dungeon much easier, so if you're having problems save up to get this. Otherwise you should bring in an Outside Scroll, and maybe some good staves you've found.

The first three floors are really easy, so try to build up some levels on the early floors. If you brought in some bread, you should be able to stay on each floor long enough to gain a few levels.

The next floors can be a little trickier. The Druids and Derangers can be annoying, but the biggest problem is the Demighouls. Try to fight them in corridors, so that if they split only one can attack you. Of course if you can kill them in one hit, then there is no need to worry.

On Floors 7 to 10, watch out for the Druins. If you see one don't attack it, just let it sleep. If you can kill them in one hit, then you may want to kill them to gain experience. Be sure to kill the Evillamps in corridors, that way they can only summon 1 monster.

On the last floor, be careful of the Enchanter, their staff can have many different effects, and can be quite dangerous. The Skeletors can be dangerous too, you don't want to lose a shield. There really isn't much you can do to easily stop these creatures, so just make for the exit as quickly as possible.

The Magic Dungeon
Job : Any
Floors : 27
Items Found : Various items of all kinds
Cursed Items: Yes
Traps: Yes
Save Points : No

That dungeon can be quite hard, but you can bring in up to 10 different items. You'll also have access to the Blacksmith and Melding Shop. If you are having trouble, just keep upgrading your weapons and shield, with both at +99 this dungeon is a breeze.

The best shield abilities are Spell Bounce, and Skill-X they can both prevent incredibly annoying and dangerous monster abilities. 2x Damage vs. Demons is a good sword ability too, lots of monsters count as Demons.

Plus you can now find rings in this dungeon, Joy Ring is obviously worth bringing in. If you can find a Shadow Ring, or Trap-X Ring bring them in too, you can bring in 10 items, so don't worry too much.

The first 10 or so floors just have the same old monsters you've seen before. Nothing too difficult here. Floor 14 introduces Shadows. These monsters are invisible, and you can't see them. If they attack you, try to run into a corridor, that way you know they are directly in front of you. In a room, you never know which direction they are attacking from. 3-Space Sweep sword ability can really help find, and defeat them. If you have a Shadow Ring it will let you see them.

At Floor 18 you start running into some tough monsters. A lot of them are demons, so try to find a Demon-X sword. The Revirocks can revive a monster you defeat, so try to defeat them first.

Starting at floor 23, You'll encounter much tougher monsters. Shadowers are here (they are just tougher Shadows). Bomb Crags will explode if you reduce them to below 10 HP without killing them. Pay attention to their HP to make sure they don't explode. Eyeballs however are probably the toughest monsters though, as long as they are in the same room as you, they can confuse you. Confuse-X Ring can be very helpful, so can the Skill-X shield ability.

On Floor 27 you'll encounter the Darkevil Chest. On Floor 27 you'll run into a huge room full of monsters, including Darkevil Chests. The Eyeballs like to confuse you, so hopefully you have something to prevent it. If not, the 3-Space Sweep sword ability can help you hit monsters even when you are confused. If you don't kill a Darkevil Chest in one hit they'll split open into multiple other monsters, plus Darkevil Chests can do high damage.

Try to have a Heal Pot, or some Super Herbs. Bang, Defense, Pause, and TieDown scroll can all be helpful too. Once you kill all the monsters proceed to the door on the north wall to find the Darkeveil chest. When you defeat the Darkevil Chest you Technically beat the game, but there is still other dungeons to explore.

Items to be found:

Floor 15 : 20 Gold Bags These gold bags are easy to get. They're in a room with a locked door. You can get keys in the well.

Floor 23 : 2 Melding Pots You'll need a key to open the door to this room as well. Inside are 7 Bomb Crags and 2 Melding Pots. Each Bomb Crag is also on a Mine trap, you'll need a Trap-X Ring, to avoid them. You also need to be kill the Bomb Crags without them exploding. If they explode, or get hit by a land mine explosion it starts a chain reaction which will destroy the Melding Pots.

