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This is your title that is listed in the Exploration log. As you fill up the Exploration Log, your title will increase.

Dungeon Man
Dungeon Maniac
Dungeon Pro
Cool Dungeonist
Super Dungeonist
Dungeon Victor
Dungeon Master
Dungeon King
Dungeon Emperor
Dungeon Lord

Defeated the Darkevil chest
The Darkevil chest can be found on floor 27 of the magic dungeon the first time through. After you defeat it, you "beat" the game, and that's when the fun starts.
Read the Monster Scroll
The monster scroll can be found on floor 27 of the more magical dungeon. Since the scrolls creates a monster room, it's best to use this while standing on stairs so you can immediately go down.
Learned all skills
Getting all the Warrior skills can be very difficult. Check the skills section for how to get each skill.
Learned all spells
Getting all the spells is a lot easier. One easy way to it is to disperse down to floor 21 of the Ordeal Mansion, and cast Sacrifice. If you succeed you'll get close to 30 spells. Just keep doing this until you get all the spells. This can get expensive so make sure you have a lot of gold.
Gave the king tiny medals
Tiny Medals can be found on floor 50+ of the Magic Dungeon, floor 20+ of Ordeal Mansion, and any floor of the More Magical Dungeon. Once you get one, you can clone more with the infinite clone trick.
Obtained Loto's sword & shield
Loto's Sword is on floor 98 of the Magic Dungeon. Loto's Shield is on floor 30 of the Ordeal Mansion.
Obtained Metalking sword & shield
Just give the king 40 Tiny Medals. The easy way is to get one Tiny Medal and clone the rest.
Obtained all golden items
Golden Herb is dropped randomly by Gold Slimes Golden Pot is on floor 60 of the Magic Dungeon Golden Arrows are on floor 60 of the Magic Dungeon Golden Bread is on floor 98 of the Magic Dungeon Gold Shield is on floor 30 of the Ordeal Mansion Gold Scroll is on floor 50 of the More Magical Dungeon GoldPick is on floor 98 of the More Magical Dungeon Gold Staff is on floor 98 of the More Magical Dungeon Gold Ring is on floor 98 of the More Magical Dungeon
Made a superb sword by melding
Meld a sword with all positive abilities. This includes: Seal, Tunneling Tool, Destroys Material, Won't Break, 360 Degree, Hit & Heal, 2 Hit, 2x Damage: Flying, 2x Damage: Demon, 2x Damage: Doll, 2x Damage: Zombie, Critical, Surehit, 2x Damage: Dragon, and 2x Damage: Fire. You'll also need to use a Plating Scroll on it to make it rustproof. 2x Damage: Fire has a negative side effect of reducing damage to 1 against ice creatures, so it's a good idea to clone your sword before melding that ability to it.
Made a superb shield by melding
Meld a shield with all positive abilities. This includes: Seal, 50% Explosion Damage, Skill-X, Thief-proof, Parry, Spell Bounce, Payback, 50% Fire Damage, Rustproof, Strength Maintenance, and 50% Hunger Growth

Felled by a trapdoor, Felled by a poison arrow, Felled by a falling boulder, Felled by a steel ball
To get these 4 you must be defeated by a specific trap. The best way to do this is to go into the Magic Dungeon with a Shadow Ring to find the trap, then just keep stepping on it. The trapdoor can only be stepped on once before you fall, so you'll need to be below 5 HP before you step on it.

Defeated while asleep, Defeated while dancing, Defeated while confused, Defeated while berserk
To get these you need to be defeated while under a specific condition. The easiest way is to get low on HP, then eat the appropriate herb, and get killed by a monster.
Kill a Gargoyle
Bring home a mimic
There are two ways to do this. The first is to keep putting items into a Change pot until you get a mimic. If the pot gets filled up simply vacuum out it's contents and try again. The second method involves switching places with a monster standing on a mimic. With a mimic staff or mimicize skill you can change a monster into a mimic, then wait for another monster to step on it and use a tradespot staff to switch places, then pick up the mimic.
Defeated a gold slime
Gold Slimes can be found rarely on floor 90+ of the Magic Dungeon. They are more common on floor 20+ of the Ordeal Mansion.
Hit by megamagic
Gold Slimes use this
Chain-exploded ten bomb crags
Since ten Bomb Crags can never be found anywhere, you'll need to find a Bomb Crag and clone ten of them. In order to make sure the Bomb Crag explodes and starts a chain reaction, try throwing an Exploding pot at it. You should also make sure to stand in a corridor so that only one explosion hits you, or be more than 1 space away when you throw the pot.
Felled by an explosion
Get this the same way you got the other defeated by traps ones, or you could get it by letting a Bomb Crag explosion kill you.
Felled by an lv 5+ berserker
To get this you need to let a berserker kill at least 4 monsters and then kill Torneko.
Smote by divine retribution
If you kill a priest and then take a step, the priest will use divine retribution, reducing Torneko's HP to 1.
Thieved X times
Successfully thieved X times
Returned alive X times
Pretty simple, just return from a dungeon alive.
Read a chance scroll
Chance scrolls can be found in the More Magical Dungeon.To read it you will need to equip a Shadow Ring because the scroll is invisible.
Melded a weapon with a pick
Using a pot or the shop, meld any weapon with a pick. Try not to do this with a weapon you like though, as picks are breakable.
Throw a melding pot through walls
Equip a Javelin Ring and throw a melding pot through a wall.
Felled by hunger
Not too hard here, just let Torneko run out of food and die.
Blown out by wind
Wait around on a floor for 2000 steps. Torneko will be blown out by the wind and lose all the items he had.

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