Magic Dungeon Revisited
Job : Any
Floors : 100
Items Found : Various items of all kinds
Cursed Items : Yes
Traps : Yes
Save Points : No

Since you can bring 10 items in to this dungeon, it's pretty easy as long as you have a good sword and shield. If you're having trouble try to get better equipment before attempting again. The Skill-X and Magic Bounce shield abilities are extremely helpful in here so make sure your shield has them. 50% Hunger Growth is good too (you don't want to run out of food).

Basically if you have problems, just keep melding your sword and shield to make them tougher. Try visiting the other dungeons to get some new items.

Items to be found:

Floor 15 : 20 Gold Bags These gold bags are easy to get. They're in a room with a locked door.

Floor 23 : 2 Melding Pots You'll need a key to open the door to this room as well. Inside are 7 Bomb Crags and 2 Melding Pots. Each Bomb Crag is also on a Mine trap. You'll need a Trap-X Ring, or the Trap-X / Bust Trap skill. You need to be kill the Bomb Crags without them exploding. If they explode it starts a chain reaction which will destroy the Melding Pots.

Floor 30 : Ice Sword This sword is in a room with no entrance, you'll need to tunnel through the wall to get in (a Pick or Tunnel / Tunneler skill will do). Inside is the Ice Sword in the center and 8 Gargoyles around it. If you step on the Ice Sword, it will activate the Gargoyles. If you can't fight them (which you likely won't be able to) you'll need to escape immediately. Alternatively you can use a Thief Pot to suck up the sword, it won't activate The Gargoyles.

Floor 50 : Whirlwind This is inside a room with a locked door at the entrance. The sword is at the end of a large spiral. The spiral is filled with spikes, so you'll need the stepguard scroll or skill. At each corner is a trapdoor, so you'll need a Trap-X Ring or Trap-X / Bust Trap skill as well.

Floor 60 : Golden Pot & Golden Arrows These are in the same type of room as floor 30. The first time you will get a Golden Pot. If you come back again, you'll get the Golden Arrows, inside a Magic Box. After that all you'll get is Magic Box with a Scrap Scroll in it.

Floor 70 : Seal Sword This sword is in a room with a locked door at the entrance. Inside the room is a sort of cross-shaped ice patch. Since you can't control yourself on ice, getting this sword can be difficult. To get it, lure a monster to right in front of the door, now slide to the top and wait for the monster to be one square in front on the intersection. Now slide down, the monster will stop you at the intersection. Now slide to the right, and wait for the monster to be two steps away, now slide into the monster then slide up to where the sword is. There is a warp trap next to the sword, you can use it to get back out of the room. There actually 4 items in this room, however 3 of them are mimics so you only need to get the one in the upper right corner

Floor 80 : Seal Shield The Seal Shield is in a room identical to the Seal Sword, you can use the same method to get it.

Floor 98 : Loto Sword & Golden Bread On Floor 98 you can get the almighty Loto Sword. The sword is on an island behind a locked door. This island is covered in warp traps so you can't get to the bread. There are two ways to get this item.

1. Kill all the monsters on the floor. Equip a Passage Ring. Shoot a Change Staff at a crystal so that it bounces back and turns Torneko into a monsters. As a monster Torneko is immune to traps so just walk to where the sword is and wait for the transformation to wear off.

2. If you come in a Warrior, set Ford and Trap-X to your shield, now you can walk right over the water and traps to get the bread. If you don't have Trap-X, you can use Bust Trap to destroy the traps instead. The Sword is behind a second locked door, so you'll need 2 keys to get it. If you come back in after having gotten the Loto Sword, you'll find the Golden Bread here. Further attempts will yield a Scrap Scroll.

The Well
Job : Merchant
Floors : 10 (1)
Items Found : Various Scrolls, Herbs and Pots.
Cursed Items : No
Traps : No
Save Points : No

The well can be found by talking to the man behind the Decrepit Mansion. You can only enter it after you beat the Toro Ruins, and he won't let you in unless you're a Merchant.

The Well works differently than other dungeons. Each time you enter there is only floor, but you get to choose what level you want to try before you enter. There are a total of 10 levels, and how far you've made it in the Magic Dungeon determines which levels you can enter. If you haven't gone into the Magic Dungeon then you can only try level 1.

Leveling up to level 5 at the Magic Shop is almost a necessity. As long as you have a good enough Sword and Shield, you should be able to handle the appropriate level.

Be careful of Mimics, on the easier levels they can be quite dangerous. Just Remember that the only items you can get in here are Scrolls, Herbs, Staves, and Pots. If you see a Sword or Shield then you know it's a Mimic.

After finding the stair down, you'll enter a room with 3 gold bags, a key, and a warp out. The Well is a good place to get keys, as well as a good place to get money. The gold bags have the following amount of gold (and remember there are 3 gold bags):

Level 1 - 5400

Level 2 - 12000

Level 3 - 21000

Level 4 - 30000

Level 5 - 39000

Level 6 - 54000

Level 7 - 60000

Level 8 - 69000

Level 9 - 84000

Level 10 - 90000

Mage Dungeon
Job : Mage
Floors : 35
Items Found : Ouside scroll, Spellbook, and various herbs, and staves
Cursed Items : No
Traps : Yes
Save Points : No

This dungeon can be found at the Old Man's house, you'll need to be a Mage to enter though.

You can't bring any items into this dungeon, although as a Mage that's not as big of a drawback as with other classes. You'll really need to rely on the luck of which spells you learn as well as which items you get. It can be very difficult to beat this dungeon.

The easiest way to beat this dungeon is to disperse down as far as you can, and then cast Sacrifice, if it works, you can make your way to the stairs, and then next time you can disperse further down.

If you want to beat it the standard way, then it can be very hard. Make sure to swing your fist to look for traps, and be sure to stick around on each floor to level up.

This is the only dungeon where you can find Spellbooks. If you find one, be sure to choose a good spell to write in it (Beat and DefeatMax come to mind). If you find a Joy Herb, try saving it a while, and make sure to chew it immediately after leveling up. You want to maximize it's effectiveness. Disaster Herbs can be handy too. Chew it after leveling up, and you'll only lose a small amount of experience, but you gain another chance at learning new spells.

The first 4 floors are easy - no mage creatures. Derangers appear on floor 4, and Druids on floor 5. These are probably the only mage creatures you can defeat with physical attacks.

The next 3 floors are pretty easy. Use this chance to level up. But whatever you do, leave the Druins alone. You don't want to deal with mage creatures. Although if you have the beat spell (or one of its varieties), you can kill them for experience.

The next 3 floors are full of Zombie creatures, not too hard, but try not to get surrounded. Use these floors to level up as well.

Floor 13 is where it starts to get really hard. Shadows live here, and can sneak up on you and attack. Use spells that damage everything in a room, they can defeat Shadows even though you can't see them. There really isn't much you can do against the Enchanters and MagiWyverns. If you can kill them then good, otherwise StopSpell can at least prevent them from making you lose spells.

If you make it to floor 16 the monsters get even tougher. Shadowers live here, and they hurt more than Shadows. Wing Sages and Healers are the mage creature to watch for. Healers can actually be beneficial though. Try to get them to heal you.

From here on down, the monsters just keep getting tougher. There really isn't much you can do without an instant kill spell (and hopefully the Radiant spell). Just keep running, and with luck you can make it to floor 35. On Floor 35 make sure to find the Magic Sword before leaving.

Items to be found:

Floor 35 : Magic Sword

Sword Dungeon
Job : Warrior
Floors : 35
Items Found : All swords and shields, various herbs and breads
Cursed Items : Yes
Traps : No
Save Points : Yes

This dungeon can be found at the Old Man's house, you'll need to be a Warrior to enter though. The Sword Dungeon can be very hard. You can't bring in any items, yet the monsters get tougher much faster than in the Magic Dungeon. You'll need to rely on your Warrior Skills if you plan on making it to the bottom.

The easiest way to make it to the bottom is to take advantage of the Disappear trick. Finding a sword that can use Bread Drop shouldn't be too difficult, but it may take a few tries before you do. Once you have a good sword and shield, you can easily breeze down to the bottom. There are also save points so you can back up your save, and start over from the last save point if you die.

If you find a LifeDrain sword and have the Miracler skill it can make the dungeon a lot easier. You won't be able to meld your weapons in this dungeon, so you can't make a sword with lots of abilities. The Demon-X sword works well as lots of monsters count as demons. Surehit and Windshear swords have nice abilities too. Of course attack power wise the best sword you can get is an Abacus. When you are setting skills on your swords make sure to take into account what abilities the sword has, you'll want a good sword as your standard attacking sword.

For shield abilities Defense Up is extremely useful, it can help you reach the lower floors, although the monsters in the last 10 floors do enough damage that you still won't be able to survive many hits. Hunger-X is obviously good as it allows you to stay on the floor gaining levels, and not having to worry about food (other than for skills) is nice too. Trap-X can make the dungeon much easier as well. However, the most useful skills are Skill-X and Magic Back. Skill-X will stop the abilities of more monsters but Magic Back can stop the Hypnotic attack of the Clowns and Druinlords. I personally recommend using Magic Back, but Skill-X is very helpful too. Just remember that each shield can only have 3 skills so choose them wisely.

If you step on a falling boulder, steel ball trap or land mine, that you may lose your equipment, so make sure to always swing your sword before you step (or use the Find Trap / Trap-X skill).

You'll find a lot of helpful herbs, be sure to make good use of them. Save the Super Herbs for lower floors. Joy Herbs should be used right after you level up, and try to save them for when you are at a high level. Hopefully you can find a World Leaf or two, they will save you life once each.

You first objective will be to find a sword and shield. If you don't manage to find both a sword and shield then you won't make it very far. Once you find a shield set Hunger-X on it. This will allow you to stay on each floor until the wind comes, and go up many levels. Bread Drop can allow you to stay on each floor as well, but it's more work.

Once you get a decent sword and shield, you should have little trouble getting to floor 10. Dance Vegi can be annoying, and make sure to kill Evillamps in a hallway so they can't call for help. If you can't kill a Yeti in one hit then leave them alone.

Floors 10 to 12 can be very annoying, the Shaman can curse your equipment, Horks can rust your shield, and Skeletor can knock you shield off. However, the worst enemy is the Berserker, if it levels up it can easily kill Torneko in one hit. It's best just to run through these floors down to floor 13. If you have a Zombie-X sword it is helpful here.

Floor 13 to 15 is fairly easy just be careful because Shadows live here. Zombies can be annoying too as they can rust your sword. Try to level up on these floors.

Floors 16 to 20 is where it really starts to get hard. Ag Devil are fairly easy to kill but do heavy damage, Arc Demon and Gigantes are tougher to kill but don't do quite as much damage. A Demon-X sword will prove very beneficial on these floors. Healers and Revirocks are also a problem as they make it harder to kill the other enemies. If you haven't set Defense Up already, you should do it now, these monsters do heavy damage.

Floors 21 to 25 can be very tough. You'll encounter Dragons, Troll Max, KillArmors and other tough monsters. The Eyeball confusion attack can be devastating, hopefully you have a Skill-X shield (or the Skill-X ability). In addition Shadowers roam around on these floors. You may still be able to stick around and level up, but you'll probably end up just running through these floors. Quickstep can be extremely useful in running. If you feel like fighting, then Dragon Breath can help defeat the monsters at a range.

Floors 26 to 35 are a nightmare. Druinlords, Devil Clowns, and Evil Clowns all live on these floors. If you don't have Magic Back then their Hypnotic Attack will be very nasty. Of course other powerful creatures live here as well, Rock Doll, Eliminato, Hellcrab, etc. The Mandoras will reduce your belly making it harder to use your skills, and the Revirocks like to revive any thing you kill. Definitely just run through these levels, you'll likely be high enough level anyway. Remember to grab the Life Ring on Floor 35, you don't want to have to go all the way back down to floor 35 again.

Items to be found:

Floor 35 : Life Ring

More Magical Dungeon
Job : Any
Floors : 100
Items Found : Almost every item in the game
Cursed Items : Yes
Traps : Yes
Save Points : No

To get into this Dungeon, you must open the Joy Chest in Torneko's house. Now you can leave town, and instead of the Magic Dungeon, you can enter the More Magical Dungeon.

Not only can't you take any items into this dungeon, you also can't take any money, plus you can't level up at the Magic Shop before coming in. And to make if even worse, you can't go to the Magic Shop and Disperse down below floor 1.

The easiest method is to use the Disappear trick. The hardest part will be finding a sword that you can use Bread Drop. Once you have a shield, and an appropriate sword. You can set Disappear on your shield and Bread Drop and your sword. Since this dungeon is 100 floors it would be a good idea to make sure you have some spare bread, in case you run into an area where there aren't enough monsters. I also recommend setting Trap-X on your shield, and be sure to add Ford if you want to get the special items in the dungeon.

If you don't want to use that method, or don't have the skills, then here are some more strategies:

The More Magical Dungeon, can be practically impossible, but with the right strategy, it's definitely possible. You can enter as a Merchant, Mage, or Warrior. I Strongly Recommend against a Merchant, The lowest I made it with one was floor 21. Some people have suggested a Mage, personally I hate Mages, however with right spells (Radiant, Beat, and DefeatMax), I can see how it may be possible. The job I recommend using is a Warrior.

This dungeon can be a lot harder than the Sword Dungeon for a few reasons. 1. LifeDrain swords are very rare in here, and can only be found in shops. 2. You'll end up getting a lot of useless scrolls, and rings. Staves aren't completely useless though, you can hurl them once for an effect. 3. There are more floors (100). 4. The items are unidentified, so you may end up putting on a cursed item. That being said, you should be able to get further because the monsters increase in toughness at a much slower rate. This gives you more chances to level up.

As soon as you find a Shield, equip it and set the Hunger-X ability on it. Now you can stay on each floor until the wind comes. Don't set any skills on your sword though, and don't put any other skills on your shield. Wait till the lower floors when the monsters start getting nasty.

Rather than swinging your sword every step to find traps, a good trick is to have a shield with Find Trap set on it. Make sure it isn't your shield with Hunger-X though. All you need to do is equip the shield when you first enter a room, you can see the traps and go swing your sword to reveal them. Now equip your other shield, and carry on as usual.

If you've equipped a cursed shield or sword don't worry about it too much right now. A good trick is to find an unequip trap. Now you can equip each item and see if it is cursed. The unequip trap will remove cursed items, so you can drop them. Also try setting Havoc Cut on a cursed sword, it will destroy the sword and let you equip another one.

To avoid the Zombie monsters rusting your equipment, you should have a set of worthless equipment that you don't mind being rusted. Equip these when you fight them. They don't do any damage so you don't need to worry. Of course the Zombie family monsters don't ever attack, so you could just remove all your equipment when fighting them as well.

Hopefully you've found some Melding Pots, in addition to the two on floor 23 try to make a really powerful Shield and Sword. Good abilities for a shield are: 50% Fire Damage, Parry, Magic Bounce, and Skill-X. Unfortunately Skill-X and Magic shields can only be found in shops. Good sword abilities are: Demon-X, Surehit, and 3 space sweep. The other 2x damage abilities are good as well, but there are a lot more monsters that take 2x damage from Demon-X.

Magic-X and Skill-X are almost a necessity. Magic-X prevents the hypnotic attacks of the Druinlords and Clowns. Skill-X, can prevent brutal hits which can destroy your equipment, it can also prevent some other nasty abilities. Trap-X can also be very important, combined with Skill-X you don't have to worry about your equipment breaking.

The three skills I usually put on my shield are: Defense Up, Skill-X, and Magic-X. Sometimes I exchange Trap-X for Defense Up, and rely more on Surge to stay alive. You only get three skills, so you have to choose wisely, hopefully you can get a Skill-X or Magic shield, that will make the decision a lot easier.

Of course all these skills can take a lot of hunger. You should have stockpiled some bread at lower levels, but you'll still need to be using Bread Drop a lot.

On Floor 22, the monsters start getting real nasty. If you found some Magic Arrows, use them as much as possible, hopefully you can weaken the monsters so that they can be killed in 1 hit, and never get a chance to hit you. If you don't have Magic Arrows you'll need to rely on Dragon Breath.

This is also a good time to set Defense Up on your shield. Don't set it on the same shield as Hunger-X though, you only get 3 abilities on your shield, so use them wisely. You should put Defense Up on your strongest shield. You need to rely on Bread Drop from now on though, so you should still try to stay on each floor and level up.

Once you get lower, you'll most likely be using Quickstep constantly. Critical works well too. Those two combined can frequently kill monsters before they can hurt you. If you do get hurt though, Surge can come in handy. Parry Pass can save your life in monster houses, and attack parry can be helpful as well.

If you choose to go in as a Mage, then you really need to rely on the luck of which spells and items you get. This dungeon can be a lot harder than the Mage dungeon simply because it has 100 floors. However, you can find rings in this dungeon, if you find a Heal Ring then it makes the dungeon a LOT easier. Other good rings are Shadow and Trap-X. Unfortunately rings are fairly rare.

Although there are no save points in the dungeon, if you come in as a Mage (or Merchant) you'll have a Quicksave scroll. This means you get one opportunity to create a save point. What I recommend doing is keep trying the dungeon until you get just the right spells and items, preferably Radiant, Beat, DefeatMax, and a Heal Ring. Now you can create a save point, and using the backup save trick you can always start off where you saved it with the good items and spells.

Mages need to watch out for traps just as much as Warriors (if not more). It is extremely unwise to move around without first checking for traps, although if you're running from a monster, it can be worth the risk. If you find a Trap-X ring or Shadow ring then you won't need to worry about traps.

Another big problem is the fact the all the items are unidentified, not to mention that you'll find a lot of worthless swords, shields, and breads.

As with the Mage Dungeon be sure to stay on each floor going up levels and getting new spells. However once you get 30 spells it's definitely wise to keep running to stairs down, with 100 floors you don't want to take any chances. The Radiant spell makes this task much easier.

One problem with doing it as a Mage is that you'll need to have good luck and find a Passage Ring if you want most of the special items. The items that you need to tunnel to get simply can't be obtained as a Mage, yet another reason to try as a Warrior instead.

Items to be found:

Floor 15 : 5 1000 Gold Bags These can be found behind a locked door. To get them you must slide across the ice. Be sure to slide across on the left or you'll fall through a trapdoor.

Floor 23 : 2 Melding Pots You'll need a key to open the door to this room as well. Inside are 7 Bomb Crags and 2 Melding Pots. Each Bomb Crag is also on a Mine trap. You'll need a Trap-X Ring, or the Trap-X / Bust Trap skill. You need to be kill the Bomb Crags without them exploding. If they explode it starts a chain reaction which will destroy the Melding Pots. These melding pots can be very helpful.

Floor 27 : Monster Scroll It's found at the end of a spiral. There are 6 groups of two monsters blocking your way through. Luckily the monsters will not act until you hit them, so you only have to fight 6 of the monsters, and you can choose which monster in each pair to fight.

Floor 35 : 20 Prayer Scrolls These can be found behind a locked door.

Floor 50 : Golden Scroll This can be found in a room with two locked doors. You only need to open one door to enter though. Inside is an island much like on floor 98 of the Magic Dungeon. Check that section on how to get on the island. This time however, the island has trapdoors instead of warp traps. In addition, there are two gargoyles which will activate when you get the scroll. With the right skills you may be able to defeat them, otherwise use a Thief Pot to grab the scroll without waking the gargoyles.

Floor 70 : Miracle Sword The sword is on an island similar to that which is on floor 98 of the Magic Dungeon. You'll need a key to open the door to the island. Then you need the Ford skill to cross the water. The island is covered in Land Mine traps, so you'll need Trap-X skill, unless you want to get hit by the mines. The door with the sword behind it is on the north side of the island.

Floor 90 : Falcon Sword The Falcon Sword is in a room with a locked door entrance, you'll need a key top open it. At the top of the room is some water, use the Ford skill to cross it, and you'll be in the inner room. The sword on the left is the Falcon Sword, the sword on the right is a Mimic.

Floor 98 : GoldPick, Gold Staff & Gold Ring These items are in a room with no entrance, you'll need to tunnel through the wall to get in (a Pick or Tunnel / Tunneler skill will do). Inside is the GoldPick the first time, the Gold Staff the second time, and the Gold Ring the third time. The item is in the center and 8 Gargoyles are around it. If you step on the item, it will activate the Gargoyles.

Ordeal Mansion
Job : Any
Floors : 50
Items Found: Identify Staff, Outside Scroll. Various items in shops.
Cursed Items : No
Traps : Yes
Save Points : No

This dungeon is much harder than the Magic Dungeon. In fact the strongest monsters in the game can be found at the bottom (even tougher than the Gargoyles). You can bring in any items you want so that really helps. Even on the first floor you will fight tough monsters so I highly recommend leveling up to 5 before entering. You'll also need as powerful of a sword and shield as possible (preferably +99). As well as Skill-X, and Magic Bounce, your shield should also have 50% Fire Damage as well, otherwise you won't stand a chance against the Red Dragons. You should also bring in a few Heal Pots as well as some Big Breads (you won't find any bread here).

One strange thing about this dungeon is that all the monsters are unidentified until you hit them, this really isn't a big deal, but can sometimes be annoying.

Getting down to floor 20 shouldn't be too hard, but that's where three insanely powerful monsters live:

Red Dragon: Besides having the highest attack power in the game (600), and the second highest HP (220) Only Gargoyles have more, they have the extremely annoying ability to launch fireballs at you from anywhere on the floor; fireballs that can go straight through walls. You'll have to try and find them as quickly as possible, while they keep shooting fire at you (that's why you'll need the 50% Fire Damage). And they have the same defense as a Land Turtle (i.e. very high) so they will take a few hits to kill.

Gold Slime: These wouldn't be so hard except for their MegaMagic ability. This ability will kill Torneko if he has under 200 HP. And if he has more, it will reduce him to under 10 HP. With the Red Dragons lurking around, being that low can easily be fatal, so you'll need to heal after every time they use this ability.

Venom Zombie: Not exactly a very tough monster, but they have the ability to permanently remove abilities from you sword and shield. I highly recommend cloning your equipment and keeping a backup in your vault at home. These guys can quickly reduce your equipment to nothing.

One last note: the infinite clone trick is your friend. If you bring in a clone pot, and two vacuum scrolls, you don't need to worry about all the Heal Pots and bread. Just bring in a World Leaf and Big Bread, and keep cloning them. You can also try cloning Strength herbs and Life herbs to max out your strength and HP.

Items to be found:

Floor 30 : Loto Shield & Gold Shield Although the Ordeal Mansion has 50 floors, it's floor 30 that you'll want to get to. The first time through, the Loto Shield will be hiding somewhere on this floor (in a Magic Box of course). Come back in again to find the Golden Shield hiding on floor 30.

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